Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have been in Owerri since Monday and we're now getting ready to go to our village proper, Arondizuogu where I'm going to have to climb to the roof of my house to get phone service, talk less of an internet connection. Therefore I'm going to be MIA till the 30th when I get into Owerri again. Arriverdecci good people, Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!

At the Concorde Hotel in Owerri, where I and my family were staying. an ageing relic that should be torn down

My Blair Elken ring. SATC fans know what I'm talking about

My little sister, fabulousity in the making!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm posting this with a criminally slow internet connection from Owerri the capital of Imo state in Nigeria, can you say shit in any other languages? I'm so mad! Lagos is at its most banging at Christmas and I'm stuck in this rural area. My QC family is going to be complete Nneka, Henrietta, Nwabugo, Yoko, attending the hottest parties surrounded by the flashing lights of Lagos and I'm going to be helping in the killing of goats or some other shit [I'm joking, eeewwhhh, mon Dieu!] never if i can help it.

Anyhoo you know I'll always make it do what it do and even if I dont have anything worthwhile to blog about, I'll just steal my friends pictures and talk about what they've been up to, might make for interesting reading.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know I'm probably the last fashion blogger on earth to blog about Oluchi's Vogue appearance, but I'm not technically a fashion blogger, I just like to live up to the name from time to time. But if you've been hiding under a rock for the past month, let me give you the koko. Mrs Oluchi Orlandi nee Onweagba is doing big things! She is prominently featured in the Vogue December issue, with her "so cute i could eat him up" son, Ugo. I digress a bit, heard she named him Ugo because it could be both Ibo as in Ugochukwu and Italian as in, only God knows lol. Anyhoo she's in not just the pictorials, but you know the bit at the back where they showcase a celebrity's fashionable life and itemize all their favourite designers and show them in different scenes? Well if you don't, go get Vogue and rep your countrywoman because Oluchi KILLED it!

Its common knowledge that Oluchi is running things in New York, actually saw her once in her mad, mad Porsche in Manhattan somewhere on 7th, but I was on the other side of the road and she was leaving this store surrounded by tons of shopping bags and she looked seriously harrassed. Ibo girl or no Ibo girl, I didnt think she'd appreciate someone screaming her name from across the street, so I just respected myself. She looked amazing though.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Started with a celebrity sighting, and not just any old celebrity sighting, as in one of all those 5 kobo Nollywood actors but..... wait for it...... drumroll please.......... NELLY!!! and NAS!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I'm sure some of you might be rolling your eyes by now [dem born you] like "hiss, i thought she was going to say freakin Tom Cruise or some shit", but pele o, I looove Nelly, not such a Nas fan but I totally dig Nelly.

It started innocently enough, I went to the Transcorp Hilton to get an airline ticket, as I was leaving i spotted an old friend Gina and I stopped to chinwag a bit, then we noticed a minor commotion at the entrance. I was thinking it was just one of all those attention seeking politicians and their minions when Gina nearly pulled off my arm hissing "look, look". I was just like who could it possibly be, as in it cant pass Yar Adua, when this guy walked into the lobby surrounded by Big Mike type guys, i was just like who is this person? Then it hit me, it was Nas! Nasty Nas himself in the freakin flesh, I coulda choked, I and Gina were just like shiiiiiit!!!! As always I had my camera with me and I was like this is perfect blog fodder, but my legs failed me, I couldnt go to him, my friend would hit me and be like "say something", me I'd be like "you say something". We demoed like that until Nas went past us, as in he was so near I could have touched him.

I had barely recovered from that, when i started hearing wispers "Nelly, Nelly, Nelly", without wahala I whipped out my camera, as in this one na die! I would wrestle one of his bodyguards if they didnt let me get a picture. But the guy was a no show, guess who showed up instead, the St Lunatics including Murphy Lee [who's my favourite Lunatic]. I was just like I guess Murphy Lee's as good as any other sha,m I can manage that one. So I went up to him and asked to take his picture, the guy was so nice and obliging, he even opened his backpack and gave I and Gina free cd's [i guess that's what happens when you're not a huge star just one of his entourage], like I heard Rihanna's a total bitch, but I digress. Anyhoo, as I was getting ready to take the picture, Nelly walked in and Murphy Lee was like "thats the guy you want, not me". OMG! I felt sooo bad for him, I was just like "nooo, its you I want, I even prefer your music". Y'all shoulda seen him, his face just lit up, he was so happy and I stood there and took a picture with him while my heart was with Nelly, it was painful but at least it was my good deed for the year.

