Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Experimental Vintage

I'm sure my TWP fam know how much I detest vintage. Or maybe that's too strong a word, I'm not a fan of vintage accessories or clothes. I like my things brand spanking new.

I've started to have a change of heart though and that's due to a lot of vintage connoisseurs I have come in contact with who make second hand stuff look absolutely banging. Like Onyinye Fafi Obi of Fashion Phoenix who runs an awesome vintage brand called Elsie Vintage, my friends Tolu Onabanjo, Seyi Fadase and Kike Akinyosoye who own the online store Toseki Vintage. Also my friend Salewa Akin-Taylor of For Style Sake is a vintage maven, she finds the craziest things in thrift stores and to my eternal surprise they look great on her.

These people have really inspired me and based on that I decided to give vintage a try and headed to a vintage store in Aberdeen called Retrospect to check it out.

Firts off i loved the psychedelic 60s style "Rterospect" sign out front, that already attracted me to it. I went in and the store was an absolute delight, like a mish mash of all kinds of things and knick knacks, like the Old Curiousity Shop or something.

I loved these vintage trunks, I'm really thinking of getting a 50s style holdall to use as travel hand luggage, definitely on my to-do list.

I LOVED the 80s boombox, my friend Titi has a wireless radio from the 1950s in her kitchen and its soooo cool. Totally gave me gadget envy.

Saw these Bruno Magli shoes for 8 quid, would you believe it, just 8 pounds. They were a size 39 or I'd have been all over them like white on rice.

Vintage sunglasses are another fad I could definitely get behind, recently being trawling ebay searching for authentic vintage cat-eye sunglasses, if anyone knows where I can find affordable ones, please let me know. My friend Bisola has a serious stash of vintage sunglasses she got from her mother, if she ever decides to sell them I'd definitely be first up.

The badge wall just stirred the latent 10yr old Daks inside me. I was obsessed with badges when I was a kid, used to collect them from everywhere. At a point I owned roughly about 300 badges, from workshops my parents attended, to fashion ones, to cartoon characters, to those I got from McDonalds Happy Meals, my Sweet Valley ones.....

I wonder what happened to them, they could totally qualify as vintage now.

I especially loved the Jimi Hendrix one at the top. Too cool for words.

The hella eccentric owner, he gave me tips for some other vintage stores in Abz which I never knew existed.

Sure you're all wondering what I got after my excursion.........

First off,  dreadful black and yellow 70s mohair jumper. So ugly I fell in love with it straight off, my friend said it makes me look like a 6ft tall bumble bee but I don't send, there's something so jolie laide about it. Love!

Aaaaand this 80s blue sequined wrap top.

I got something similar to this from my mum but in cream. I love tops like this, they give me serious Alexis Carrington vibes. The ladies from Dynasty are in my top 20 fabulous women list. The opulence, the shoulders, the big hair, terrible make-up and pushing women into pools....there'll never be a show like Dynasty again, ever.

I'll definitely make more forays into vintage shopping, maybe I'll strike paydirt like Shally, she found Salvatore Ferragamo pumps once. That's what I've been aiming for.

Love and light xx

Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Lady Blues

I honestly thought I could party hard, I really believed that I was still the same old Daks circa early 2000s who could party with the best of them.

I was wrong....so wrong.

This weekend it felt more like I was 62 instead of 26, I fully intended to get shattered after my exams, I proclaimed the fact far and wide but after just one night I spent the rest of the weekend skyping, trying to find a suitable site to watch my tv shows and just being a big fat couch potato. 

Old age has really set in and I'm not even mad, for a couple of years now I've derived more pleasure from staying in than partying hard. It is so serious that when I went home for Christmas, I only went out to a club once, just one time in the three weeks I was in Lagos. 

Had to make an exception for Friday though because it was my friend Funsho's birthday so I dusted off my Miss Havisham cobwebs and set out in search of a good time.


We went out to dinner first where I pigged out as usual, I'm biting my nails awaiting the day my super-human metabolism gives up on me and everything that goes through my lips ends up on my hips.





I spotted a girl at the club we went to after dinner and drinks wearing the Virgos Lounge Coco dress, it is such a rockstar outfit I had to go up to her and tell how her fab she looked and surprise surprise she's a TWP fan. I still get excited when people recognize me from my little corner of the internet or they say how much they love my blog, it always seems so surreal, like "lil ol' me, really?"


Blazer, bandeau top and pencil skirt with lime accents - River Island
Glittery silver pumps - Dorothy Perkins

I don't know if anyone has noticed lately but River Island is knocking it out of the park this year. I'm not usually a River Island fan, I mean I get some stuff from there but I'm not like a devotee or anything. I went in there completely by accident to return a pair of shoes I bought over the holidays and was just floored by everything I saw. They are going hard on the neon trend, that's the store I said I went into and went a little crazy, I wanted literally everything in there, managed to cop a few budget permitting.

RI is killing it, no jokes.

After the night, woke up at an ungodly hour on Saturday and spent the day alternating between my bed and my kitchen.

Joblessness feels so good.

