Monday, August 30, 2010

Le Petit Marche

So I had an awesome weekend, good things, many good things I can't get into just yet. Anyhoo this post is supposed to be about Le Petit Marche, so on to it!

LPM is held on the last Sunday of every month and is a fantastic opportunity to get fabulous Nigerian designed clothes at somewhat okay prices

*sidebar* I have a minor Monday morning rant (omg Alliteration! lol). Anyhoo, who else thinks that Nigerian designer's items are overpriced? I mean whenever I buy stuff I tend to mentally convert it to dollars, it kinda puts things into perspective for me, so when I'm thinking something like MTN BIS is just N5,000, my American brain goes "that's like $35 bucks every month, separate from my phone bill!" btw MTN is ripping us off big time. Back to my rant.......a standard dress by a Nigerian designer is between N20,000 to about N50,000 and that's just the cheap ones. The Deola Sagoes and Tiffany Amber's retail upwards from N250,000, I've even seen a Deola Sagoe dress for N800,000....over $5,000! The dresses are works of art, yeah I give them that but still, almost a million naira for a single dress? Hell to the N-O!

So I hardly buy from Nigerian designers, even though I think their clothes are just amazing, I prefer to buy my materials, copy the styles and mosey on down to my neighbourhood tailor who'll make em for me. Therein lies the problem, I am chronically impatient, its a disease, I want everything chop chop. So the made to measure clothes don't do it for me, I hate having to wait about two weeks or more to have the dress sewn, instant gratification is my middle name. LPM is therefore a perfect opportunity for me to get these clothes and accessories I love for a cheapish price as all the items are on sale. I couldn't get pictures of all of them as my trusty Canon Ixus decided to disgrace me by dying halfway through but I made a good haul still.

ST Colours: Gorgeous bib necklaces, brooches/hair clips made from ankara and polo shirts with ankara accents.

The girls behind ST Colours, forgot to get their names

A laptop case by Juliet David West for Jidz

Purses by Jidz


Achingly beautiful caftan by Fashion For Life (07034091894), they had been slashed from N45,000 to N15,000. Clothes lust took over me, I was operating on auto pilot. Its gorgeous! Already have an event in mind to wear it for, the 2face concert in September, ticket donations are welcome, thank you!

Draped jersey and Ankara dress by Ejiroghene Amos-Tafiri (08028292983, prior to LPM yesterday I'd never heard of this designer but best believe I'm now a solid fan! The clothes were sick! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Double-sided ankara bib necklace and brooch/hair clip by ST Colours

Met one of my fashion crushes Terence Sambo from

TWP and Terence

Spent the day with my uber delish cousin Chioma and my twitter buddy

Chioma Nwachukwu

Oyetola Smith

Ran into cool peoples

Tari Ekiyor, Noble Igwe (I think dude on the left's name is Adebayo, not too sure, just met him on Sunday, somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

After causing damage to my bank account, I needed to take my mind of it, so I met up with my favourite married couple Ediri and Nerhi to go see 'Grownups' at the Palms.

Ediri and Nerhi Okwa

If you haven't seen it, you best run to the cinema asap! That move is HILARIOUS!! We spent 99% of the movie cracking the eff up, comic gold I swear. 'Grownups' joins 'Salt', 'Inception', 'The A-Team', 'The Back-up Plan' and 'Shutter Island' as my favourite movies so far this year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


“Growing up, I was never the girl with long flowing hair, who got the best grades at school and everyone liked and wanted to hang around.”

At that first line I was hooked!

The above quote is from an article called “The Making of Tari Ekiyor” written for the entertainment website by the writer of the same name, that article was my first encounter with the force of nature that is Tari Ekiyor. The honesty and sincerity of that piece was unbelievable and as I read every line I cringed inwardly at the way she laid herself bare for audiences whom she had never seen to rip apart. We all have our embarrassing adolescent stories that we would rather forget but to see someone not only reliving those experiences but relating them on such an unimaginable scale was beyond my comprehension.

Blogger, columnist, screenwriter, media content developer, Tari Ekiyor wears many hats and on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Café Royale over glazed doughnuts and strawberry margaritas we dished on life, love and lipstick.

Her writing career started with What’s New Magazine, after which she then put together a portfolio of her articles and shopped them round to several media houses, they all loved her work but unfortunately were not willing to publish. In the meantime she busied herself with projects such as ‘Dragon’s Den Nigeria’ and ‘The Apprentice Africa’ and is the screenwriter behind the animated Youtube sensation ‘The O Twins’. She also produced the radio show ‘The How-To Class’ on Top Radio 90.9.

