Monday, August 31, 2009


Ok I know exams been over for almost a month now but I've been too busy partying, sleeping and eating (not necessarily in that order) to visit Blogville. Anyhoo, wassup people! So much has happened I don't even know where to start, most of it is not quite PG so will never make an appearance here and the rest is not just public fodder. Its times like this I regret being a non-anonymous blogger because I can't be as expressive as I want, whatever sha, I've made my four poster, I might as well lie in it.

During exams I was a total mess, not sleeping, migraines, the works. so I've been making sure I catch up with the rest of the world once I got out of that prison called Bwari and that obviously means having an uber active social life. Basically when I was younger I was super, super shy ( not the bold bitch I am now) and any contact with the opposite sex was severely limited, so i was a veeery late bloomer; in every sense of the word, then I thought life ended at 19. I now know that I'm not even close to my peak, not even by an inch, first of all I'm way hotter now than I was when I was 20 and I know I'll be hotter in my 30's and I've suddenly recovered from the disease of 'i must marry' and for the first time in my life I'm having a ball playing the field, lol (too many cliche's I know). What I'm trying to say amidst all these ramblings is, maybe my mother did jazz for me or my pheromones got heightened or I don't know what the heck happened but I've suddenly become the flavour of the month, every day! Not like I wasn't ardently pursued before but now its verging on the ridiculous, fun but slightly freaky. I guess I'll just enjoy my Adaku Revival while its still going strong before some intrepid dude comes and traps me again.

Life is too freakin fabulous! Lol, I'm sure some of y'all are thinking I'm probably slightly unbalanced now but I just can't articulate how great my life is right now here because I have to be on that privacy p from time to time. Oh yeah, almost forgot..... I have a HUGE, HUGE, FABULOUS project in the works right now. I've been tapped to be an integral part of something that gonna revolutionize the Nigerian music, fashion and lifestyle industry and I'm sooo excited about it. Can"t go into details now because it hasn't launched yet, but when it does I promise its gonna be LEGENDARY and y'all are gonna be the first to know about it.

Its a whole new 3WP phase and y"all are coming with me. I promise to be more post friendly and whatever gist can possibly make the grade will def get on here. Oh snap! Nearly forgot, last weekend was live! Haven't been out properly in Lagos in eons and I did the rounds on Friday, damn it was mad. Went to support my homie Sammie, where he was performing at Swe Bar, headed to Caliente which wasn't saying much, then.......I went to Insomnia and it just felt like I was back in the 70's partying at Studio 54 wuth Marisa Berenson, Andy Warhol and Janice Dickinson. The music was wild, the people were beautiful, the shayo was was a great night. It was like Hot Guys Inc. exploded in there, I and my friends just held our breath collectively and dived right in and I ended the night by being chased by the police, having an accident (mild one) and getting stuck in a sand bar somewhere off Lekki Epe expressway between 2nd and 3rd roundabout and having to be rescued by some very dubious looking dudes (who turned out to be our saviours).

It was good, clean, juvenile fun and I can now resume my job of being an adult and a barrister no less. First of all though, a well deserved vacay, London in 6 days time (yay!) where I'm going to be reunited with xxx. Good times, lol, a bientot xxx
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