Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Week I'm Loving.......

.........Edward & Mary-Jane Nwakuche

Edward and MJ are without a doubt Abuja's most stylish couple and my personal favourites. They are a super co-ordinated, entrepreneurial, fashionable machine and I'm soooo here for them.

They are both under 30 but their growing empire spans fashion, photography and real estate.

They started with a store called Caramel His & Hers in Enugu back in 2006, before they were even married and they've now expanded to two stores and the hottest photography outfit in Abuja, Caramel Photos.

They have an absolutely adorbs son called Jayden, who I've mentioned before here as being one of the most fashionable kids I've seen. His parents swag the child out like crazy, it is so beautiful to see.

Have to confess here that I'm probably the largest curator of Jayden's photos outside of his family. Once his parents put up a picture of him I save it right quick.

No time.

Edward is a graduate of the London School of Photography and is currently a super in-demand photog. His resume spans weddings, photo-shoots, pre-wedding shots, fashion photography, family and personal photos and even a traditional coronation ceremony.

See examples of his work below

Edward and MJ are so achingly cool they were even on the cover of Know Magazine's Valentine edition.

So yeah get familiar, for affordable, amazing photos, get in touch;


Facebook Page: Caramel His & Hers

Flickr Photostream: Caramel Photos

Email: caramelhishers@yahoo.com

Phone: 08033166172, 08033330624

Caramel His & Hers Boutique: No 1. Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding Saturdays....kinda

This was supposed to be a Wedding Saturdays post chock full of pictures but unfortunately I didn't stay long enough at the wedding to get enough pictures.

Major bummer.

It was so bad I didn't even get a picture of myself bar this Instagram selfie I took before I left home.

I wore a Virgos Lounge maxi dress btw.

Take a gander at the beautiful people I managed to capture

Lemme stop here for a sec and point out something to you guys, my friend Doyin here in the photo beneath is a mother of two.

I'll repeat myself...A. Mother. Of. Two

Jesus Christ really needs to take control of my post-pregnancy body. Gats look like Doyin or die trying.

After the wedding I went to Cafe Royale to meet my friends Ify, Ada, Ij and Chiz

ASOS midriff top; Obsidian skirt; Calvin Klein bag, ASOS velvet ballet flats

I loooove this Obsidian skirt, here's a closer look.

It has a matching shirt which I didn't get initially because I was wary of head-to-toe camouflage print but the skirt was such a hit I'm thinking I should just go large and get the top too.

After stuffing our gobs at Cafe Royale (well minus me, I'd fed myself well enough at the wedding), we headed to Big 60 at The White Space for the Toju Foyeh Fashion's Night Out event.

Very chill but fun day, I miss days like these.

Work and the pursuit of success take away from just enjoying....life.

Oh yeah, Profashionals in Abuja I'm coming your way this week. Let me know what's fun in your city.

Love and light xx


Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Of The Week

Its being a while since I blogged properly and I sincerely apologise. I haven't been feeling very inspired and work kinda took itself up a notch so I've been a little wrung out. Shout out to all the lovely people who checked on me; @JadoreFashions, @Bnmblog, @i_am_abeeola, @Similicious87...thanks so much loves.

Nevertheless I'm back to bring you the best of my week.

Banky W - Yes/No

Been wanting to do a BOTW for this video for a while but every time I tried to upload the video my internet went rogue on me. Managed to catch Swift on a good day so here is one of my favourite Nigerian songs out now...

When it comes to Nigerian music I stan hard for a select few; P-Square, Flavour, Tiwa Savage, Tuface and Banky W. These are my people, I can always trust them to deliver, to give me good music among the debris that the rest are releasing. Banky W has always had a special place in my heart though, his voice is BEAUTIFUL!! I love that it has amazing tone but he doesn't sound girly, like there's a gritty undertone.....its just....beautiful. I played his last album to pieces, I remember it came out when I was in Law School, during my court and chamber attachment and I listened to it every single day, no jokes. I've said before I have an obsessive personality, when I like something I OD on it and I can feel Banky's new album trembling in Alaba or wherever it's laying getting ready to be distributed because I'm about to destroy it when it comes out.

