Thursday, March 26, 2015

Freedom Fighter

Got this jumpsuit from the H&M in Las Vegas last October and apparently it was embroiled in a bit of controversy.

It was claimed that the jumpsuit bore a "striking resemblance to the loose-fitting fatigues worn by female fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG)" and Kurd social media was up in arms about it. I actually saw it on the Daily Mail the day after I bought it, H&M had to apologize and everything.

I'd already got it by then sha, and the jumpsuit was mad, so....


H&M jumpsuit; H&M necklace; Chanel purse 

Love and light xx

Monday, March 23, 2015

Catch-Up 22/03/15

I have been very busy hunny *in Nene Leakes voice*, have hardly had a minute to myself.

This past week I......

Shot a Spice TV episode of their hit show 'Digital Diaries' recently. Digital Diaries is a show where the Spice TV cameras come into the life of a blogger/fashion personality, film the person in their workspace, going about blogging related activities and an interview.

Contrary to my somewhat extroverted personality on here, I am very shy and super awkward and I literally had anxiety the whole week leading up to when I had to shoot my episode. Luckily the crew and the interviewer; Pepper Okwesa were really great at making me comfortable talking to a camera. I honestly don't know how celebrities do it, I was a strung out mess by the time I was done, had to go to Sweet Kiwi to get a fro-yo to calm myself down.

Digital Diaries airs every Monday at 8pm WAT/9pm CAT on Spice TV Channel 192. Will give you guys a heads up when I know when my episode is airing, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Attended an Inglot Nigeria event for the launch of their new AMC Cream Foundation which is specially formulated for the Nigerian woman.

It is beyond awesome how many international brands are launching in Nigeria, I'd never have believed it was possible before. I'm really glad the global market is beginning to recognize how much Nigerians contribute to the retail space and are bringing the goods to us rather than waiting for us to come to the US or UK.

It took place at the Inglot Store, at the Palms Mall Lekki and as I was still filming for Digital Diaries, the Spice TV crew went with me to the event and filmed me "attending". Chiiile I walked in there like I was filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta *can't tell me nuthin*

Took a super short trip

Attended a polo tournament which honestly isn't that significant but I was feeling myself and since I didn't take enough pictures to turn it into an actual blogpost it made it into my Catch-Up instead

Put this ridiculously sexist message on blast.

This message board is on view at the Domestic Airport in Lagos. Now I've passed by it hundreds of times and its always irked me but last week I actually stood still and read it properly and by the time I was done I was FUMING.

Just negodu...... "the MAN who flies it". 

They really put "man" in capital letters you know. 

Now someone suggested on my Instagram page (@LoveTWP) that they probably meant "man" in the context of a collective term for "human". I call BS because they were clearly astute enough to use "PEOPLE" when describing the ground staff so they definitely meant pilot as a male person.

Whoever works in Communications for MMA2 and Bi-Courtney really needs to examine their life choices because I'm sure they are men who have daughters and women working there as well and this discriminatory message was reviewed, edited, approved, blown up to 20 feet letters and placed in a conspicuous part of a very busy airport where thousands of people pass by everyday. People who will read and absorb its sexist message unconsciously.

Do better Nigeria, do better.

Sat in my super mum's office while she conducted an interview and tried to look busy

Attended the launch of Elizabeth Arden in Nigeria, another boon to the supernova that is becoming the Nigerian beauty market. Hoestly between the indigenous beauty brands and international ones I no longer have to buy my makeup in bulk like I do normally. 

Now waiting on Estee Lauder to launch because their pressed powder and foundation are amazing.

With my blogger buddies Yewande of She Loves The Finer Things, Stella of Stella's Addiction and Ezinne of Beauty In Lagos.

Love and light xx

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ebony & Ivory

I am in AWE of Nigerian fashion retailers these days.....just in awe.

Let me tell you the story of this dress. One of my friends Nneka came into town and successfully convinced me to leave my prone position in front of the tv to go out, and like a typical girl I was all like "Ohmyfreakingoodness I have nothing to wear!!". Now I wasn't going to go drop my children's school fees on some trend piece I can only wear once and costs the earth so I was like lemme go down to L'espace (and btw, have you got your African Bloggers Calendar yet? Get it HERE) and see what they have to offer.

I saw this Things Nigerian Love dress in white first off, but it looked way simple and I didn't feel like it had enough oomph, but that's just the dress' super power. 

I put it on and was just like "heeyyy Cookie Lyon".

Loved it so much I got it in black as well.

.....and how did I do that night you ask?

Please judge for yourself.