They're so much hotter in real life, like I love Nelly but you and I know he's never going to win any beauty pagaents. But he actually looked better in person than on television. Nas just defies description, hottt is not the word. My cup runneth over mayne.

That basically heralded a truly mad weekend with the Mode Magazine [Ugly Betty should totally sue] Men Of The Year Awards which was a bust and my friend Adanna's birthday which was a blast! Had a really fun weekend, plus my friend Jen was in town too for the awards where her company, Polo won Best Luxury Brand [impressive eeh?]. It was a fitting end to a really tough but sometimes fun 2 and a half months in school, I'm going back to home this week, to my family, my friends and my boyfriend. What more could I ask for? Yaay, next stop, Lagos!

Jen and her award for Best Luxury Brand of the year

Adanna and her man Uche

Abisola Winterbottom

Ani and IK

Adaeze, Adaobi

Kiki and Molly


Obi, Bob and Udy O

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Na by force?

A bit dramatic, don't you think?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just watched Sex And The City the movie again for the gazillionth time, just confirms the fact that I can never get tired of it. One of my all time favourite movies. I'd never really been a fan of the series until I saw the movie, it was simply fabulous, Carrie Bradshaw is who I'd love to be at 40, only married with kids [no ageing single girl for me, abeg]. Strangely she's not even my favourite character, Kim Catrall aka Samantha Jones is just outrageous, I love, love, LOVE her. Its not just her lack of inhibitions, its her deadpan humour, her character is seriously funny. Then Kristin Davis aka Charlotte York, whom I adore because I cant believe that a thirty-something year old woman is such a pollyanna. Anyhoo a few weeks after seeing the movie, I went to stay with my cousin Chidi in and she's like the biggest SATC fan, she got me totally hooked on the series so that at 10pm everyday I was tuned to TBS for reruns, then the CW at 12. To speed up the process I started to stalk Blockbuster everyday, I can now proudly say I've watched every single SATC episode!

Unforgettable Episodes

The one where Carrie hooked up with the politician who wanted to pee on her. Priceless!
The one where Charlotte's boyfriend ditched her in the middle of their three way
When Samantha thought she had AIDS. I coulda died!
When Charlotte met the guy with the uncircumcised ding dong
When Charlotte became addicted to her "The Rabbit" and refused to leave her house [vibrator sales went throught the roof!]
When Charlotte made out with the gardener and Trey's sister announced it at the table, and he didn't give a shit. Unbelievable!
When Charlotte found out Trey couldn't get it up
Etcetra, etcetra, etcetra..........

There are so many memorable scenes and strangely, they rarely include Miranda apart from her pretend lesbian episode. I heard there's going to be a sequel and I can't wait. Though I wonder how they're gonna spin it, like I think they've already milked the series enough like how much more mileage could they possibly get? I don't care sha, I'm a loyal fan and I'll go see it whether it stinks or not. I even got the book about the movie, it was $20 at Walmart and its my new prized possession, it has all the scenes in the movie and every single outfit they all wore, I swear it brought tears to my eyes the day I saw it. The closest I'd come to feeling like this was when Barnes and Noble finally delivered 'Fabulousity' by Kimora Lee Simmons after an almost 2 week wait. Or when I got the final instalment in the Shopaholic series 'Shopaholic and Baby', that was some day. I couldn't wait to get home and read it, I literally sat down in the store and finished it, before going home and reading it again.