Love and light xx

p.s. The item for my Giveaway has arrrrrived! I am tres excited about this one because it is my second ever Giveaway and my first international one. Only clue I can give out as to what it is is that its from Virgos Lounge, you have to be following my blog and also "like" the ThirdWorldProfashional facebook page to win though.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Only Profashional With An LL.M. (shoutout to Naeto C.)

I cannot believe one year has gone by so fast.

This time last last year, I was just settling into Aberdeen, dealing with the ridiculous cold, getting to know new friends, discovering new experiences. Fast forward a year later and I'm saying goodbye to those friends and experiences, packing up my things for the inevitable move back home and trying to understand exactly how 365 days went by so quickly.

Anyway it is finished and I couldn't be happier, honestly this time I'm really done with school, even short courses sef I no want. Not like I'm scared of the work, I'm just sick and tired of studying. Since I took my Bar finals back in Law School my entire perspective on exams has changed. Before I got into Law School I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how the Bar exams were the hardest in the world, people passed out during exams, committed suicide etc. This gist left me so wound up that by the first day of exams I was tense AF, went in for Property Law and came out pissed, not because it was difficult, no....but because it had been SO EASY. I'd spent a whole year losing my hair and worrying over nothing, I had gone into that exam so terrified that I messed up my Property Law paper, aced the others anyway and graduated with a 2:1 from Law School. That experience however, left an indelible mark on me, since then I have never ever been stressed about exams again, not like I don't put in my best but I don't go through everyday thinking the sky is falling because other people say so. I'm telling you I went through my LL.M finals chillin' like a villain, the only thing I was tired of was the endless studying but not the fear of mass failure like I had back in Law School.

I've made some really awesome friends in Aberdeen and after our last paper we were so hyped that the entire lot of us whipped out cameras and got snap happy

H&M Cape
H&M cream jumper
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
River Island taselled loafers in Lime
Bill Blass 'Oliver' lamb bag

Ah, this brings me to my new obsession for SS12......neon.

I've been immersing myself in blinding, clashing, fluorescent colours and lime is my current favourite out of the lot. Got these lime loafers from River Island the day I finished, sort of like a "well done Daks" gift to myself, I haven't been to the shops since since December and sadly I went a little crazy. Lets just say my landlord and I are going to be having a few tense words next month and I'm going to be hiding from anyone that even remotely looks like they're from Scottish Hydro Electric.

These babies....WOOOOSSSH

So these are a few of my classmates.....

Ankur! Our unofficial class social prefect,

Manda, Miss Party Starter 2011/2012

Ankur and Manda are literally behind every class drinks do, party, game night....like everything, their energy and commitment to a good time is amazing. They're both hosting our Term End class party on Saturday and the theme is "Prom"........corny AF but I love it. I don't have any prom-like dresses but I have a Virgos Lounge dress which bears a striking resemblance to an 80s prom dress a la Molly Ringwald and the rest of The Breakfast Club....short, tight, shiny, ruffly and insanely OTT. Can't wait to rock it.

My boos Yewande, Jola and Amerie

Seriously going to miss my sidekick Amerie, she left Aberdeen finally this morning...too sad.

I give terrible pimp face.....

Scheila! Aka the Brains from Brazil. Study buddy and all round fabulous woman

My gorgeous Kings College campus.....

Stole these pictures off the school website since there's no way my baby Nikon could fully capture the beauty of this place.

The school is over 500 years old and most of the time it looked like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem, cobbled streets, original buildings from the 15th century, knights graves everywhere.....

When I first got here and I used to leave the library late at night, I used to get a little scared because everything just looked so old. Never thought I'd get used to it.

So the agenda is to sleep for the next two months now, like really, no joke.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement I got from you guys while I was away, I really appreciated it. To say danke I'm having a Giveaway next week! Well as soon as the item for the giveaway arrives, I've ordered it and I'm waiting on the delivery service. I won't say what it is yet but I promise, you guys are going to love it. You have to be following me first though and you have to like my facebook page too, you can do that HERE.

Love and light xx

Monday, January 9, 2012


Even if you guys didn't know I was back in this Scottish wasteland it would have been pretty obvious from the lack of fun, glittery posts you had become accustomed to over the past month. To add to the general air of neglect here in Profashional land, I am sorry to announce that as my finals are coming up at the end of the month I'm going to have to go ghost on you guys till they're over. If the spirit moves me or if something of such immense magnitude occurs that I am simply compelled to share, I might make an appearance. Besides that, I'm going into lockdown till January 26th.

Pray for me dear ones as I work towards increasing the number of letters after my name, I intend to lay waste to as much paper as possible by spelling out;

Miss ThirdWorldProfashional LL.B, B.L, LL.M, ACIArb <-------------looks impressive doesn't it.

Trust me, it actually isn't that serious.

No fear, hopefully Oil & Gas State Control and Contracting would be done and dusted soon enough and I can go back to being footloose and fancy-free. Well, until I have to start looking for a job anyway. Sometimes I wish I could just stay in school forever, no matter how old you are, being a student makes you forget that you have responsibilities.

