Monday, November 28, 2011

FabXchange Online Swap Event

FABXCHANGE: Cloth Swapping Event Company introduces Online Swapping Forum

FabXchange, the eco-friendly clothes swapping company launched its online cloth swapping portal in the month of November 2011. Swapping as organised by the Fabxchange Company allows women to extend the lives of their fashion items by swapping unworn and unwanted items with other fashionistas.  
The FabXchange team who have made it their business to organise eco-friendly cloth swapping parties all over London, UK have now introduced a unique easy way of bringing cloth swapping to their target market.
In addition to the cloth swapping parties, fashionistas can now swap and giveaway fashion items such as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories including books to other fashionistas on the FabXchange Online Swap forum from the comfort of their homes.
The Online swap forum at kicked off on the 21st of November 2011 and already boasts a growing customer base.
This online forum gives its members a wider base of fashionistas to swap with and can take part from anywhere and anytime. It allows swaps between members across their country of residence with swappers exchanging fashion items by mail or pick up.
Ardent swapaholics like the FabXchange duo can now conveniently and quickly declutter their wardrobes, update tired wardrobes, offload clothes that are hardly worn, save money and give back to the environment.
The FabXchange team have definitely upped the feel good factor of swapping by making it so much easier and the best thing about the online swap forum is that it’s absolutely FREE.
FabXchange is the trendy way to do ‘ethical shopping’ and ladies concerned with keeping the earth green can keep their carbon footprint down by swapping/giving away fashion items while getting something back.

You can also follow Fabxchange on


Friday, November 25, 2011

Beyonce's Dance For You video

Very 40's film noir, just wish she had used Jay Z instead though, would have turned the video waayyy up.

Love it still.

Found a few behind the scenes videos of King Bey, too cute! Sevenfootsounds has a pretty solid anthology of Beyonce videos.

This one is just the funniest...."Oh baby! Oh baby!"

Pre-ordered my Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 video, sooo excited, can't wait for it to get here.

Love and light xx

Mrs. U!

So my boo, Mrs. U came down to Aberdeen to visit with her favourite child earlier this week, luckily the weather was really good, in fact the weather has been fabulous for a while now. Its late November and it hasn't snowed, hasn't gone below 10.....God is great.

Haven't seen mi mater in forever and in anticipation of the good food that was going to be wafting out of the kitchen and the extra cash I was going to be able to seduce from her, I was literally fizzing with excitement.

Went to get her from the airport and poor mummy thinking she was about to venture into sub zero weather because of the way I'd been complaining about the cold in The Deen, was wrapped in the biggest, furriest, "PETA will have a heart attack if they saw it" fur coat. 

Nearly laughed myself into a coma.

Luckily the night she came was the day the City Council formally lit up the city's Christmas street lights and there was a parade and dancing and stuff.

After the parade, we went to evening Mass...good times

Was actually on my way to school here, it looks pretty dark but it was only about 4pm, we probably only have about 7 hours of proper daylight in Aberdeen now, as opposed to the summer when the sun was still shining at 11pm.

My Alex Folzi case has become my official "school bag", I really dislike carrying my books in one hand and my handbag in the other and a while ago I figured that since my books plus essentials that went into my handbag all fit into my AF case, I might as well give myself a rest and just put everything in there.

Ribbed turtle-neck sweater - H&M
Tribal print skirt - H&M
Boots - Doc Martens
Case - Alex Folzi

 Mrs. U is the most willing photographer I've ever had, my friends are sick of me asking them to take my picture, the minute I begin rifling in my bag for my camera people start disappearing. My mum however, is a rock star, no complaints.

She left me on Wednesday, all by my lonesome and about 10 pounds heavier.

*sigh* I miss her already

Love and light xx

The Sophia Grace & Rosie Show

Ok I think my obsession with Sophia Grace is becoming a tad worrying, I'm constantly trolling the internet looking for stories about her.

The child fascinates me.

If my children are half as talented as she is, it will be a blessing, I honestly pray her talent is managed properly and it doesn't ruin her, this is a truly special, special child.

Oh yeah...and Rosie too.

On the real though, how long are they going to be wearing these princess outfits?

Love and light xx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elsie Vintage Blog Sales

Elsie Vintage is an online store created by Fashion blogger and Stylist, Onyinye Fafi obi whose love for all things vintage inspired her into selling affordable vintage pieces.

The store is named after her alter ego, Elsie who derives joy in getting the best affordable vintage clothes she can find. The joy and uniqueness she gets from rocking a "one-of-a-kind" vintage piece is priceless. 

As we all know, vintage is a great way to recycle and look distinct, without being scared of appearing in the same piece being worn by another person.  It is also environmentally conscious because wearing vintage clothes reduces waste.

