Saturday, July 30, 2011

She Bites........

Another contribution from He Who Must Not Be Named. I really have to meet this girl he's always writing about, my dude is

Get ready for some violent sexy time........

She bites.
Not those little love nibbles either; I mean she chows down hard until it causes pain.
And it’s usually at the end of a kiss.
I start to pull away...
which I usually have to do...
she doesn't want the kiss to end...and for the record? Neither do I
but I'm also not trying to put on a show.
When we lock lips...we tend to get a little carried away...
So yeah, in the interest of public decency...I pull away.
She realizes the kiss is almost over and she wants to punish me for ending her pleasure.
so. she. bites.
The last time I think she nearly drew blood...
She's walking away and I'm standing there rubbing my bottom lip...really I'm checking for blood...
I catch up to her and say
"That actually hurt"
She throws a look over her shoulder
"You'll be alright"
I mumble something sarcastic and she stops dead in the middle of the mall turns to me and whispers
"You LIKED it"
I look down at lioness...and I grin
"Yeah. I did"
She starts off again...leaving me in her wake...

I don't mind. I like watching her walk.
its like a private dance...watching her move.
she doesn't even know she's doing it half the time.
When we have a lunch date, I like to get there early and pick a table far away from the entrance
so I get to watch her walk to me.
She doesn't know that. She just thinks I'm punctual.

I think my enjoyment of that will be curbed as soon as she reads this…

She also does these little things that she thinks I don’t notice.
Like dressing up for me.
No…no…not the naughty nurse outfits…
Although I don’t think she’d mind.
She’s a bit of a fashionista so she already throws out some crazy combos when she leaves the house
But when I say I like something?
She builds on it.
Her plan is to captivate, motivate, and titillate
Then she’ll see me and pretend she’s wearing a potato sack and that she didn’t see me nearly swallow my tongue.

She smiles at me a lot.
That smile is deadly enough in itself. I doubt many men have been able to resist it
The full wattage of her friendly smile is bad enough
But I don’t get that anymore…
Now I get the “im-satisfied-and-youre-responsible-for=this” smile
Boy oh boy…it’s something to behold.
I hope nobody else gets to see it because yes, I am that selfish.

She makes me work.
Yeah I know she likes me.
Probably a lot.
But I don’t KNOW how much.
And that’s the way she wants it.
I ask her out on dates, none of that “take it for granted that we are going out next Friday night” bullshit
I have to ASK
And come up with a plan.
And flirt. And woo. And work hard like I don’t know if i'm gonna get a kiss goodnight.
But as she so haughtily reminded me
I like it.

Oh I like it when we fight too.
But i’m not sharing details of that part…
But she knows why.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We are oh-so-excited about this weekend’s marche! We know it’s been a long month (or feels that way) so what better way to end the month than with the shopping extravaganza that is Le Petit Marche! This weekend, LPM is going to be all about an assorted mix of burgeoning Nigerian brands and designers making their LPM debut, combined with the return of our shoppers’ favorite brands! So come on down to the GET Arena, Victoria Island this Sunday, from 12pm – 7pm, with your friends and family for your fashion fix amidst drinks, music, food & fun!!!

Take a peek at some of the names they have lined up this month!

House of Versatile Styles (HVS) - Inspired by various cities and the travels of Bukola Are. The HVS Collection includes the finest fabrics from around the globe influenced by American, African and European culture.

Little Luxuries – At Little Luxuries, our range of hand crafted earrings, necklaces & bracelets are made using semi-precious stones, crystals, silver and gold-filled findings sourced from around the world.

Savvie Hair Boutique (SHB) – Accessories for every occasion – Cocktails/Dinner. Purses and chunky crystal bracelets, layered chains, colorful clutches, stone chokers, stone rings, classy and pearl necklaces.

Virtue By Focuswear – A wide selection of high quality tee shirts, cardigans, polo tops, shirts, blazers, and Y-neck shirts.

Cam Cam Sweets – Confectionery. UK and Retro sweets (Haribo, Swizzels, Wham Bars, Sherbet, etc) sold in a variety of selection packs of 150g, & 500g ranging from N800 – N2,000.