In case you thought I forgot......WELCOME TO THE WORLD BLUE IVY CARTER!!!!!!!!!

Yessir, its the second coming, the baby to end all babies (well, until my twins arrive), the blessed Knowles-Carter spawn and the highest profile celeb baby ever (in your face Suri and Shiloh). We probably will never see this child until she's 18 or so but maybe I can talk to Nda Beyonce and she'll let us have a sneak peek. Stay tuned.

I will leave you guys with the songs that are currently on heavy rotation for me on iTunes. Bruno Mars 'It Will Rain' and Lloyds 'Dedication To My Ex'.

I fell in love with the Bruno Mars song when he performed it on US X Factor, the visuals and the entire performance just blew me away. I tweeted earlier in the week that if Bruno Mars decides to love you, its a wrap because brother man loves hard. His lyrics are not just he'll be sad if you don't love him, he'll literally kill himself for love. Obviously he doesn't mean it but watching that cutie patootie with the baby face sing these songs with such heartfelt passion makes me melt everytime.

The Lloyd song, I love the retro doo-wop feel of it, you can't help but move when you hear it. The first few times I heard it were on the radio and it was always the clean version but I now mistakenly downloaded the original song. My Lawd...my ears were seared. Basically in the clean version, whenever he says "lovin", in the dirty one he actually says a slang term for a part of the female anatomy which is also another word for a cat.

Every. Single. Time.

It was a bit much I tell you, I sharply downloaded the clean one abeg. He sounds a bit like a young MJ on it, the song is fire though. Listen below;

Love and light xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The title of this post is a popular phrase used in the novel 'Second Class Citizen' by Buchi Emecheta, it depicts a young man/woman who has studied abroad and has come home to Nigeria to make a success of his/her life. That book was one of my favourites growing up and it gave me such a bad impression of the United Kingdom that for many years I refused to come to the UK on holiday, always insisting on the US instead. Plus it contains the most hilarious punishment ever; Adah, the central character played hooky from school as a child and subsequently went missing, everybody, family and teachers searched for her everywhere. Finally the police were called in and they arrested Adah's mother for child neglect and forced the woman to drink a giant bowl of garri without sugar until her daughter was found. Till this day I only have to imagine the poor woman drinking a massive bowl of garri without sugar and begging the policemen to release her to keel over with laughter. Trust Adah got the beating of her life when she was finally found.

Powerful writing.

Got into Aberdeen this morning and I've been alternating between sleeping, catching up on my reality shows, tweeting and unpacking. Strangely I'm not as depressed as I thought I'd be, I thought I'd get back and be pining for Lagos but that's not even the case. I miss Lagos and my family but I think I partied myself out so I really needed to get back here where its quiet so I can chill. The weather is pretty mild, just 3 degrees today and its going to be 6 tomorrow. That's practically summer for us here in Scotland.

The journey was uneventful, apart from discovering my friend Ifeoma was on the same flight though. Same thing happened when I was going to Nigeria, Nwabugo and I were on the same flight completely by accident.

Ifeoma was headed to Rotterdam though so we parted at Amsterdam.


Hmnnnn, now that I'm looking at this photo in its extra large format it looks like I put on a bit over the holidays. I don't mind though, here's to more cushion for the pushin'.

In bed now gearing up for the most legendary lie-in ever, I fully intend to not crack an eyelid till at least noon. Weird how tired I am when I didn't even change timezones.

Thank God for journey mercies.

Love and light xx

p.s. I discovered the best thing recently, my cousin Ilyasah downloaded a Rosary app on my iPad for me. Though I love my Rosary I cannot lie it gets a bit tedious at times saying the 5 decades at a time but this app reads the prayers out for you, it says all the Mysteries too. Its the coolest thing ever, today was the Glorious Mysteries and I basically just turn it on and go about whatever I'm doing and in the background the prayers are on a continuous loop. Technology is amazing. if you're interested, the app is called 'Rosary Delux'.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

I can't even lie I've had a hell of a holiday.

I usually party hard anytime I can wheedle the parents into letting us spend Christmas in Lagos instead of Arondizuogu but I surpassed my personal record this year. I ensured I had enough experiences to tide me over when I get back to the Grampians.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

My last official "partying" day was the 1st, my cousin Ilyasah's family throw down a hell of a New Years party every 1st of January and I decided to make that my last hurrah.

ASOS backless houndstooth dress
Calvin Klein metallic tote
Valentino wing-tipped sunnies
ASOS lightning bolt earrings

Stopped by Illy's before the party to see if I could help out, they had everything on lock though so we just spent the time lemming KFC and chinwagging.


Went back later that night for the party proper, which rocked.com. I blogged about the same party last New Year's, if you can get yourself on the guest list its the definitely the place to be in Lagos at the beginning of the year.

Miss Selfridge cutout dress
Dorothy Perkins glitter courts

Went with my friend Nneka

Ilyasah, Nneka

It was the perfect way to end my holiday, I just need to gather the will to go back to my regular studying schedule.

Love and light xx
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