Friday, June 29, 2012


I've been in a serious social media rut for the past two weeks now, with the stress of moving, preparing for graduation etc, I've seriously neglected TWP.  This is the 3rd time I'm moving in over a year and the stress is unbelievable, like I need some kind of fairy godmother P.A. in my life.

Hopefully that's about to change soon and I'll make a conscious effort to be more regular.

Topshop went on sale recently and I decided to indulge by getting loads of jeans. When I lived in Nigeria I hardly wore jeans, probably like thrice in two months or something but since they're a bit of a necessity here I have no choice but to wear them. However to break away from my funereal winter colours of black, grey and navy, I decided to pander to a bit of whimsy and get brightly coloured jeans, which are another first for me, I've never really been into them. You run the risk of looking like you're dressing for Rag Day if you're not careful.

*for People who did not go to university in Nigeria, Rag Day is a day the university sets aside for the students to dress in rags.....literally for charity. People put on the most outlandish outfits, in the most acidic colours and wander around town generally making a massive nuisance of themselves and collecting money for charity. 

Zara blazer
H&M tank
Dorothy Perkins neck candy
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans in Turquoise
Mulberry 'Daria' hobo
Topshop smoking slippers

*tip; if you're like me and you absolutely hate how denim feels against the skin, these supersoft 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop are for you. They are denim but a very soft denim like really old jeans that have been washed loads of times so its not harsh like regular denim. They're literally the only jeans I wear.

This was my attempt this morning at updating my Instagram, another place I rarely visit, trying to change that too. Its just I don't have an iPhone so I take all my Instagram pictures with my iPad and I rarely remember to lug it out to take pictures.

Oh btw, its #CancerSeason!!!! Birthday is in 8 days, on July the 7th.......definitely older but I'm not sure how much wiser.

Love and light xx

BECCA London Event

On Saturday 30th June 2012 at BECCA London, South Kensington, Invitation Only will be opening their pop up boutique for one day only.

The exclusive event starts at 10am and will be an amazing evening with free drinks and food and 15% discount in store for one night only!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Around The Interwebs

*Random, I love that word "interwebs", I think I got it from Stuff Nigerians Hate, same as "teh ghey"........hilarious.

Anyhoo, I spend loads of time on the internet and as such I'm heavily exposed to all sorts of stuff that most people who have things to do will never see. Luckily you have me, a professional layabout to bring it to you.

Was sent this adorable video of sisters Lennon & Maisie Stella doing a cover of Robyns 'Call Your Girlfriend' while using empty margarine containers for percussion.

Love the harmony. Lord knows I will pay good money to be able to sing. I'll never speak normally anymore, I'll just sing entire conversations, might even start doing audio blog posts.....all sung of course.

Now I know 'Call Me Maybe' covers have been done to death but this one is my absolute favourite one.....for now anyway.

Barry Obama killing 'Call Me Maybe'

Then I just had to post my favourite Kid Fury video on here. Its the one he made about the birth of Blue Ivy. If you don't follow Kid Fury on twitter, subscribe to his Youtube videos or read his are missing out, this boy is hella funny.

Last but not least of the madness to be found on the internet is Got 2 Be Real. Its a parody series created by @PattiLaHelle and the first time I saw an episode I actually cried from laughter, real tears. I laugh A LOT, like huge, back slapping, rolling on the floor type laughs and I'm passionate about keeping up my laugh quota so I constantly seek out hilarious situations or people...constantly.

The Got 2 Be Real series is ridiculous, its about "divas" e.g. Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin etc and them just basically shading everyone around them as well as themselves. @PattiLaHelle also does the voices for most of the characters and in this episode my favourite voices are def  Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan and Rihanna.

This clip is from Season 2 Episode 5 and its basically all of them going in on Mary J. Blige for doing the Burger King ad which I loved by the way. How could anyone not like that song, MJB killed it.

"Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a, tasty, flour tortilla........."

