Friday, February 28, 2014

Fashion Friday - Dancing Queen

Quilox Calling?

Stopping by Miliki?

Get a head start on Lagos nightlife today!

All available in Nigeria.

Virgos Lounge Dress HERE


Ariaba Earrings HERE

Blinx Lashes HERE

Love and light xx

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Blogging right now, from my bed in Lagos, the symphony of generators in the background and the reality of work in the morning.


I don't know which is worse, not taking a vacation or taking a vacation and having to deal with the crash when you get home. The first day back is always the worst. Anyhoo, I've had my two weeks away from routine, traffic, heat and stress and I really can't complain. 

Compared to the lethargy of my first week in California, I was a ball of energy in my second week. That is where a ball of energy translates to sometimes getting out of bed and away from House of Cards to do a quick run to the nearest mall.

*sidebar* Who has finished House of Cards Season 2?? I'm still REELING from what I witnessed. This show is literally on speed, I have never seen so many WTF moments in my entire tv watching history. I need the Underwoods on my team because really no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper, these people are like gods. Frank is just ruthless, without conscience and deliciously evil, Claire is like Miranda Priestly if she decided to go into politics....but meaner. Their relationship is the most dysfunctional yet most loving union I have ever seen. In fact I'm not even sure they love each other, I think they just share the highest level of mutual respect and understanding. Listen...if you haven't seen House of Cards, I beg you, don't dull. Beg, borrow or torrent it because it is pretty much the best thing on tv right now.

*and for all you sophistiratchets out there, BBWLA is fire this season! The producers brought that heat! No dulling Govans, just loads of messy chicks with issues. Love it!*

A few days before I left, my brother aka Husband to the Husbandless, took his wife and I to see Cirque du Soleil; Totem....and it was SICK.

I mean I've seen trailers but nothing can compare to the real thing, sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures inside or I'd have thrilled you with some illegally downloaded acrobatics. I recently saw the movie 'Now You See Me' and I'm currently obsessed with magic shows or illusionists or just performance art in general. Cirque du Soleil literally thrilled my soul, you definitely have to see it before you die. Amazing stunts.

That weekend my friend Achenyo came to visit from New Hampshire.

We decided to play tourist and go down to Hollywood Boulevard which was as delightfully kooky as usual. I mean, check out this guy,

I indulged in a bit of street dancing,

Went by Shirley Temples prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre,

met Robbie Laughlin from E!

he is so perf by the way, hair laid like Funky Dineva, face beat for the gods.....I live!

and ended my Hollywood excursion by going to the top of Mulholland Drive to get the best view of Los Angeles.

Good times :)

Topshop faux leather jacket; Peter Pilotto for Target top; Levi Jeans; Calvin Klein purse; Salvatore Ferragamo belt and Ralph Lauren sandals.

The next day, one of the greatest things to ever happen to me occurred.

I went to a theme park and it was EMPTY.

Not empty like some apocalyptic, end of the world type creepy scenario, but it was sufficiently scanty. I've only ever gone to theme parks in the summer and honestly the crowds are oppressive. When I tell you this day I went on every single ride twice I am not telling a lie. Every heart stopping, puke inducing, head pounding, hair whipping ride was thoroughly enjoyed by me. There were zero lines and the minute my ride landed and I hit the floor, I'd just double back to the front again.


Greatest. Day. Ever!

I love you Knott's Berry Farm!

 Things Nigerians Love (TNL) Jumpsuit. Get it HERE. I got it in black and blue above, yup...obsessed.

Now Sod's Law should dictate that my day could possibly not get any better right?

I mean its only fair.


Same day, later that night.....Achenyo and I went to a Lakers game.

Los Angeles Lakers v. Boston Celtics to be exact.

Now I'm personally not a sports person, I muster some enthusiasm for football but that's about it and the only thing I know about basketball are the players wives. But my brother got us tickets and before I knew it, I was walking into Staples Center all cazh like.