Banky W for the win, for ever and ever.

Blogger Love

So I thought I'd show some of my fellow bloggers some love. These ladies are doing big things with their little corners of the internet and turning passions into businesses. Love it!

Aisle Perfect

Kunbi, self confessed "lover of all things weddings" runs the awesome wedding blog Aisle Perfect. Her site is so good, nearly everything she posts goes into my wedding inspiration folder (yes I have one, confession is possession) and I know when I'm planning my own carnival, I'll def hit her up for some professional advice.

Kunbi practices what she preaches because she got married last year and threw a fantabulous wedding, if you're on twitter or Instagram just search #KO2012 to see what I'm talking about. Decor, favours, tips, dress...everything was A+

Kunbi's Vera Wang stunner

She now accepts real weddings on the blog, so if you want a great site to show off the best day of your life hit her up on @LegallyPresent on Twitter or find contact info on the site Aisle Perfect

Kingdom Tees by Caven + Etomi

I am in lust with the 4 Aces latest venture, particularly this IDIA Floral Baroque tee

LOVE this shirt!

Like looove!

I'm not a big t-shirt wearer. Apart from laying about at home I can't remember the last time I wore a t-shirt outside my house but I'll totally break my rule with this one. The 4 Aces have combined traditional African art with on-trend baroque designs to create lust-worthy pieces and I'm here for it.

You can find more of their work on cavenetomi.com

Loh'is Creations

My girl Lohi of Lohi's Creations is a divine chef and she is offering a Valentine's special for lovaaiirrs in the Toronto area.

So if you know you want a romantic meal indoors without the hassle of restaurant bookings, the cold and traffic, Lohi's Creations is the answer.

For more info go to Lohi's Creations

Ooooh and the best of the bestest, my blogger bff, nwanne'm from Enugu, my girl Stella of Jadore Fashion is with child!!

*cue clashing cymbals*

She is about to SHUT the yummy mummy game DOWN. If you thought you were giving them pregnant style before I kindly suggest you take a seat and have someone rub your back because Stella is all over pregnancy fashion like white on rice. Cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

Love you girl and congrats again.

Will hopefully get back to a proper blogging schedule next week and if I don't pleeaase bear with me.

Love and light xx

photo credits: www.cavenetomi.com, lohiscreation.com/blog, jadore-fashion.com

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Olori Hair Care

Olori.com.ng are retailers of quality hair care products, for African naturals, curlies, relaxed and transitioners.

The company was founded to provide greater choice to the Nigerian hair product consumer with an emphasis on products that promote hair health.

They Stock a wide range of products including, Jessicurl, Kinky-Curly, My Honey Child, Curls Unleashed, and many more. With prices starting as low as ₦1500.

Customers can place orders via the website, email, phone or blackberry messenger and they provide secure and fast shipping all over Nigeria. Alternatively, orders can be collected from their office in Surulere, Lagos. They offer several payment methods including online card payments, cash on delivery (Lagos only) and bank transfer.

They also provide free care and styling tips on our blog, monthly newsletter, and social media pages for your hair (both natural and relaxed) and human hair extensions.

I received this gorgeous care package from Olori last week and it came just in time because I had to go get my hair done the next day. Included in my goody bag were; My Honey Child Soy Hair Milk, Hair Creme and Hair Mask and items from the Jessicurl Confidence Collection......

I can tell you first hand that these products are delish beyond measure. I used the My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask to steam my hair and the Soy Hair Milk after and my hair felt amazing and smelled like Honey Nut Cheerios (shout-out to Kevin Garnett).

I definitely recommend it and since I'm on this journey of having healthy relaxed hair I'm all for anything that can help me achieve it and these products are setting me well on my way.


Tel: +2348101846752

Pin: 28390150


Website: www.olori.com.ng


Monday, January 14, 2013

Work Chic: Day To Night

This post has been in my drafts since last year, forgot I had it even. 

