Sunday, August 31, 2014


Over the weekend I stopped by uber stylist and image consultant; Ezinne Chinkata's new store, Zinkata.

Ezinne has styled some of the most fabulous people in the industry, Omotola and Monalisa Chinda to name a few, and has been Fashion Editor at both Genevieve and Wow magazines.

With such a veteran fashion background I went there expecting to be wowed and I was not disappointed, her store was a delight. The space was super gorgeous and reminded me of one of those vintage stores off Brompton Road, only with better lighting and layout.

I love how she kept the decor very neutral, with the clothes providing the pops of colour.

Her powers of persuasion are so strong she managed to get me out of my comfort zone and into some very Zinkata style coming soon.

Her pieces are very unique and not what you'd find on the rack of a typical Lagos store, its very true to her fashion madcap aesthetic while still retaining a very classic vibe. I loved everything and would have carted away a truckload if I did not remember in time that I didn't have a hidden trust fund somewhere to live off on.

I got some truly lovely pieces that I can't wait to show off. I love how the Nigerian fashion retail space is growing, very soon we won't need the international High Street at all! Really looking forward to that day.

13b Awori Road, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

You can view some of what she has in stock on her tumblr page:

Love and light xx


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Work Chic: Shades of Blue

Oldie but a goodie.....

So......random, I got an email once asking why I always have my natural hair in a side swoop bang thingy. This delightful person went on to ask if I was trying to hide my receding hairline as she's pretty sure I must have traction alopecia.


I had a bit of time on my hands that day and diligently searched Google images till I found a picture of a massive, bony, knuckly hand delicately giving someone the finger and I sent that back to her. The babe now replied all bewildered, like how could I be so rude, what did she say......

Nigerians will always and forever be a source of entertainment for me. People say the rudest things to you and then get surprised when you serve one right back at 'em. Its like slapping me and getting all hurt when I slap you back.

Anyhoo my hair is always like this when its due so I can cover the new unrelaxed growth at my hairline. In this post I'm about 10 weeks or so post relaxer.

Once I lay that creamy crack bun my nigga!

ASOS Scuba peplum top; ASOS Tall crepe pants; ASOS belt; Gucci bag; Salvatore Ferragamo 'Varina' pumps; Hermes 'Kelly' Double Tour bracelet

Love and light xx

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Work Chic: Chartreuse

A lot of times I'm schlepping into work looking like a Dementor; pulled back hair, no eyebrows, thick cover-up because the weather in my office is arctic.......counting the minutes till 5pm when I can schlep back home.

Some times I'm like.....

Hello world, Daks Knowles-Carter here :)

ASOS pencil dress with fold sleeve detail; Franco Sarto leopard print pumps, Louis Vuitton 'Ascot'

Love & Light xx


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wedding Saturdays: Black & Gold

For the first time in I don't know, many many years, I attended a wedding where I didn't personally know the couple.

Weddings are very stressful and unless the couple are personal friends or I'm on the bridal train I don't attend.

This one though, my friend made a great case for it, I had a nice outfit so I thought "why not", and I'm glad I went because it was one hell of a party. Typical Lagos, I happened to know over 70% of the room so I felt very welcome.

The story of this outfit get as e be. It was initially a boubou type dress and I'd had it for over a year but never wore it. Then sometime this year I thought it could stand to be transformed in some way and took it to my intrepid designer, Jen of Esosa Stores who cut and stitched her way to perfection.

Frockit Rockit fabric; Esosa Stores bustier crop top & maxi skirt; Le Reve pieces bracelets; Louis Vuitton 'Louise' clutch; Kenneth Jay Lane earrings 

Love and light beautiful people xx
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