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I'm Daks and welcome to my fashionable little corner of the internet.

Adaku Abimbola Ufere is an Oil and Gas lawyer living and working in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

I am the CEO of DAX Consult; a legal advisory and consulting firm. I am also CEO of Serendipity Group; a media content creation company and owners of the ThirdWorldProfashional trademark. 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Law from the University of Nigeria and a Masters in Oil and Gas Law from the University of Aberdeen United Kingdom. I am also a member of both the Nigerian and International Bar Associations, a certified Chartered Arbitrator and Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, United Kingdom.

I was previously Legal Counsel for the Oil and Gas division of the General Electric Company.

I am a fashion journalist, public speaker and published poet. My editorial work has appeared in countless online and print magazines. I am currently a Style and Beauty Contributor at Nigeria's number one lifestyle magazine; Genevieve Magazine, with my own weekly column Daks In The City

I started this blog in 2008 as a curated vision board of my life and experiences to share with family and friends, my target audience has so far surpassed what I initially envisioned but I'm grateful for every single person who clicks on a blog link or shares a post.

Third World Profashional has been featured on One Nigerian Boy, The Fashion Bomb Daily, Bella Naija, The Fancy Hub, Thisday, Genevieve Magazine, Complete Fashion, Cultural Toast, Madam Wokie blog, Emerging Global Designers, Yeol's Blogzine, Neks2U, Chic Therapy, Fari Boudoir, Alex Folzi, Amerie Style, Urban Royale Magazine the cover of Zimbabwean Chaud Magazine.

I've also collaborated with diverse brands such as MultiChoice Nigeria, Virgos Lounge, Obsidian, Wana Sambo, The Pearl Shop, Things Nigerians Love, O'Eclat, Frockit Rockit, Jumia.com, Aesthetics Cosmetics, Olori Hair Care, Minku, Dasiko.com, QM Lounge, Bazaar Restaurant, Modern Day School of the Arts Lagos (MDSA), American Express, Isme Shapewear, Metrogypsie.com, New Look, Maksins Hair, River Island,  AislePerfect.com, Anne Elise Real Hair, The 5kShop.com, BeautyKink.com, The Red Outlet, E&E Events Management, Hairven Hair Products, Rand & Pluto, Forte Oil, Vlisco, Indigo Boutique and Jakeala. 

I was also the recipient of the Exquisite Lady of the Year award for Most promising Blogger/Online Editor of the Year 2013 given by Exquisite Magazine.

Thanks again for being a part of my journey.


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  1. to be honest im not a regular follower of third world profashional but i think u r definitely trying and dat is worth a good review

  2. OK @ anonymous. And your point?

  3. I think your hot... Irish man based in Scotland

  4. Real time monitoring, I see. Very impressed by your blog. RGU alumni currently based across the Atlantic.

  5. Hi adaku,I just wanna let you know u inspire me a lot ....keep on with your good work,am really proud of you tho I don't really know you.
    P.s, I know you are n "Ada mazi" :)) I'm also married to an nwa mazi. Lol xx

  6. I just wanna let you know u inspire me a lot ....keep on with your good work,a lot of us are really proud of you tho we don't really know you.Pis keep up the good job you have stated.

  7. Adaku more stories please and thank you!

  8. I love TWP!!! You are the next best thing! I love your work....really Inspiring, addictive, superb and all d other words I can't begin to write out here! I am your biggest Fan! TWP all d way! Xoxo


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