I will forever be thankful to God that I was able to see the ad before it got pulled off the internet.....eternally grateful.


Btw, start the video from the 1.30 mark, the rest before that its all filler stuff.

The LOOK on all their faces when 'young Rihanna' was singing 'Hero'...slayed me.

Love and light xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best Day Ever

So yesterday the Olympic flame came to Aberdeen.

Normally its something I won't get all het up about, the only reason I was even aware this was happening was because my peace of mind had been disturbed all weekend by the people building the stage for the ceremony right outside my flat.

Needless to say it was well worth it because the surprise performer was EMELI SANDE!!!!

Can you tell I'm still on a massive high?

I actually had zero intention of leaving the cocoon of my duvet to go watch the flame pass by but I could see the back of the stage from my window so yesterday, at about midday I was idly looking out at the preparations for the ceremony from my window when I saw some music equipment being unloaded from a van and it had "Emeli Sande" printed on the side. 

I was like "naahhhh".

Then I saw a few people get off a bus wearing waterproof parkas with her name printed on the back. I didn't want to get excited yet so I put on my sweatpants and Uggs and went down to investigate. I put on my face before I left my flat so I wouldn't scare people and to give me more leverage and the first person I spoke to at the site confirmed that yes, my girl Emeli was in town and was in fact performing that night. At this point I lost it and started tweeting up a storm, I probably pissed a few people off but I COULD NOT believe my ridiculously good fortune. How could the Emeli Sande be getting ready to perform in front of my house and for free no less.


Didi I mention I'm a huge fan?

Waiting for her to come out, that child did not even bother to give me a side-eye, that my people, is a full on "wtf" look.

The stage for the ceremony. The turrets and stuff at the back are part of what used to be Aberdeen Castle. Most buildings in Aberdeen are former castles and cathedrals and they all retained their previous facades, Its so weird going into a building with statues of saints, stained glass windows, towers etc and its an office or a casino.

Went with my friends Nike and Tobi.

To "entertain" us and I use the word very loosely; some act called Twist & Pulse who were apparently on Britains Got Talent did.... something. I'm still not entirely sure what the purpose of their act was.

Yaaasss, the main event, my blonde-haired, caramel couloured skin boo FINALLY made an appearance.

I trampled a few poeple while bum rushing the stage.

Its not my fault, I'm really tall, I honestly don't see people way shorter than I am. I've nearly stepped on many children. I suggest people below 5'6 should wear bells around their necks so I can hear them coming.

I kid, I kid.


Isn't she just perfection.

Oh yeah then the other thing we were there for happened. The Olympic Torch runner came on stage and lit the flame.

Best day ever.

Love and light xx

Monday, June 11, 2012


House of Nwocha is dark, edgy and fearless this fall.

The new collection is a tale of strong women of old from Far East Asia. It was themed after a warrior princess in Japan named Yoshinaka. This is because she was an exceptionally beautiful woman who had very charming features. She was a remarkably strong archer and as a swords woman who was able to confront anything on foot and horseback.

House of Nwocha presents the modern Yoshinaka through her pieces. A strong, almost gothic woman, not afraid of her body and its magic. Creative director, Ugonna, made use of soft black velvet, black spiral French lace, feathers, and a rich golden French sequence lace to tell a cohesive fall story.

This collection also features spiked mini dresses, long evening dresses, bootleg cut trousers, cropped tops, swords and gold accessories to match.


Happier Things

Got my blogging mojo back, thank God. The past week has been really weird for me and the only thing I was able to write was a post hashing out my feelings concerning the Dana Air tragedy. I didn't post the link on social networks so in case you didn't catch it, you can read it here, Emptiness

On to happier things.

A few weeks ago it was a friends birthday and we went to Kensington Roof Gardens for barbecue, drinks and dancing.