Thats actually another movie I cant wait to see, 'Confessions of a Shopaholic is being released as a feature length film sometime in the Spring, I think February 2009. I'm practically champing at the bit because I cant wait to see what they come up with. Becky Bloomwood is being played by Isla Fisher, which I'm not really feeling because I dont think she embodies the spirit of Becky like that [but who died and made me Ben Lyons, my job is just to buy the movie ticket when it comes out]. I saw the trailer and I was kinda shocked because Isla as Becky looked a little insane, like she wore the weirdest clothes, kind of a Carrie Bradshaw on crack. Anybody who has read the books, knows that Becky Bloomwood is a label lover to the hilt, she's sort of like Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf in one [ask Nkem, she'll tell you, she's a fellow Shopaholic addict]. So I dont understand why they made her look like she shopped at thrift stores in the movie. Plus they made her an American and she's British in the book, I just dont think it gels, anyway I'll be waiting with bated breath come Spring.

Pictures from scenes in the movie

I mean WTF! This is so not Becky, I dont get how the producers could be so stupid. Sophie Kinsella should sue

Isla Fisher contemplating the demise of her career after this movie's release

Photo Credit :,,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The long Sallah weekend is over, now its back to the regular grind. Had a very full holiday, finally went to Wonderland, a theme park in Abuja. How d'you say disapointed in 4 languages; deluso! enttauscht! decu! decepcionado! It cost just N300 to get in, then N200-N300 for rides but I still regarded it as money wasted. The place needs an advisory warning, "anyone with sufficient brain cells need not enter". I had been excited for weeks about going, i finally did and i and my friends didn't chill for more than an hour. I guess if you've never been out of the country and haven't become jaded by six flags, magic mountain, legoland, alton towers etc, I guess you could probably wild out at Wonderland, but if you have STAY AWAY, you'll be very, very angry.

The faux Disneyland entrance

Waiting in anticipation for the first ride, hissss

To make matters worse when we were leaving I and my friends Erenma and Anwuli who are Abuja virgins decided to tackle the confusing roads on our own and nearly ended up at the airport, plus our gas tank was empty, the light was flashing and we couldn't find a gas station. It was a memorable drive, we did a 360 turn into oncoming traffic, we drove one way on an express road, at one point it looked like we were seeing road signs for Kaduna, all in the dark, definitely don't need that experience again.

Had fun this holiday sha, went for my first Sallah party and all, generally just hung with friends and spent time with the bf with the unnapreciated help of MTN. Hope you all had a great weekend too, Eid Mubarak!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Some random blogger who I won't name, whose last post was 2 years ago on a still active blog. I'm not that bad, mine's just been about a week or so, no need to slap the cuffs on yet and send me to blogger gaol. My main excuse, school. The work has been crippling, I had no idea what I'd got myself into when I filled that jamb form "law, law". I was just a know-it-all sanctimonious bitch, I thought I could hack it. Nah, don't mind me jare, its not that bad. I wish it were like Legally Blonde where a truly daft human being with a fondness for bunny suits and pink i-macs could become valedictorian of a Harvard Law class, but sadly if wishes were Mercedes CL350's, Daks would drive that muther.

Haven't been up to much, I'm a truly disgraceful blogger. I'm supposed to updating frequently with pictures of swank celebrity soirees and high end fashion, i'm so sorry i'll really try and do better. Maybe I'll gate-crash the making of a D'banj video or something, I'm guaranteed to see at least 25 Nigerian "celebrities", those mo-hits crew peeps really love their friends. Digressing a bit, I saw Ebuka from BBN at Play last night, just wondering since his time has passed and all does he still qualify as a celebrity or respected journalist courtesy of his Thisday gig?

In my high waist latex leggings from American Apparel [all time fave trend of 2008]

Was watching the MAMA's [MTV Africa Music Awards] *isn't it weird how the acronym for Mtv's first African awards magically turned out to be an everyday Nigerian word, as in I know "mama" isn't Nigerian but we sure use it enough*. Anyhoo, the MAMA's was BANGING! Since I didn't attend I had to catch the broadcast on Mtv like the masses and I was seriously impressed. I thought the Thisday concerts was like the benchmark for performance ceremonies in Nigeria but the MAMA's knocked it out of the effing park. It was too mad, like the stage, the scenery, the set, I mean it was like watching the VMA's invaded by Nigerians. Big ups to Alex Okosi and Mtv Africa, they were amazing.