She started her blog, while waiting in an office a couple of years ago, but due to pressures from work was very infrequent with posts. On hiatus however in August 2009 she decided to concentrate on developing her blog content and within a very short time she had gained an immensely popular following. Its success propelled her to seek out other projects which culminated in a weekly column on, and and also as a contributor in the Elan section of 234next newspaper.

“I am really freaked out by how much of my personal life I put into my articles. You know the Bella Naija articles come out every Wednesday and most Tuesday nights I’m counting down till the next morning, thinking how will people react to this? What will they say? What kind of person will they think I am? By Thursday, it’s all over, my life has been dissected by faceless readers and it’s on to the next one. I learned that these things are fleeting and being able to put down my experiences and share them with people on such a public medium has strengthened me beyond belief. It has made me more confident in whom I am because I have laid everything bare, I basically have nothing to hide from anyone, and my whole life is an open book. I personally think it gives me an edge because nobody can use my past as ammunition to hurt me.”

“I wrote an article once where I mentioned sex as a sideline, it was not related to the theme of what I was writing about at all and someone commented on it, saying they were very disappointed in the fact that I profess to be a Christian and I can talk about engaging in sexual activity. I was very hurt by that comment because the person refused to view my article as a whole and focus on the journey within, rather that person chose to highlight a part of the article that was in no way important and draw attention to it in a very negative light.

My Christianity is not defined by whether I’m having sex or not, it is defined by my relationship with God and with the people around me so why someone would choose to tie these two things in completely baffles me. I am celibate right now and have been for a while because I have chosen to explore this path in making a deeper connection with myself and in my relationship with God, which I know I can’t reach while being sexually active outside marriage.”

I don’t think of myself as a relationship expert, that whole thing started because I did a series of articles in my column S.I.R. (Strong, Independent & Relevant) on where I basically gave labels to the different levels of relationships between men and women and to my surprise there was a lot of positive feedback. The things I write about are culled from personal experiences, therefore every label I talked about; the scrobo, the booty call, the friend with benefits, the side chick, the main squeeze; I’ve lived through, and I was merely recounting the lessons I’d learned from having gone through them. Therefore I’m not an expert in any sense, I’m still learning myself, still experiencing.

On this note I put down my pen, shut my notebook and I and Tari launched into a proper gossip and amebo fest which was fortunately off the record. After an afternoon with Tari Ekiyor, I can authoritatively say that I found her to be a beautiful person both inside and out and extremely friendly with an infectious personality. Her personal journey has been shared by thousands of people and has also become theirs too and as she counts down to Wednesday mornings when another part of her would be laid bare, she doesn’t do it alone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Age Appropriate via 234next

Two posts in one morning, that's a record for me because I'm notoriously infrequent with blogging. But I had to let y'all know that i got an article published by 234next, a newspaper in Nigeria! You can read it here

In Remembrance of Him circa 2005

Kisses, feather light on the back of my neck
That perfect spot you always know how to find
Your merest touch ignites me
I grow warm in my most private place
A s your fingers trail down my arm
Clothes melt off as if by magic
More kisses at the madly beating pulse of my neck
Without hesitation
You take possession of my seins
Hurting me as you love me
Wreaking twin sets of destruction on those tender parts of me
Your fingers wander all over my body
Touching, feeling, stroking, caressing
I take you in me and my world is reduced
To that singular act of giving pleasure
And being engulfed in it

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digeus System OIptimizer 8.2

With the amount of time I spend on a computer, at least up to 12 hours a day, I should be able to navigate my way around it better, oui?

Well non actually, I am CLUELESS in front of a pc except for browsing the internet, then I'm a pro.

You can't imagine the state my laptop and office computer are in, they're slow, clogged with unnecessary information (I save everything), the cookies or caches or whatever are overloaded and I'm too sentimental and too much of a hoarder to delete anything, I'd rather wait interminably for pages or folders to open.

When I was contacted by the people from Digeus Software asking if I'd review their System Optimizer, I was a bit confused at first, not knowing what a System Optizer was due to my computer illiterate status. The lovely people from Digeus however are steely professionals and made of stern stuff, they didn't even crack a smile when i shamefully explained my ignorance, they just said the magic words IT'LL SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM! It was like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid El Fitri all in one, I'd do anything short of wear knockoffs from Canal Street to speed up my computer without deleting any of my e-nostalgia.