So this is the main deal... The prices of the clothes, shoes, and totes are all under N4, 000. For now, the sale is by mail order till the shopping cart add-on has been installed and they shall be displayed in a post on her blog, on November 27th. It is only available for people living in Lagos with free delivery.

All vintage pieces purchased from Elsie Vintage are in good and pristine condition. Since vintage pieces have been worn in an era before, do expect little signs of wear.

LPM - November Edition

The October market was so much fun!  Everyone that came through had a great time at the GET Arena, and five lucky visitors got to spend the shopping vouchers we had on offer! Our 30th edition was a massive success, and we only have you guys to thank for everything. Please look out for pictures of the event on your favorite blogs and websites.
So, we’ve got exciting news!
The year is almost at its end (how did it fly by so quickly?), bringing with it our GRANDE MARCHE in December! As you know, the December marche is the biggest edition of the year, and as usual we have loads of surprises planned for you. This year, our market will hold on 18th December, ensuring that you have enough time to shop for Christmas! If you would like to find out how to register, please send an email to and we will let you have all the information.
We know you can tell that we’re bursting with excitement and cannot wait for December to roll on by, but let’s not forget November! This month’s market is only a few days away and we’ve got an absolutely fabulous vendor line up for you this month. This is your opportunity to stock your wardrobes for the numerous Christmas parties you’re going to be attending in just a few weeks! Viv La RĂ©sistance will be having a massive end of season sale, with up to 50% off, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that.

Here’s a list of the vendors on display this month:
ION JewelryOremiCraftVirtue by FocusWear Retrospective | Ankara Rebel | Treasure Box Bridals Biddy's Mondo Cam Cam Sweeties | Ours by Juliada | Khairmax Beauty NS1463 Literati | JNSQ | Bosh Reflections Akpos Odudu |Y. Craig | Scuup |Bravado Nireds | Republic of Foreigner | La Bennis Creations Viv La RĂ©sistance NACK | Hedges & Smith | Segi’s | Blings by PA |Obsidian

This Sunday, make sure you come on down to the GET Arena to get your shopping on! As always, we look forward to having you there…
LPM November 2011
Date: Sunday 27th November 2011
Venue: GET Arena, Opposite Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos
Time: 12 Noon – 7pm


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie on the AMA Red Carpet

Two posts in one day, that's the power of Sophia Grace Brownlee, I am obsessed with this child. She is just amazing. @TinuO just showed me the video and its been on a loop since then

Funniest bit, asking if Lil' Jon is Lil' Wayne's brother.

Gotta love her.


I kinda wonder how long it'll take before they kick Rosie to the curb, whether or not Sophia Grace claims she gives her confidence, Rosie really doesn't do much. Not being mean, I love them both, just a thought though.

 Love and light xx

Monday, November 21, 2011

House Party #48976

That's probably the number of house parties I've attended this year, I'm becoming a veteran. As these things always go, it was a fun, chilled evening, good music, lems on point. Fun night

Oh yeah, I heard that Dami Duro song for the first time too....err...don't get the hype for real. Maybe its just me but it kinda seems like since and Terry G came out with Pass Me Your Love, a LOT of Nigerian songs have followed this incomprehensible yelling music format.

Like all these songs sound the same.

I'm not knocking Nigerian songs or Terry G, if you know me well you'll know I love Nigerian music and Free Madness is a mega tune (I know every line of that song, even the gibberish, LOVE IT), but we really need some variety. You hear 5 different songs from 5 different artistes and you'll think its all the same person.


Anyhoo the party was banging, they played Flavour's Ashawo 4 times so I was happy, good times..

Gifted mullet shirt (Oy!)
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
Gucci scarf
Tory Burch flats
Calvin Klein bag

Get a load of this Arm Partay

Started getting a bit tedious towards the end so my partner in crime Amerie and I started taking Intsagram pictures

Always wanted to take a picture flashing some kind of gang sign like a guy. I ROTFLMAO when I see a group of guys taking pictures and they're either pointing at each other in the photo, flashing a peace sign or throwing up gang signs or something. Guys can't just stand and take a goddamn picture, their hands gotta be doing something. Too funny.

Love and light xx

p.s. Thank you guys so much for your lovely comments on my last post, obviously I got a few silly ones accusing me of "showing off" *sigh* you can't win with Nigerians. When I post about clothes or parties, I'm an airhead, when I post about my academic or professional achievements I'm showing off.  To all you spineless anonymous commenters who I'm pretty sure I know in real life and not just virtually, if you're really so tough, stop hiding behind "anonymous", say your name so I know its real.


In other news, the love of my life Mrs. U came into Abz to kick it with me earlier this week, next post is on her visit.

Lest I forget hope you guys have got your Virgos Lounge on, the Party Collection launched today at 12pm, I already have my loot, can't wait to rock them xx

Baby Lawyer

That infernal phrase is what a lot of Nigerians use to describe law students....or my personal favourite.."THE LAW!!" This must be shouted o, you can't say "the law" in a calm, quiet voice, you must yell it for effect.