At least 90% of my work week I don't go home right away, the traffic is nuts and I prefer to drive home much later when traffic has died down so I can be home in 20 minutes as opposed to the 3 hours it would take me if I left at 5pm.

As a result of this a lot of my work wear has to be able to translate easily from day to night in the event there's somewhere I'd like to go after work. What I discovered is that blazers are a godsend, they can turn a ho into a housewife faster than you can say church. Put a blazer over anything and you're good.

Look 1
Wore this to work, all demure like

Zara blazer with gathered shoulders; River Island animal print chiffon dress; Dorothy Perkins pumps

I am so enamored with this particular blazer above that I have it in navy and red besides the black one pictured here.

Look 2
Whip off my blazer and I have a nice dress I can go out to dinner or wherever else that suits my fancy in.

I did just that below when I went out to Likwid with friends for a charity event after work.

So yeah, invest in blazers, they'll save your sartorial life.

Love and light xx

Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Of The Week

Women, Know Your Limits

This is a hilariously sexist video from the BBC by Harry Enfield. I died laughing when I saw it the first time...and the second time...and the seventh.

Its insanely ridiculous.

I especially heart the pre-war BBC accent, so apt.

Wana Sambo's Resort Collection

We love Wana Sambo here at Profashional HQ and the love just keeps going stronger and stronger. The WS Resort 2013 is a fun, playful collection and very wearable and I especially love these three below. FYI the sleeves on the first print dress are leather.


Find out more on wanasambo.com

In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika
I'm a huge fan of Nigerian books set in the 50s to early 80s, it's so fascinating to read about what the country was like before I was born. I especially love seeing pictures from those times too.
I first heard about this book when someone called Ladi from Utah commented on this blog, I followed the link to her blog and she mentioned this book. Luckily it was on Kindle so I got it sharply and got stuck in right away.

I've only been able to read it on my lunch breaks as I literally have no time but so far I love it. The description of Nigerian students at Oxford in the late 50s and early 60s is eerily similar to the Nigerian students abroad in the 2000s (though we were not as revolutionary, concerned more about Zara and Topshop, than Senghor and Nkrumah).
Surprisingly I've never heard about this author but I'm now on a mission to hunt down as many Nigerian authors as I can so if you've read any great books by Nigerian authors recently please let me know. I'm looking to expand that part of my library.

King Bey's GQ Cover.

A minute of silence please......

Mind, blown!

p.s. Some people etc that nutjob Sandra Rose and fellow nutters have been going on about how flat her belly is and how there's no way she carried a baby. I'm actually weak right now at the alarming level of stupidity being displayed daily. This woman is an entertainer, keeping her body right is necessary she cannot afford to let herself go so of course she'll put in more work at the gym than all those loud-mouthed tubs of lard. Plus its been over a year since she had Blue Ivy, she delivered January 8th last year do you people expect her to still be lugging around a gut full of fat? Why doesn't anyone knock all those Victoria Secret models who are on the runway in miniscule bikinis mere weeks after having babies. yet you see Beyonce a whole year since she delivered and you say her stomach is too flat to ever have been pregnant.

And to those complaining that she's too old to be posing half nude, Beyonce is 31 years old, decades younger than Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Maddona, Halle Berry etc and don't we see more of these ladies than we'd like to? Plus isn't it like almost a Hollywood rite of passage to show how much weight you've lost after having a kid. I mean Mariah was posing on the cover of US Weekly in a string bikini and heels in her 40s after she lost her baby weight, I didn't see people picketing the stands.

I really don't like to use the word "haters" but honestly people that diss Beyonce on a daily are haters of the highest degree. Its alright to not like her music, personality or what she stands for, that's fine, its your choice. But insulting her daily, saying she was never pregnant, calling her dumb and a million other myraid unnecessary comments people make are so ridiculous and far-fetched that it makes me truly wonder why people are so mad at her. I mean you have 15 year old girls getting knocked up on a daily and yet you find it so hard to believe that Jay Z was able to impregnate his wife, like why is that so hard to believe?

