Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sights: Cape Town, South Africa

So, in this post, I talked about my first trip to South Africa in June 2016, when I visited Johannesburg and Cape Town. I only wrote about the first part of my trip in Jo'Burg and promised to follow up with a Cape Town post, but that ended up not happening. Plus the first time I went, it was for work and I really didn't see much outside of my hotel and the conference venue.

I'm working out of South Africa for the month of February, so last weekend I decided to do a proper, if short, Cape Town trip from Friday to Sunday and it was glorious.

I went with my friend Achenyo, and we managed to fit in quite a bit of activity in just two days; from patrolling the famous Long Street, to the Waterfront, to the Winelands, to the nightlife (hello Coco!) was a great couple of days.

The elevator at the African Pride Marriott Hotel had these fabulous gold chairs in them.

I was so struck by how picturesque the whole city is, everywhere is so beautiful. It almost looks photo-shopped. The views are amazing! 

Enough talk, I'll just show you instead.

The Victoria & Albert Waterfront

They have their own version of the London Eye at the V&A called the Cape Wheel. Didn't bother going up because I remember the London Eye being a complete snoozefest, longest hour of my life.

Like the Pico Basile in Malabo; Table Mountain, and other ancillary mountains/hills, literally encircle the whole town. So every spot has a great view. Nothing like that scam of an Eiffel Tower that Hollywood has led us to believe you can see from every window in Paris. 

Not true, trust me.

Delaire Graff Estate/La Motte, Stellenbosch Cape Winelands

The town of Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands was, and I know I sound like a broken record at this point...absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't imagine what a bad day there looked like. For miles, you can see mountains, valleys, vineyards, beautifully preserved historical homes...the beauty is a sensory overload.

We went to two vineyards, the Delaire Graff Estate and La Motte. Delaire has the better views and is the more famous of the two, but I preferred La Motte. First off, the wine tasting was more affordable; 50 Rand for 7 tastings, while at Delaire, I can't exactly recall, but I think it was about 400 Rand or so for 4 tastings.

Secondly, at La Motte, they had plantings close to the tasting area you could walk through, with signs explaining the kinds of grapes planted there. The grape rows at Delaire were very far off, you can see them in the background of this picture.

Food & Wine

South Africa has the most affordable fine dining I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. The food, the experience you'd pay top dollar for in another country, costs almost next to nothing here.

I will definitely be going back, for a much longer trip in the near future. 

There is honestly nothing quite like Cape Town.

Love and Light x

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  1. I was in Johannesburg recently and I was amazed by the beauty of the Country. I see I have to visit Cape Town as well.