I wasted no time in downloading and installing my very own System Optimizer 8.2, I swear to you it was like magic, I had no idea that your computer saves every single action you take, I mean things you don't save yourself. You place a search for something and your computer saves it, like every single random thing. So even if you're cleaning out your browser history you won't find any of all the unnecessary information because they are all indexed and catalogued intricately, if you were to do it manually it'll take weeks to finish.

Digeus System Optimizer is the smartest way to solve computer problems and protect your valuable data. This easy-to-use software helps you eliminate system crashes, prevent computer problems, and restore your system to a healthy state. It eliminates system crashes, freezes and slowdowns. It automatically identifies and repairs common Windows problems. Its super easy to download, install and use (if I can do it anyone can) and the company provides free support and service!

To download and install your very own System Optimizer, visit Digeus Software, while there you can check out the variety of other products as well. My laptop and office computer are now both running beautifully, I promise you won't be disappointed!

* I received a complimentary System Optimizer (shown above) in order to review the product. No financial compensation was received. This review is based on my honest opinion of the product.*

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I recently participated in a competition on the make-up blog owned by my magnifique friend Stella-Maris, a Paris based business student and make-up artist. Surprise, surprise I won!

I say surprise because I never win anything, like nothing ever comes to me by chance *in the voice of Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, lol*, I have to work my butt off for everything. Its so annoying because I'm a self -confessed awoof chopper, if its free I'm there, so you can imagine my joy when stellasaddiction finally broke my jinx.

So my gift was a Sleek Divine Palette in Safari, gorgeous khaki, ochre, charcoal, toffee, slate and turquoise colours. Then because I'm such a good friend and Stella loves me very much she also threw in another Sleek Divine Palette in Sunset. The Sunset is truly divine; from Amber to Scarlet tp Peregrine Blue to Deepest Black to Warm Brown to Copper to Golden Sand......I was in make-up heaven. I was actually late to work this morning because I couldn't figure out what eyeshadow to use, I'm so spoiled for choice.

I remember when Stels was this uber posh child that transferred to QC from France in JSS2 and used to eat with a knife and fork (we were all like 11 years old, it was a sight to behold) and as Shantel Montel she was 1st runner up in Scruples, lol. Now she's making my awoof dreams come true, heart you tres much boo!


The Lirrul Sleek Bag>>>hegzitement! hegzitement!

My official "you're a winner" letter *bbm dancing smiley*

Zee palettes!

The gorgeous, gorgeous colours.....I could just die

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Favourite People

A couple of posts ago I talked about my friends and how much I heart them. Any girl in her mid-twenties can definitely appreciate the benefits of having good friends, people who know how bad it has been and how good it can get, people who accept you no matter what, people who you've had AMAZING experiences with (good or bad), people who have your back no matter what, people you have laughed and cried with, people who celebrate your highs and stand by you in your lows....friends and sisters. I thank God everyday for the ones I have.

*my favourite people in no particular order*

Nwabugo Ndibe-Okoye aka Bugo, we met when Bugo transfered to QC in Jss2 and I always thought she was this strange girl that wore different coloured glasses ( I swear she had a different colour for every day of the week). Anyhoo got to know Bugo a year later and I've loved her ever since, we've laughed together, cried together. She even helped me get out of a really bad relationship, she's basically being so much to me, even though she's not in Nigeria it feels like she never left.

Henrietta Okpaleke aka Henri aka Boogie Brown is not only one of my best friends but we're also related (we're not sure how but we're saying we're cousins till we die). Always knew her family but I met Henri proper when I came to QC, we used to have the most awesome fights before we finally matured and settled into a beautiful friendship. She's a bonafide troublemaker, Henri could practically make people cry just from insulting them (infact I think she made Kemi Olaitan cry once). She was the scourge of all the matrons back in QC boardinghouse and we loved her for it. Henri is not afraid of anyone or anything and even in times of extreme strife she shows amazing strength

Nneka Mbonu aka Neks aka Game-Changer. One of my oldest friends, Neks has been an anchor through the trials and tribulations of adolescence to the confusion of adulthood. From my first day in QC when she let me share her seat in class, to housing me whenever I'm in New York. Neks is a true friend, my Igbo sister, my tidiness captain, lol. Omalicha nwa, love you tres much

Omolara Ore aka Molly aka Molly P. We met at one of those interminable lessons every Nigerian child attends at some point in your high school career and it was practically love at first. We established ourselves as the rebels of PreCampus, refusing to wear uniforms, bunking off lessons to go hang out with other like minded individuals. Went clubbing for the first time in my life with Molly, went to my first "unilag" party (i was still in QC at the time), had my first drink, we basically experienced a lot of coming of age "firsts" together. Mols has remained my sister till today, she knows me inside out and is one of my closest friends.

