Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wanna take a minute to let y'all now that I'm having a blast! Its been a jumpoff night after night, pictures when I get back to Nigeria. To all my darlings taking care of me (Achike, Hilda, Ediri, Biz) love you guys!

P.S. Going for a Derby match this Sunday, Man U vs Man City. I'm not a soccer fan but I'm super super excited. going to make a lot of people veeery jealous (you know yourselves). Look out for me on the North Stand, Tier 3, Row 3, Seat 90. I'm gonna be the girl in the Spitfire, taking pictures of Rooney, Scholes, Robinho, Adebayor and co and bb'ing them to my brother who's gonna be weeping with envy.

Oh yeah and if any of y'all reading this are in London, hit me up, I'm a jobless woman

Bisous xxx


  1. congrats on the completion of ur bar exams..that's a kick-ass..invite us to call o-lol
    enjoy ur vacay.

  2. Have a fun trip...post pictures sooner

  3. babe your enjoying toooo much o!!

    London London not much to do but holla maybe I cld show u the ropes lol ...


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