Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fade Ogunro - Host of Multichoice Presents The Fashion Protege

Get ready for an outburst of creativity, entertainment and fierce competition as Nigeria’s biggest fashion design reality series hits your TV Screens!
We can reveal that the fashion savvy, beautiful and vivacious Fade Ogunro is the host of MultiChoice Nigeria presents the Fashion  Protége.
Want to know more? You’ll have to watch to find out!
The Fashion Protégé is a 5-episode Nigerian reality television series that was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of MultiChoice Nigeria. 
For more information about MultiChoice Nigeria presents The Fashion Protégé, visit
http://www.dstv.com/News/Are-you-Nigeria-s-next-big-fashion-star-/34565 and www.facebook.com/dstvng

Photo Credit: TCD Photography

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Study In Black & White

So last week I was on a bit of a Law Student kick and for the first time in ages, wore back to back black and white looks.

Funny how wearing black and white is the epitome of minimalist, elegant fashion and for me it represents a badge of oppression.

Was forced to wear solely black and white clothes for 5 years while an undergraduate studying Law and for another painful 1 year while at Law School. Till date it remains difficult for me to put it on without feeling like I'm back at school.

Wore the outfit on the left to work and the one on the right to the Connect Nigeria Writers Conference, at which I was a speaker.

I feel like white pumps go with EVERY thing, like I tried the shoes above with a red dress and it looked perfect. The neutral factor is beyond, white is definitely my new black.

ASOS dress; Prada Saffiano bag; Nine West pumps

ASOS dress; Fendi & Hermes bracelets; Nine West pumps

The Connect Nigeria Writers Conference was an amazing experience, you can read all about it HERE

Love & Light xx
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