Another insult is that she's too perfect, if your problem with Beyonce is that she's never been in prison, photographed drunk and stumbling out of a club, smoked weed, being promiscuous, had babies out of wedlock etc then I'm sorry for you. Its a pity that she's mega successful, smart, talented, scandal-free, hard-working and in a loving marriage, its truly a pity, so awful, how dare she be a good person....

This is turning into a Beyonce rant and that wasn't my intention but this really gets my goat.

Anyhoo, this has been the best of my week.

Love and light xx


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monochrome & Zebra Print

So work has started in earnest, 5am wake-up time....I am once again run ragged by this 8-5 life of mine but who says I can't look faboosh while doing it :-)

Wore this outfit to work just yesterday.

Zara blazer and trousers; Primark lace shirt; Things Nigerians Love brown and black zebra print pumps; ASOS necklace; Valentino sunnies

I am in LOVE with having one colour running throughout separates or different shades of the same colour, its matchy-matchiness is so beautiful to me. I am currently on the hunt for a red pant-suit but instead of skinnies I want the trousers to be high-waisted and super flared, 70s style.

If I could get that I'd just die! Die I tell you!


These trousers were initially flared but they weren't long enough so I had them pared down and voila...skinny trousers.

I really need to send a shout-out to my kid brother Ebuka who I've tortured this entire holiday into helping me take my pictures, the poor kid is probably ready to have me assassinated by now but he's been a trooper through and through.

My fave has been awesome sauce too, the look of despair on his face when I pull out my camera is priceless but he's been ace. Riccardo Pozzoli and Wes Mason have nothing on Olly.

That's actually food for thought, besides my girl Stella of Jadore-Fashion, Nigerian fashion bloggers are generally not in favour of putting their other halves on their blogs, me included. I feel like I've chosen this life of over-exposure but I don't need to drag my loved ones into it, which is why my siblings are never on here and my mum has been just a couple of times or so. This is so unlike international bloggers like Chiara,  Aimee, Gary Pepper or Jules whose boyfriends are practically accessories.

I think it might even be a black blogger thing, I don't think I've seen a popular black blogger showcase her significant other the way the non-black ones do. If you guys know any please correct me.

Love and light xx

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wedding Saturdays - Frockit Rockit

As befits Wedding Saturdays, Nigeria style, I rocked an awesome label to a friends wedding last weekend.

I received this dress from Frockit Rockit and was so blown away I placed an order for another dress and I'm meeting the designer; Tope Abiola to discuss plans for further outfits.

Frockit Rockit designs playful, colourful, sexy outfits for the woman who wants to make a statement. Clients can select fabrics from their fabric collection and designs from the design collection, to create unique outfits. Trimmings and embellishments can also be added.

I'd seen pictures of some of Tope's work and I'd always thought they looked interesting then I saw this dress above but in a different colour and was just like woah.

Frockit Rockit lace dress; Topshop perspex heels; Aldo vintage inspired beaded & taselled bag; La Bernice jewelry

The colour and intricate detail of the fabric was handled superbly and I got tons of inquiries when I posted a picture of myself in the dress on Instagram (@LoveTWP)

You can see more of Tope's work on frockitrockit.com or follow the designer on Twitter on @TopeFnR.

Love and light xx


Friday, January 4, 2013

Elsie Vintage x Ariaba Shopping Party

Fashion Brands, Elsie Vintage and Ariaba are hosting a shopping party to start off the year,this saturday. There'd be lots of fashionable items on display such as Clothes, Accessories, Footwear etc. They are also including other brands, Oeclat, Nouva Couture and 24 clothing.

Lots to eat and drink. Come Eat. Shop. Party.

Date;- 5th of January 2013

Venue;- Feo's Exhibitions. No 1 joseph nahmn close, Off karimu Kotun,Victoria island,Lagos.

Time;- 12pm - 6pm


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