Sapphire Cosmetics - Cosmetic and beauty products including colour cosmetics, tools and brushes, perfumery, skincare products. At Sapphire, we aim to identify new, innovative and reasonably priced products to cater to the demands of emerging markets. We are the official distributors of K by Beverley Knight cosmetics and we occasionally stock other premium brands like MAC, IMAN, Nars, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown.

Jo Black Craze – Polo tops, blazers, velvet loafers, hats, and pants for men and women.

ForStyleSake - British high street clothing and accessories. Dresses, skirts, blouses, bags, rings, bracelets and other accessories.

The Nail Studio - Sterling silver jewelry

Wow Fashion – Handbags, shoes, jewellery, clothing for women.

Fade - 10 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch laptop bags which are available in various materials: quilted cotton, Ankara and synthetic leather in an array of colours. iPad cases similar description as above.

Kachifo Books - Farafina books is an independent publisher of literary and popular fiction, textbooks, general interest and children’s books.

Breeze 36 Clothing Company - Urban and trendy unisex apparel.

Mia’s Boutique - From Clothes for ladies, corporate wears, accessories, casual wears, shoes, bags, all sort of things to cater for your fashion needs.

Daezae’s Signature - Jelly flat shoes, sandals and wedge footwear.

Flawless Hair – Indian Virgin Hair

Bubbles & Scents – Shea butter, handmade soap, bath bombs, black soap, bath salts, scrubs.

LPM July 2011
Date: Sunday 31st June 2011
Venue: GET Arena, Opposite Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos
Time: 12 Noon – 7pm


Vivendi "Fashion & Music"

"Vivendi" is a high end fashion/music show holding in Lagos on the 13th of August 2011 at Ember Creek, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. This show is being put together by the MAD Crew to induce a blend of a unrivaled upcoming talent from the fashion and music industries respectively.

Vivendi is the second fashion/music show to be organised by the MAD Crew. The first show held in December 2010 and featured the designers iamISIGO, Akpos Okudu, Orange Culture, Wana Sambo, etc as well as performing artistes Wizkid,Beazy, Funbi, Mr Walz, etc.

Vivendi 2011 promises to be bigger and better. Iti will features designers such as Violet Couture, Uyai, Prima Rogue, Mimilee, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Fablane by Derin, Ayaba, Taylor L'Oshey, Souza, Wana Sambo, Xolani Couture.

The show will also feature artistes such as musician's Dammy Krane, Oyetola Smith, Funbi, Luciano, Mr Walz, Jegede Jackson, Beazy, Roteski, T.O.G, Davido. Tickets cost N3000 and will be sold at the venue.

For more info on the show please reply this mail or call 07056133269 and follow @mad_crew on twitter

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Oy With Love

First off I wanted to thank everyone that sent me property links in the comment section of my last post, you guys were a huge help, mwah!

Quick post because I wanted to show you guys one of my awesome birthday presents, this white, silk, mullet shirt from my friend Oyidiya. My boo Oy is one of the few people, if not the only person I think that can shop for me successfully. Since I met her I've acquired a purse, a playsuit, two dresses and this amazeballs white shirt and I love all of them to death. I usually have to plead with people not to buy me dresses or shoes or whatnot because more often than not I won't like what they buy but strangely Oy always just gets it.

Ooooh and she also got me a brown leather bow clip, I can use it on my hair, as a bow tie....amaze!

Another person who was ace at that was my mum, but sadly she's left me to my devices and no longer shops for me. My friend Molly has also seriously stocked my wardrobe over the years, I remember the first time we met at summer lesson, we never used to speak but somehow we would turn up wearing almost identical outfits everyday, our love affair was inevitable. When Mols first moved to jand, every couple of months or so I'd get an email "so call this number, my sister is around, I sent you stuff", *sigh* I miss being treated like a baby, now everyone expects me to be independent and shit.

Other people I suspect I would willingly allow to be my personal shoppers are my friends and bloggers Shally and Uzo-Stella, we weirdly have so much of the same stuff, clothes, shoes, bags, whatever. I'm pretty sure they would do me justice.