                          Things Nigerian Love dress; Hermes & Bvlgari jewelry; Anne Elise hair

I'll also like to drop a postscript and add that its been a year since I started using my Anne Elise Real Hair (see review HERE) and its still almost indistinguishable from the first time I got it. No tangles, very minimal shedding, still amazing. I am very impressed. 

*drops mic*

Love and light xx


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grey x ThirdWorldProfashional

Any Buy Nigerian fashionista definitely knows the GREY brand and what they represent. They focus on merging design and quality with affordability, and are dedicated to providing style options for women who are looking to incorporate beautiful fragments of a cosmopolitan culture directly into their wardrobe.

GREY was one of the earliest fashion brads aimed at young career women/yummy mummies/everything really........and their staying power has been phenomenal. Remaining constantly at the top of their game over the past 4 years.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with GREY on a project to showcase their new collection, which is sickening by the way. I chose to shoot the peach satin dress below but was so wowed by what they had on the display I ended up shopping extensively. Can't wait to rock my new buys.

The dress has a very interesting waterfall effect on the right sleeve, extending to a "wrap" silhouette all the way down.

Fabric close-up

It has such a clean, easy silhouette with subtle details like the different sleeves, it also comes in blue....but peach is bae.

You can shop GREY at:

Grey Velvet Ikeja - 174 / 194, Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Grey Velvet Lekki - Centro Lekki Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I.

Temple Muse - No 21, Amodu Tijani  Victoria Island, Lagos

L' espace - 19a Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos

41 Luxe Abuja - 41a Libreville Street Wuse 2, Abuja


Zere Fashion House Uk -

Love and light xx


Monday, March 2, 2015

Catch-Up 01/03/15

The past week I......

Attended a Queen's College Old Girls Mentoring Committee meeting, and got to hang out with  a few of the students.

Was crazy nostalgic getting to see where I spent the bulk of my formative years. QC had a huge impact on my life and giving back to the school in any way is very important to me. We have Mentoring Assemblies every Thursday at 7.30 am where we get to share our experiences and life lessons with the students and we need all the help and hands we can get. If you are a Queens College old girl and are interested in sponsoring the Mentoring activities financially, or lending your time as one of the Mentors, please send an email to to indicate interest.

Attended a painting class on Tuesday hosted by Paint The Night Africa and it was quite the experience.

The theme was "romance" and we had to paint our own interpretation of it. I can't even draw a circle to save my life but by following the instructions and being part of such a fun group, I managed to turn out; in my estimation; quite the masterpiece.

The Polo Avenue x Genevieve Online Magazine Launch was on Thursday and it was chock full of a room full of beautiful people and Aunty Betty giving us girls a run for all our collective fortunes. Need to try my damnedest to look like that at 50, can't be easy.

So a Tea House has opened in Lagos, went to the Lagos Tea House on Saturday for lunch. I'm not really a tea drinker, only take hot drinks when its freezing and as Lagos is pretty much always Satan's personal playground, that translates to never. But I'm always game for new experiences so I and my friend Achenyo decided to check it out.

For Tea Snobs, they had quite the extensive menu..

I got the Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong tea which costs N1,800 and Achenyo got the Water Melon Mint White tea.

I thought the presentation was on point, the owners clearly put a lot of thought and work into it and its a nice place to just chill.

I expected the decor to reflect more of the "tea house" concept though, like a Japanese Tea House. Like maybe long, low tables and cushions and what not. It just looked like a regular restaurant which took its tea really seriously.

But if you're not finicky like me and don't expect a miracle everywhere you go then you'll be fine.

This is me trying to recreate  a "sips tea" picture. Not sure I got the Wendy Williams amebo look down pat but I tried.

If you're an avid tea drinker this is definitely the place for you. The Lagos Tea House is at Plot 6 Admiralty Way Lekki 1 (on the right just after the Lekki/Ikoyi roundabout if you're coming from phase 1 gate).

Drove around several stores looking for this Kamokini maillot......

I'm planning an island holiday for my birthday in July and as a control freak, I have a spreadsheet and a to-do list that I'm working on right now. I know I can order it off their website but they don't accept returns and I need to try it on before I can make a decision. Have gone round their stockists and none have this particular suit. So if you know where I can find it in Lagos please let me know. Very important.
*sidebar, I really love how Nigerian designers are making it so much easier to shop in country. If someone had told me years ago I'd be able to buy swimsuits made in Nigeria I'd have laughed.

We stopped by Stranger Lagos for their Salted Caramel apple pie and Bounty cupcakes after....

Love and light xx

photocredit: Insignia photos,
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