Fun night, great people, got to debut my Virgos Lounge Moss Blouse too :)

 Virgos Lounge 'Moss' Blouse
H&M leather skirt
ASOS oversize suede & metallic envelope clutch

Beautiful rooftop restaurant + fantastic company + endless libations = a very good night.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Looking forward to the open air concert happening right outside my flat today. The Olympic torch is in Aberdeen today and for the past 3 days they've been building this massive stage in front of my building. Three nights of sleeplessness better be worth it.

Love and light xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I like to think TWP exists in a sort of limbo that is unmarked by whatever upheavals happening in the world which is why I don't comment on political or controversial issues on it and would rather take my tirade to twitter. What happened on Sunday, June the 3rd was however inescapable.

I've literally being staring at my computer screen for at least 30 minutes because I'm not sure what to say. Everything and more has been said and none of it can bring back any of the people that died in that plane crash. I like to believe my faith in God and His ways transcends whatever life may throw at me but I think that's because I have been extremely fortunate to not have undergone any form of tragedy.

People who lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and entire families, can they be blamed if their faith wavers even for a second? We're all children of God, we are all alive by His mercy, but I can not for the life of me understand the works of His hands sometimes. An entire family; mother, father, children, ceased to exist as of Sunday, completely wiped out, no trace of them ever again. People lost both parents, lost their children, people who recently suffered deaths also lost someone again on Sunday. Would you blame them if they asked "why me Lord'? Are they not as prayerful maybe more so than the rest of us for whom the impact of this tragedy is also receding? Continuing along this train of thought might become a little blasphemous so I'll stop there but this mindless tragedy makes no sense.

The fact that you can be alive one minute and just....not there the next is terrifying, death is terrifying. The nothingness scares me more than anything.

Even more terrifying is the realization that you are about to die, the last moments of the passengers on that flight can not even be imagined. The children, the babies.......the parents who had to be strong for their children even when they were scared themselves........Father Lord, I can't even begin to imagine what these people went through. Nobody deserves this kind of ending so why did it have to happen to them? 

I have cried, prayed, raged and lost hours of sleep but already the pain of it has slowly begun to recede from memory, making me feel guilty for watching tv shows or finding something funny when I know over 153 people will never be able to do the same again. I start to act like everything's normal then I look at my bbm updates where every single person has "RIP' up on their status and then the realization that hundreds of families lives are irrevocably changed hits me again.

I know there's supposed to be a reason for everything but for the life of me I can not see the reason for this needless loss of life. I try to take solace in the fact God knows best but from time to time I'm besieged by niggling rebellious thoughts wondering why this had to happen. I was not even as directly affected as so many people so if I'm feeling this way its sad to imagine how so many other people are feeling.

To the people that died as a result of the Dana Airways crash on Sunday, may the Lord God take your souls into His house, may He give your families solace and the fortitude to bear the emptiness.

Rest in peace Dunni Doherty and Mrs. Akwaeze.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Mini Me

I don't care that I didn't physically birth this child, but in my mind she's my daughter already.

Have you ever seen anything so CUTE in your life??

Her name is Alaia and she's the daughter of the Kardashians stylist, Monica Rose. The first time I saw her was in the above photo and before I even knew her mum was the Kardashians stylist I was like "why's this kid dressed like Kourtney Kardashian"?

My baby inspiration folder (yes I have a baby inspiration folder) is chock full of stylish babies like Mason Disick, Kingston & Zuma Rossdale and Zahara Jolie-Pitt but little Alaia Rose Barbier has blown all of them clean out of the water.

The most stylish baby I've probably ever seen in real life is my friends Edward and Mary-Jane's son, Jayden, that child is stunting on another level.

My ovaries just spasm looking at this child.......broody AF now.

Look at the little updo *sigh*

If I wasn't won over before, this picture of her mini curly do would have done it, she is so darn cute!

Lucky, lucky mum to have this child to play with.

My poor daughters need to gird their non-existent loins because their lives are about to be a catwalk. No rest for the future baby profashionals.

Love and light xx

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