Obviously the minute I sat down I trained the my camera lens on the floor seats to see if a Basketball Wife might have made my day and dropped by.

I gt Floyd Mayweather instead and since I care even less about boxing than I do about basketball, I wasn't even the least bit flustered.

Funny thing though is apparently he brought two ladies with him, neither of whom were his fiancee and said fiancee resorted to shading them on twitter. The entire debacle was covered by Necole Bitchie and I was so blown to be right in the middle of a ratchet news story.

Now you remember I said I know bupkes about basketball so you can imagine my shock when I saw Kris Humphries aka Kris Kardashian roll up for the Celtics.

I legit nearly fell out of my seat.

Poor guy, LA is definitely not his town. Every time he touched the ball the crowd booed. I was like yo, this entire city is batting for Kim. It was hilarious and sad in equal doses.

The Lakers won, the crowd cheered and like a good follow follow I cheered along.

The next morning I was at LAX and stretched out comatose in my seat before you could say Vacation Over. I had an awesome, awesome restful holiday and a surprise awaited me in the form of airplane food. I got ribs, chicken, jollof rice and plantain.

Can you beat that? Someone at Delta definitely reads TWP and saw my previous rant. The jollof rice tasted like microwaved death but its progress no?

Yam chips, Dundun Supreme and Maltina next.....

Love and light xx

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Friday

Have an event this weekend? 

Stuck for what to wear?

Fashion Friday sorts that out by curating the best outfits and deals to help you make an easy choice. All by Nigerian designers and all available to shop online at, and in store at L'espace, 19a Olosa Street, off Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island - Lagos. 

I love a good jumpsuit and this Toju Foyeh one is all kinds of awesome, paired with killer pumps and accessories, you'll bring life to any party.

Toju Foyeh Jumpsuit  HERE

Didi Creations Bag     HERE

WSC Pumps                HERE

Ariaba Necklace         HERE

Love and light xx

Sunday, February 16, 2014

California Girl

Hey beautiful people!

So for the past week I've been on vacation, visiting my brother in one of my favorite cities, Los Angeles. Lagos had me beat these past few months and I'd been looking forward to getting away for the longest time, but did I get the rest and relaxation I deserved? 


Why you ask (and even if you didn't I'm going to tell you anyway)

See below.

Mistake No 1: I flew Delta Airways. My palate does not stand for frou frou, and a good, solid Nigerian meal (preferably involving plantains and a lot of pepper) is the only thing that keeps me in good health. I took Delta because I wanted a direct flight to the US and I'd had a bad experience with United last year (my tv didn't work for the ENTIRE flight). I know Delta really isn't up there with food from different cultures but their menu on this flight was a flaming disgrace. I hadn't had anything to eat the whole day because I'd been so rushed therefore I was looking forward to the five course meal I'd been promised, but dish after dish was presented to me, each evoking disappointment and despair.

Emirates with their party jollof rice and KLM with their yam pottage and beef stew on one memorable, miraculous, magical occasion, give me the faint hope that one day I might be well fed while I fly. 

This however, was not that day.

From the appetizers to the starters to the main course, everything besides the bread rolls (even that one sef had k-leg) were inedible. I had to confirm from the other passengers that I wasn't the only mad one there. The sole advantage of that flight were the flat bed seats so I could sleep lying down and didn't arrive at my destination with a hunchback and swollen feet.

This meant that by the time I landed, I could have comfortably eaten the Immigration officer without a sliver of regret.

Mistake No 2: I flew through Atlanta. Instead of going straight to LA like a sensible person, I thought hey....why don't I spend a couple of days in Atlanta first and hunt down some Real Housewives. As my luck will have it, ATL weather decided to serve up the first snowstorm in years and my delicate constitution just folded. 

Some might say; "but Daks, you lived in Aberdeen, that's pretty much sub-zero weather all year round, you should be used to the cold". 