So annoying.

Therefore as a proper grown up lawyer (2 years at the Bar November 3rd), I no longer have to hear the words "baby lawyer" uttered at me again, however "the law" is still shouted at me intermittently, accompanied by the flecks of spit that propel themselves forward by the force of the shouter's words.

Last week, yours truly had the super awesome honour of being chosen to represent my school at an event hosted by the Energy Institute of Europe. Based on the Dissertations submitted over the summer, the Institute picked the 15 best papers on energy related fields at my Uni and we were asked to come present our work to Oil & Gas Industry professionals and Energy Institute board members.

We were actually just 3 picked from my department and the three of us were all girls (the Head of my Law School had a lot of fun with that). As all these sort of academic events go, it was super boring, long speeches and the like, until it got to the Q&A bit where we had to answer questions based on our work, that, I enjoyed immensely. I love to...for lack of a better word..pontificate, especially when its on topic I excel in, I can talk for daayyyyzzzz *in Nohnle Thema voice*. If not for my supreme lack of patience, I really wouldn't mind being a teacher, imparting knowledge is so much fun.

We had to create one page poster abstracts to summarize our entire dissertation.

My baby!
That blurry bit on the end there was me trying to blur out my phone number in Picasa, discovered after uploading my picture to TWP that my number was displayed in bright technicolour. Obviously I suck at photo editing which is why I have never bothered with photoshop, might end up giving myself 3 noses or something.

Wearing an Asos Ponti dress, which is just the most bad-ass pencil dress ever, but the neckline is cut really deep so had to preserve my modesty with the brooch. Not really a good look to be flashing old men some cleavage while I'm trying to explain to them the challenges to the implementation of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act. My 34B's may not be of Rosa Acosta variety but they can still distract them from this absolutely fascinating topic.

The other two girls chosen from LLM Oil & Gas with me, Scheila and Leanne, top 3 in our department yo....

"Who run the world....GIRLS!


Love and light xx

Friday, November 18, 2011

Beyonce - I Was Here & End Of Time

I swear I had tears falling from my eyes while watching "I Was Here", too beautiful. Beyonce is just.....I can't even articulate it.....she's just amazing.

Funny thing is I was never a Bey stan like that, she was my favourite from DC but the love wasn't intense till I saw her perform live in 2006. By the end of that show I was bawling like a baby, she is literally the greatest performer, male or female, alive.

No contest.

If you know any better performers, please feel free to educate me. This woman is tireless, she gives a 110%, she's dedicated to her craft, to even her own detriment and still you wonder what people have against her. Almost her whole life in the spotlight and all of it scandal free (except those little Destiny Child hiccups, but who's counting). You can count on Beyonce to never fall your hand, like absolutely never.

16 frickin Grammys is not a joke!

My favourite part of I Was Here is when she's running to meet Tina Turner, she looked sooo excited, like a little girl. This woman is perfection.


Goosebumps people...goosebumps


Trust, Ive already pre-ordered my Live At Roseland DVD. I may be old fashioned but I still like having actual cd's, instead of digital everything. I heard a rumour that the major music labels are going to phase out cd's by 2013 and all music will now be digital. Can't believe this futuristic ish is happening in my lifetime yo. 

Love and light xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hairven Glam-Up Project

HAIRVEN Hair Products  requests your presence tomorrow at their maiden edition titled “The Hairven Glam Up Project”.
This event promises to be fun and all the way interesting with a special appearance by Mr Capable himself Banky W then the ThisDay StyleNN24 and press teams to capture your presence.
DJ Cool would also be there to keep the music on all day long.
Highlights of the day will include;
  • A variety of human hair extensions sold at discounted prices
  • Free make over sessions and most of your favorite make up brands on sale
  • Free fashion and image consultation
  • Skin care and Spa professionals on hand for facials and skin care consultation
  • Hair stylists offering discounted services (Lace wig fixing at half price)
  • Sexy Lingerie displays
  • BBQ and Tasty treats at your fingertips
  • Free hair treatment with HAIRVEN products (Be sure to bring your damaged/tangled/frizzy/dry weaves)
  • Loads of freebies including HAIRVEN products
Admission is Free
Be sure to attend this event with your friends and families because it is going to feel like Hair-Ven.
Date: Friday 18th November 2011
Time: 11 AM – 6 PM
Venue: New Hall, University of Lagos, Campus
Contact Phone No: 07063443434

I am SO PROUD of my girl Iro, she's such an amazing business woman, makes me feel positively useless. Iro started out selling Brazilian hair (I was her very first customer, yay me) and now she has her own line of hair care products that are sold all over the country. Seriously impressive.

I wish I could be there tomorrow, so bummed I won't be. Please attend and support her, don't forget to bring your old, frizzy, tangled weaves. Hairven will be offering FREE treatment.

