Monday, January 20, 2014

Lose yourself at your wedding

We lose ourselves in the things, places and people we love. Every time a camera captures a kiss between a bride and a groom, it is actually catching the process of two people losing themselves in each other. 

Somewhere on a hill, a San Francisco Wedding Photographer is now taking pictures of a man and a woman that are completely lost in the love they feel for one another. The man and the woman are future husband and wife. The camera is now looking at the bride, but the bride is looking in the eyes of her groom. That is how the magic happens.

The wedding photography makes the moments become the little prisoners of love in frames. Those prisoners are kept there because they hold on to the important things in people’s life. And believe me the moments are happy to be there because that is what matters in life. The photographer is the one that is responsible for captivating moments and for showing your wedding just the way it is. Those responsible for the wedding are you, your hubby and your guests.  This is not the burden for you; it should not be a heavy weight on your shoulders. What you get to celebrate is love and there is nothing to be happier about in this world, than about this feeling. So make it perfect because you can have the most beautiful dress in this world, you can have the best champagne, the sweetest cake and the ugliest dresses for your bridesmaids but you need to lose yourself in your hubby, in your emotions and let it be amazing. There is no better photograph than the one that it is made when you are not paying attention. For example, the photo where you are dancing like one of the back up dancers of Missy Elliot in her heyday, or the picture where your most annoying cousin is eating cake with her mouth full. Some things are simply hilarious and we should never stop them from being like this. Also, the photo where your future husband looks at you with love and kindness and he does not know that he is being photographed is a priceless thing. That picture one day can save your love.

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of getting lost in the person you love. So you better listen to Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams and lose yourself to dance, to love and to that wedding strawberry cake.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014, my year of......

Divine favor, breakthrough, yada yada yada.....

I know its seriously corny (for me anyway) when I hear the whole "2000 and this, my year of that". The bumper stickers, the church crusades etc, they make me laugh but its actually quite deep.

People hold on to and believe so strongly that a new year washes away the debris of the old and brings new blessings, and this year, cliche or not, I am tapping into that anointing and claiming 2014 as a great year.

2013 was a something else. I went through a whole gamut of emotions, I think it was probably the most eventful year of my life and I'm so glad its over.

I'm not one for resolutions but I definitely need to change up a lot of things in this year, one of them finally, hopefully starting to take exercise and healthy eating seriously because Lord knows my digestive system is a trashcan. Taking up a lot more opportunities and not letting my personal life encroach on my professional. Taking control of my life and my future and not just mutely going along with anyone else's plan for me. Removing myself from poisonous situations instead of blindly nurturing them. Reducing my gossip blog intake, especially Nigerian gossip blogs...reading stories and comments trashing most likely innocent people has to be a surefire way to invite negativity into your life. I like a good natter as much as the next person but I've OD'd on trash talking, enough of that.

Finally, strengthening my relationship with God. Its getting better but we're not quite there yet. Operation God Will You Be My Bestie is in full swing this year.

Blog wise, this year has been on an amazingly ridiculous scale and I have been granted some fantastic opportunities and worked with some amazing brands.

I'd like to thank Olori Hair Care, Frockit Rockit, Jakeala, Elsie Vintage, the amazing organizers of Social Media Week Lagos for having me on their panel,, QM Lounge, Bazaar Restaurant, Modern Day School of the Arts Lagos (MDSA), American Express, Isme Shapewear,, New Look, Things Nigerians Love, Maksins Hair, River Island,, The Red Outlet, E&E Events Management, Multichoice Nigeria and Hairven Hair Products. 

A super special shout-out goes to Uche Pedro and Ijeoma Ndekwu for being just awesome awesome people and supporting TWP from the get go. Latasha Ngwube for being a big sister and a fab mentor on navigating these mean fashion streets, Stella of for being my blog bff and real life friend, Tabia Princewill of Guardian Life Magazine for giving me another outlet for my crazy (I know I've been slacking Tabs, promise to do better!) My friends turned sisters who read TWP and RT and all that instead of just making appropriate noises when I try to talk blog stuff.

And a massive shoutout to Tewa Onasanya of Exquisite Magazine and EVERYBODY  (including my sainted mama who voted fifty-eleven times) who voted for me to win the ELOY Most Promising blogger/Online Editor of the Year. Winning was totally surreal, like extremely...I don't even know.....just amazing.

And the biggest, the very biggest shout-out to my super TWP readers, you guys have made me laugh and cry this year and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me. The personal ways you guys have touched my life has been beyond and I'm so appreciative. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

From my family and myself, I wish you all a very happy new year.

May all your dreams come true this year.

Love and light xx
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