I say this to you,  freezing is not a feeling anyone in their right mind ever becomes accustomed to, and between God, Man and Blessed Father Tansi, I survived in Aberdeen through sheer grit and expensive determination. My heating blazed without a pause from January to December (and I have the faint inducing electric bill to prove it), I even taped my thermal curtains to the wall to ensure not even a breath of that North wind found its way into my flat. So lets just say Atlanta weather knocked me for six.

The above misfortunes culminated in the only likely conclusion, the day after I escaped the frozen tundras of Dixieland and embraced palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles, I fell ill and didn't get out of bed for a week. Imagine that, I might as well have had a staycation in Lagos if all I could do was stay in bed. I legit didn't leave the house except to get my nails and eyebrows done (illness: near death, terminal or otherwise is no excuse to slip up on your grooming) and to get my troubles kneaded away by my lovely, sadistic Korean masseuse. 

This Saturday, the cloud lifted and I could finally put on some slap, curl my hair and crawl out of my duvet cave.

Somebody say Alleluia!

Topshop faux leather jacket; Republic of Foreigner wrap maxi dress; Tory Burch 'Miller' flip flops; Ray Ban aviators; ASOS Obi belt; Le Reve Pieces bracelets

 I got the dress at a Republic of Foreigner sale over Christmas, I think it cost about 8k or 10k, can't really remember, don't know what the original price was though. RoF do really great maxi dresses, which are my absolute favorite thing to wear. I'd live in maxi dresses all year round if I could.

With my sister-in-law Onyeka.

I have one more week in LA and hopefully I can get my body to function accordingly.

See why I love this place, look at this view!

Love and light xx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


.......not technically, but this pinafore dress totally took me back to  my days as a pinafore wearing QC junior girl.

The struggle to get into SS1 and start wearing tight pencil skirts was real, and completely random story, for some reason in the first few weeks of Senior School, some girls in my year had done something I cannot for the life of me remember and their punishment was to keep wearing their pinafores and not transition to skirts for like two weeks or so. At the time I remember 13yr old me thinking that was just the worst, most tragic punishment ever meted out to a human being (I definitely do not miss the everyday life and death problems I faced as a teenager) and I just knew if I were forced to keep wearing a pinafore like a junior girl when all my mates were in skirts I'd die, just die I tell you!

Cool story over.

Wore it to work a week ago and my partners in crime aka colleagues went to the rooftop with me for an impromptu photo-shoot.

ASOS pinstriped pinafore dress,  River Island shirt, ASOS shoes

....and no I wasn't mad about anything or trying to give them Blue Steel. Surly glare achieved below by a combination of wind and sun in my face.

My pod aka Glamour Girls. We actually assigned ourselves to a character. Q on the left is Gloria Anozie, I'm Eucharia Anunobi (she was a proper fox in that movie) and Yewande (who has an awesome blog "She Loves the Finer Things" on the right is Liz Benson.

Bring back vintage Nollywood!

Love and light xx


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faux Moment

Before anyone else says it, I'll be the first to say I know I've been MIA, and besides a couple of sponsored posts necessary to keep me flush with Maltina, I haven't blogged properly since November or so. 

You say last year, I say a couple of months ago or so.....but who's counting.

Nothing happened, no great upheavals of any sort, I just needed to take a step back for a bit, #NoEatPrayLove and take care of other stuff I guess. I kept up with Instagram (@LoveTWP) a bit but honestly for the past few months I've pretty much shunned social media, compared to the new media addict I used to be.

The long and short of all this aja mbele is to say YAY to my official first post of 2014!

I wish I could promise you a doozy of a post, chock-a-block with glitzy nights and biting commentary but its just me all soulful eyed and shit with tousled tresses and a chipped mani.

If you're new to this blog stay with me, I promise it gets better. If you're a regular (I see you!), you already know how we roll.

ASOS pencil dress with faux leather panels; Franco Sarto leopard print pumps

I love you all!

no really I do :)

Love and light xx

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