Go Gamma!

Love and light xx


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sexy, Shocking and Seductive


Since I saw it over on the Man Repeller's word.....WOOOOSSHHHH

I'm not even a Brian Atwood fan like that but this is hot! hot! hot!

Visual shoe porn

Love and light xx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fondue and Parties

This past weekend I got it into my head to make some chocolate fondue, I'm a big fan of dipping dishes but I'd never attempted to make one myself. This time however I decided to try what I call "blind cooking", making something I'd never made before without a recipe, depending solely on the way it tasted to be able to guess what went into it.

I famously made a disastrous risotto using my blind cooking method, stupidly using regular rice I bought from Ogba Sunday Market instead of Arborio or Carnaroli rice (where on earth would I have found those in Lagos sef, even if I had known).

With this fondue however, I was like its just melting chocolate, not too big a deal. It wasn't an all out failure like my risotto but it wasn't a roaring success either. Experience is the best teacher anyway, now I have a recipe. Decided to have my friends Amerie and Craig over to try it with me.

Wasn't sure if I could use regular chocolate or I had to buy cooking chocolate, so I just went with my Old Faithful, Dairy Milk and my favourite dipping fruit, strawberries. Pineapples and marshmallows are pretty good too, only fondue I can't stand is the cheese one, weird how I detest cheese but I love pizza.


After gorging ourselves on stawberry dipped chocolates and a sweet Portugese Madeira, Amerie and I got ready for our friend Hazel's birthday. Started messing about with my camera while we were getting ready


Metallic gold loose blazer - River Island
Ribbed tank - H&M
Leather skirt - H&M
Fringed box purse - Topshop
Spiked sandals - River Island

The birthday girl


And a fun night was had by all.

Love and light xx

p.s. Had to add that I recently got my copy of London Life, Lagos Living by Bobo Omotayo, ordered it off Amazon.

Awesome book, go get yours xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

All together now...awwwwww

This baby is TOO CUTE! Especially the way she looks at the camera once the song starts. Awesome. I'm soooo obsessed with babies, its ridiculous.



  Oh yeah, and Sophia and Rosie are back!

 Love and light xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember The 5th of November

Been looking forward to Guy Fawkes Day since I moved over here, I'm a die-hard pyromaniac and the promise of a 30 minute fireworks show was irresistible, I can literally stare into a flame for hours, just watching the way it moves or the different colours. I remember a long time ago, I think I was about 12 or so, my family and I were in the village for Christmas and a thatch hut on our street caught fire, I was so fascinated by the flames that I got too close and my loooong Patra braids (who rememembers them?) got singed.

Now that I'm older and wiser I just have loads of candles everywhere and I stare at those when my obsession grips me.

On the 5th, the Aberdeen Winter Festival kicked off with a fireworks show at the beach for Guy Fawkes Day, very exciting, the entire town was there, a massive crowd of people. Abz kinda feels like Sweet Valley sometimes, like everybody in town goes to the same schools, same church, everybody knows everybody, the dating pool is shallow so everybody's dated everybody else and they just keep going round the same group of people, also kinda like Gossip Girl. 

Sidebar: Who else buys the premise that in the entire city of Manhattan, people as beautiful and rich as Serena, Nate, Chuck, Dan, Blair etc can't find anyone else to date except themselves...amazing. Plus I'm not feeling Liz Hurley this season, her older woman predator act is getting old. Someone needs to give Liz Hurley some kind of range, get her out of the bandage dresses and into something more comfortable, for the love of God.

I digress, anyway the entire town was out and we all walked en masse to the beach, it was sorta kinda cool.

Bundled up with about two layers of thermals underneath, my immune system is in tatters, God forbid I get sick again.

Yup, gloves too, I repeat...I am not taking any chances.

It was truly spectacular, my Nikon is shit or it would have shown everything in glorious technicolour.

Get a load of this side-eye

After the festivities, since we were already at the beach esplanade we decided to go bowling, which I suck at by the way, but when has that ever stopped me.

This picture cracks me up, Dami and I look like we're about to swallow poor Nike, attack of the 6ft women yo

See how it looks like I know what I'm doing here, sizing up the lane, contemplating how I'm going to take down the pins

Getting into my bowling stance. Obviously I know bupkes because I came last, last I tell you. Didn't bother me none, went off and had a waffle sundae.


What is, and can never be winning though are fugly bowling shoes. Do they always have to be so grim, its appalling. Someone needs to invent some cute bowling shoes. I don't play that often or I'd have got a personal pair, preferably in pink (oooh alliteration), but its a matter of national urgency.

Christian Louboutin, Y U NO MAKE BOWLING SHOES!

Random I know, but I love that Y U NO twitter account, whoever's behind it is hella funny.

Love and light xx
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