I'm totally into mullet tops and shirts recently, stuff I never thought I'd like before. The one's I'm still definitely against though are mullet dresses, short in the front, long at the back *yuck*, can't stand them. I dislike midi dresses too, dresses should be either long, maxi style or short or knee length, anything past the knee that doesn't hit the ankles should be caged and set on fire.


Went flat hunting with my friend Joke yesterday, still haven't found my dream space, this ish gats to be put in prayer, I have less than two weeks now.

Peep Joke's headscarf, I went Minnie Mouse ape-shit kerraazy when I saw this. I have never seen a scarf tied as a bow before, I was so inspired. Can't wait to try it.

Plus the neon skinny belt, my boo Joke Bello is always on point. Funny thing is we're about the same height and everywhere we go people think we're sisters, so we have this routine where we're twins, I'm Adaku and she's Adaobi. Guys get so excited by that.....smh.

Love and light xxx

My friend Hills took most of my pictures last week, she has this Samsung phone with the most faboosh camera. Blackberry cameras just need to bow their heads in shame where picture taking is concerned.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weddings and Good Times

You guys will not believe the stress I've been under, had fun in London up until the last few days or so when it was just bleh, came back to Aberdeen and had to deal with the demon of looking for a place to live. So my lease at my current flat is up about mid August and trying to find a new flat has been doing my head in. Gumtree, Citylet, etcetera etcetera, I'm now a regular on those sites just in a bid to find the perfect house. I was initially looking for a two bed flatshare but I recently decided to just sod it and get a one bed, I'm not the easiest person to live with if you're someone who's haphazard when it comes to being tidy. Its best that I just respect myself and live alone before I poison someone because she didn't do the dishes.

So please, if you have info a one bed flat in the Aberdeen area, abeg use your church mind and let me know before TWP and her belongings will have to relocate to the street.

I know I've been dulling on the blogging tip, I just haven't had the motivation, way too much to think about for real, life changing decisions and all that but I wanted to post pictures from my friend Ejay's wedding last weekend.

The. Wedding. Was. Awesome!

First of all, the crowd was so controlled, there were exactly 150 guests, the ceremony was in a beautiful old church in Chelsea, after which all the guests were taken to the reception by red London buses that were specially hired for the wedding. There was a champagne reception before we were seated and they took this time to take the official wedding photos. Another really cool aspect was that she got a Polaroid camera and designated someone to take pictures of all the guests, these pictures were now glued into the Guestbook and everybody left a message on the page where their pictures appeared.

After cocktails we went to the seating chart and all the names and tables were there so we could find what table were were assigned to, got to the table and there were name cards at every chair to further avoid any confusion. When she and her husband walked into the reception, they walked in alone without the hordes of dancing friends that usually follow most couples in and block everyones view.

In short, it was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Very organised and planned to a tee, the only bridesmaids were her two sisters. I've always wanted a large, knees-up wedding but this one made me seriously consider an intimate wedding. Its no mean feat to get married and be able to identify every single person in the room. At a typical Nigerian wedding, some guests come in, eat, dance and leave without even seeing the couple or knowing who's getting married.

Yay for small destination weddings.

Not that I'm going to have a destination wedding, even if mine is small, its going down at St. Leo's Catholic Church Ikeja, the only wahala now is just to find a suitable reception venue in Ikeja........

Still no camera, all pictures are via my useless Blackberry Torch camera. I swear that phone takes the worst pictures ever, 5 mega pixel indeed

Ejay and Ceejay...and yes, that is her hair....and yes, it is all natural. Gawjus!

Ejay's personal style is so beautiful and she sticks to it no matter the occasion. Most brides tend to take risks or try different stuff when they're getting married but she stuck to her tried and true aesthetic. Loved it. Plus she had on no jewelery except tiny pearl earrings and her rings. I really need to learn that whole less is more ish.