Jennifer Obayuwana aka Taboo aka Polo Princess aka Legendary Child of the House of her Father (long story). Jen and I went to Grange together but we didn't become friends until years later through another of our mutual friends Lin. The day we met up was seriously random and it was as if we had known each other for years in one day. Jen is one of the kindest, friendliest, most faithful people I know and will literally cut anyone that tries to mess with her friends. We've had some spectacular fights and emotional makeups and I love her dearly

Ediri Okwa aka Dettybride aka Idi Amin aka Doki. The resident Hitler of my Law School Fam is one of the most loyal friends I have, she's a terrible influence getting me into all sorts of trouble including but not limited to illegal entry into a foreign country (story for another day). Diri is the friend that tells it like it is, she never sugarcoats anything, you can trust her to give you the most honest opinion on anything. She is definitely one of the few people I go to with questions like "should I wear this", "what d'you think of him". Sabotage never even crosses her mind. She recently got married a couple of weeks ago and the entire period of her wedding was one big party, my entire LSF were in town, with hen nights from Dubai to Lagos, parties in Asaba, it was the best time I've had this year.
p.s. I caught the bouquet at her wedding!

Erenma Awa-Kalu aka Sexy Erems Babes aka Remz aka Be(with an accent on the "e"). A member of my LSF, Remz is an absolute riot! She says the craziest things with the straightest face, I remember stuff she's said months later and i crack the eff up. Be shares my obsession with Sex and the City and we'll spend HOURS talking about our favourite scenes and sharing quotes and she's our resident Doubting Thomas, the most argumentative person I know and a lawyer through and through.

Hilda Morah aka Ms Hills aka Interactor Hilda(from how she announced herself when we joined Interact club in QC). The first day I met Hills in Jss3 in QC I thought she was the weirdest person ever but over time I came to love that weirdness, Hills is fugging hilarious (she should def have won Miss Funny in SS3) and she has my back no matter what.

Ifeoma Okpala aka Miss O, we grew up together in Ikeja and she has remained close to my heart through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and all the akwardness that came with all those phases.

Adanna Asinugo aka Dannie baby aka Dan the Man is another of my LSF, my Imo State sister, my relationship partner, my sleepover buddy and the TARDIEST person I know, lol. Dan would be late for her wedding, trust! Despite her having kept me waiting for her for 95% of her friendship, she's still a solid favourite.

Anwuli Walters-Okeke aka Walo aka Biz is just a special somborri. One of my LSF or as we call ourselves miu miu hens/miu miu bizzles (this would make absolutely no sense to anybody except us). Walo comes up with 60% of our bizzle lingo and is one of the funniest people I know. Lurr you mucho Baby Walo

Bisola Oshinusi aka Miss Winterbottom who has STALKED me since we were 6 years old. We both went from Corona to Vivian Fowler to Queens College, finally ending up in Law School together, we may not always agree but Bis has the best listening ear ever xxx

Yoko Ngwube aka Sisibo aka Yoks, our mums were friends before we met and when I was transferring to QC from Vivian Fowler, my mum got her notes for me to copy. I couldnt wait to get to school to see this Igbo child with the Japanese name, 15 years later I heart her still.

*sidebar: my Law School Fam (LSF) are the girls I met in Law School but weirdly have become so close to me they are almost like sisters. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not the friendliest person, my best friends were the girls I grew up with, went to high school with or were family friends. So the emergence of my LSF as blood was very strange to a lot of people. Despite the fact that I met them a little over 2 years ago we've become travel buddies, gotten into all kinds of wahala together and also celebrated successes together*

p.s. I was recently inspired by a Competition Giveaway my friend Stella had on her totally faboosh makeup blog to have a giveaway of my own. Stay tuned for details in my next post.

p.p.s. twitter handle: @VivrantThing
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