On the performances bit, they were all hot, but the two that stood out for me were The Game and Kelly Rowland with D'Banj. There was nothing spectacular about Game's bit, but the beginning when he got on stage, like 37 agbero's rushed him from the audience! It was too funny, I wan laugh die. Like some grown ass men were jumping all over the guy, his bodyguards had to carry them bodily off stage, Game sef was doing like nothing spoil, he didn't even look at them. i swear I was on the floor with laughter, Nigerians are so dependable, they never disappoint. Then Ms Kelly came with her own steez [not to be a bad belle, but who thinks Kelly Rowland needs to retire or at least beg Beyonce to feature in one of her songs? The babe's albums are not selling, she has resorted to working out like a maniac to have something to show in her videos, its just sad.] Anyway she sang 2 songs from her "bronze" selling album 'Like This' and 'Work', then D'Banj came on at the end and did his whole crazeman sturvs, I'm sure she was just like WTF!

Oh yeah and it was hosted by Trevor Nelson from The Lick, who I think is just one of the coolest guys ever.
D'Banj and Kelly Rowland

The Velodrome, Abuja

The Game


I think I might go to Jos this week and involve myself in whats going over there, maybe then I'd have stuff to blog about. BTW, there's some sort of religious rivalry thing happening in Jos, Plateau State, you know Muslims killing Christians and vice versa. I heard that there's going to be a demonstration in Abuja today [I dont know how true that is] so I'm staying put in Bwari because we know how black people get, a demonstration will turn to a riot, next thing people are getting killed and Mrs U would be travelling to the North to identify her daughter's body instead of Call To Bar so I'm staying put in Bwari, even though I'd like nothing better to be at the nearest airport, I think NLS might be the safest place to be, if anything happens sha.

In the absence of being involved in a mass murder, I'm posting pictures of my fabulous friends, old and new, which will give me time to think of what to blog about next. Peace!

Jenifer aka the polo princess

Kiki "dont mess with texas' Ejims

Molly P!




Hiba and Ani

Bukky and Adanna

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back and Depressed

I've been seriously depressed since 5.30pm yesterday, that was the exact time I landed in Abuja after almost a week in Lagos. This past one month I had been lying to myself that I was already used to Abuja but after just 4 days back home I came back a wreck and I've had to adjust all over again.I miss,miss, miss the bf, for my sake I think he's going to have to move to Abuja just so I can have some sanity. But for the sake of being called to bar next year i'm going to have to cop on to myself and adjust.

Too knackered to write a good long post so I just wanna say happy birthday to the almighty bf, the LOML and the HTIL. Love you mwahhhhh!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This weekend Abuja's p is going to be amped to the nth degree, chiefrocker's extraordinaire; the Okpaleke's are turning up the entertainment level with "Play Sports Bar & Grill". Fashi all dem places, Play, 167Adetokunbo Ademola crescent Wuse II is going to be the spot. Its opening this Friday and as a result of its general fabulousness the Mtv Africa Music Awards pre-party is going to be held there.

As well as the Nigerian Fashion Awards on Thursday and the MAMA's on Saturday, Abuja is going to be flossing this weekend. But this blogger is not going to be here to see it, courtesy of a lecture free week coinciding with the bf's birthday (yaaay), I'm off to Lagos for the weekend. Peace!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Solange Knowles is amaayyyzing! if you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard 'Sandcastle Disco', her 2nd single of her album SoL-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams, go and hustle a copy now or since we dont have Nu-metro anymore, tell your cousin in yankee to send you one. Or better yet, download it off limewire, ares or bearshare. I don't care what you do, just get it. Beyonce who?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Faces of NLS

Who said its all work and no play where a group of soon-to-be barrister's are concerned. After a grueling introductory week, we all let our collective weaves down and proceeded to have a good piss up [they had a good piss up, i don't drink so the extent of my inebriation was fanta related]. Oh yeah and happy birthday Nnamdi.

p.s. still rocking my black bandage
Tolu, Bisola, Adanna
Tolu, Edimma
Kike, Seyi, Adanna
Bisola, Chimezie
Tolu, Bisola, Adanna
Future judges, SAN's, Attorney-Generals e.t.c
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