She had no bridesmaids so she told all her friends to wear gold dresses, as a rebel I decided not to. Well not exactly, I searched for a gold dress die, but in this season of colours there were very few metallic dresses, the only ones I could find were not formal at all, more like club hopping attire. Times like this I wish I were in Nig, I would have just given them gold French lace sewed to my exact specifications by a Nigerian tailor.


Tried to compensate for not wearing a gold dress by OD'ing on the gold neck candy. Freedom by Topshop does a body good.

Earlier in the week she had a bridal shower/bachelorette party

Fear not, I'm not this skinny, this picture is lying through its lens. If you could see my bolocious self in my baggy track bottoms and Frosties t-shirt now you'd understand when I say pictures are deceiving.

As usual, wherever there's food, I'm usually not far behind and the lems were popping that night.

Notice the willy shaped straws, I felt tres uncomfortable using those straws, I'm not as liberal as I think I am for real, it just feels so wrong putting your lips around get me sha. I saw pictures of Kim Kardashian's bachelorette party and the willy straws at hers were brown ........yuuuuuccckkkkk. That would not even go anywhere near my lips.

Here's to blogging regularly, I'll try and get back on schedule and hopefully my housing issues will be sorted soon.

p.s. Ooooh you guys have to go see Horrible Bosses! Its ace! Absolutely hilarious, total home run that movie. I'm so happy for Jennifer Aniston, for the longest time its felt like she just couldn't get it right but with "Just Go With It" and "Horrible Bosses", I think she's finally exorcised the cursed spirit of Rachel that's been following her around.

Love and light xxx


Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Young World Nigeria

One Young World Nigeria (OYWON) is a movement birthed from the One Young World Global initiative promoted by young, intelligent and forward thinking individuals who wish to commit a portion of their very busy lives to addressing some of the critical issues faced by Nigeria’s present generation.
Taking Nigeria by storm, changing lives one person at a time, one day at a time, OYWON seeks to inspire everyone-young and old - to actively and consciously take steps in providing simple and practical solutions through viable and sustainable projects that create positive effects on the Nigerian society.

OYWON promotes the ideal of “ less talk more action” amongst Nigerians by pursuing a number of projects that adopt creativity, resourcefulness, measurable impact and sustainability at its core, initiated by individuals desirable for change, and supported by OYWON’s key resources and strength – the public.

In line with the need to address current issues with practical and measurable solutions, OYWON is kicking-off with the “Adopt a library project” which aims to facilitate the refurbishment of libraries in public schools and other locations, provide access to sufficient reading materials and follow up with activities to promote a drive for knowledge culture amongst Nigerian students.

OYWON will be liaising with the general public, volunteers, partners and alliances (OYW ambassadors) to facilitate collection of books and other school materials for use in Nigerian public schools and libraries as a means to:

  • Re-introduce a reading culture amongst youths in Nigeria
  • Support poverty alleviation through donations of reference materials
  • Support upgrade of educational system in Nigeria
  • Set an example to Nigerians on using simple measures to solve complex issues
  • Re-orient Nigerians to be accountable for the dilapidating educational system
  • Support the governments initiative for public-private partnership
  • Awaken consciousness amongst youths to “talk less and do more”
  • Engage EVERYONE for future OYWON projects

OYWON is setting off this project with Ilado Community Secondary School, Lagos after which they hope to sweep across Lagos. Their approach to carrying out this task will be to solicit for all genres of educational, inspirational and fictional books from the general public which will be used to equip the library. Where items other than these are required to put the library in place, they intend to solicit for assistance to acquire those as well. So to make their effort a success, here’s what they need :

Books: all your old reference books, textbooks, storybooks, literature books, dictionaries, language books, unused notebooks… All kinds of books!!!
Buckets of paints: white, green and blue
Paint brushes
Book Shelves
(in modules)

They have included on their website pictures of these items, prices and partnering companies that will be supplying them with the required materials (at great discounts!) as well as information on how you can get involved (even from the comfort of your home).

For more information on this project, please go to their website: Alternatively follow them on twitter: @oywon

For those who have already sent in books and others that have volunteered their time to help build shelves, paint, redesign the libraries or act as collection points for the books… Thank You.

Help for this effort cannot be exhaustive and we hope that YOU too can join all the other young, brilliant and positive thinking Nigerians that have volunteered their time & support to accomplish this task.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Am Not There, I Did Not Die

I've been very lucky in this life to have hardly been touched by death, the few people I have known that died have been few and very far between.

On Monday morning, I woke up to the incredibly sad news that my friend Motunrayo had died. This hit me hard.

I and Mots were not very close but I've known her since Primary 1 in Corona, where we were classmates till we both left, we met up again in Vivian Fowler and again in Queen's College where we were in the same class till we graduated. She is probably one of the few people besides family that I've known for more than 20 years.

It's always devastating to hear of any loss of life but more so when the person is as young, as loved and as full of life as she was.

My earliest memory of her was our first day in Primary 1, we were all given name tags so the teachers could identify us and Mots happened to be the only person who misplaced hers. We were all probably about 5 or 6 years old, a roomful of scared, crying babies but this girl started going round the class saying "I've lost my name thing but my name is Motunrayo Ogbara, remember o!"


I was seriously impressed by her audacity and that is the Motunrayo all her friends remember; fearless, audacious, friendly, lively, amazing.

One of our own has left untimely but I pray the Lord has taken her into His House.

For me and for all her friends, the Queen's College Class of 2001 and her family, the words of Mary Elizabeth Frye resonate most especially in this sad time;

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush.
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

Rest in peace

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday 0707

I celebrated finally landing on the awesome side of 25 at an Eastern Fusion restaurant called Tuli London on Thursday, with a great concept where the buffet dinner was combined with a karaoke bar.

I LOVE karaoke, I have a truly disgusting singing voice but my inability has never dampened my ardour. I sing everywhere, while I'm driving, cooking, cleaning, walking....this of course is likely to cause aural damage to anyone within earshot, can't be bothered though.

So it follows that I'd be a huge karaoke fan, when I'm doing karaoke I get so caught up that I'll be playing air guitar during guitar riffs, jumping on chairs, generally rocking out in my own personal concert. Of course I sound dreadful, who cares though?

Maltina does, that's who.

Anyhoo all my loves; friends, food, presents and karaoke were all in one room on Thursday, I had a truly fabulous day, starting with all the messages, calls etc that I received

*sidebar* I always smirk whenever I see this posted on someones Facebook status after his/her's birthday "Thank you for all the calls, texts, bbms, tweets, DM's, fb status, telegrams, drumtalk, smoke signals, Morse codes etc, I received on my birthday. I'm overwhelmed by this outpouring of love, God bless you, yada yada yada". Nothing wrong with it, they're just being appreciative, but something about that message rubs me the wrong way. Feels like they're saying "look at me, I'm all loved by the people and shit". You only really get it when its your turn, the love I received was honestly truly overwhelming and from all modes of communication and social networking. Would have loved drumtalk though, wish someone would beat out a message for me, or send a town crier or something, Juffure style. (weird how the Roots mini series was so different from the book)

*back to regular transmission* On the real though, I'd like to thank everyone that wished me well, family, friends, fb friends, twitter followers and Mr. and Mrs. U for giving me life and ish ....little things like remebering someone on their birthday does a lot for ones state of mind. Also to everybody that showed up to celebrate with me, I love you all and my boos Nwabugo and Hilda for helping me choose the restaurant and keeping me company throughout and calming me down, especially when I gave my tear ducts some exercise and wept for Imo State.

Forgive the juxtaposition and clarity of the pictures, since I'm currently sans camera, I had to borrow pictures from about 4 different people that attended and took photos. Getting a camera is definitely on my to-do list, along with a million other things.

My baby Molly sent my cakes from Nigeria, well not technically from Nigeria, but she's in Nig and she ordered the cakes.....well you get my drift sha. Mols ensures I get a cake every single year, useful for cutting down on my birthday budget if I don't have to do it mysel, lol.

Love you Mols.

Good times.

Love and light xx

p.s. I got my iPad!! Woop! Woop!
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