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The HAIRVEN Weave Care Range includes a Silk Protein Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling Leave in Conditioner with wheat extracts to ensure sufficient moisturising, revitalising and rejuvenating of your weaves and wigs. The Silky Serum contains Meadow Foam seed oil which leaves your hair looking lustrous and glamorous. Consistent use of these products and your weaves will never be the same again.
Venue: The HAIRVEN Showroom, 54 Ogudu Road, Ogudu GRA, Lagos
Date: Sunday, 22nd of December, 2013
Time: 2pm
The Launch Event promises to be an afternoon filled with hair glamour, hors d’ouerves, Bacardi Martini drinks, Music from DJ Obi of Syndik8t Records, Surprise live performancesand friendly conversation. Guests will have the opportunity to:
Enjoy the Hairvenly experience with our celebrity hair stylist, Sari at the “Style me pretty” station where guests can get a quick hair makeover
Get a first-hand look at our brand new weave care range at the “Wash me, Tease me” station with our stylist from the Renowned Bobby’s Salon showing guests the wonder effects of the HAIRVEN shampoo and conditioner on their weaves.
Share with us their invaluable thoughts and opinions over a glass of Bacardi Oakheart.

In addition to all this fun, one lucky guest will leave with the ultimate Hairvenly prize from our Raffle draw!!!
This event is strictly by invitation.
Iroghama OgbeifunOmajuwa Agbeyegbe

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guardian Life Article 08/12/13 - Trend Report: Cut-Outs

Nothing says subtle sexy like a flash of skin and after eating healthy and logging all those man hours at the gym, showing it off without going full on skank is almost a prerequisite.

A bit of toned midriff here, a flash of thigh there, impressive clavicle action peeking out….maybe even a bit of side boob. Covering up while letting a bit hang out is the new black.

The best designer representation of the classy with a side of elegant trashy trend is definitely Cushnie et Ochs.

Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2013 RTW

The design duo of Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs are the undisputed masters of the game of form-fitting silhouettes and cutout detailed frocks.

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs

Hollywood is here for these geniuses, and celebrities from Alicia Keys to Ashley Madekwe have been seen in their creations.

Alicia Keys

Ashley Madekwe

As usual we bring it down home to show the Nigerian designers who are constantly bang on trend and re-inventing Nigerian fashion constantly.

The front runner of architectural avant-garde designs has to be Meena who has interpreted cut-outs beautifully in ways that still stay true to the trend while taking into cognizance our more conservative leanings.

Meena’s collection for the Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2012 runway was a smorgasbord of elegance and understated sexiness.

Nigerian celebrities have proven to be stalwart fans as is evidenced by stylist; Ezinne Chinkata and milliner; Ene Maya Lawani showing up and showing out in Meena cut-outs.

Ezinne Chinkata

Ene Maya Lawani

The designer herself; Uju Offiah, in a Meena original.

With all these minute flashes of skin, it is clear the cut-out is having its sexy little moment.

Photo credit:,,

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Watch the hilarious Skit “The Ride” featuring superstar Comedians Bovi & BasketMouth

Things come to a halt when 2 guys offer to give a lady a lift!

For more information about MultiChoice presents the Fashion Protégé - visit or

Written by Bovi
Produced by Glam Networks
Creative Direction -

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Best of the Mid-Week

Hectic does not even begin to describe my life recently, Q4 is winding down and I'm more stressed out than poor Miley's Tongue.

*sidebar, don't you think Gene Simmons is somewhere saltier than a TUC biscuit that Miley has appropriated his tongue sticky-outey swag? I definitely think so*

Anyway what I've been doing to de-stress is reading A LOT, Amazon is about to gift me some shares because I have invested my earnings in that company. Watching a lot of movies and tv and just generally being the biggest couch potato once I get off work each day. Honestly its being a while since I gbesoke'd or komole'd or anything of that nature.

Unfortunately my quiet life is about to be a thing of the past because Wedding Season has officially begun and from this weekend, I literally have multiple weddings and events each weekend until 2014. I'm looking forward to the festivities a bit because its been a while since I shook my tail feather, but at the same time I'm going to miss my squashy couch, oversized t-shirt, ac, internet, Kindle, tv and remote control.

Its been real guys, see you next year.

During this delicious down time as I said I watched a lot of stuff and hands down one of my favourite movies of the year was 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Biopic.'

If you follow me on Twitter you're probably tired of my relentless raving but when I tell you that these girls did the damn thing I'm not even joking. The nostalgia was too real throughout the entire movie, I was singing along, hollering at my computer screen, crying with them. Like...I never knew TLC went through so much. I was really young when they came out so the whole Left-Eye burning her boyfriends house or Chilli's relationship with Dallas Austin, even T-Boz's sickle cell was completely above me. All I knew was that they were cool and I had to have pink silk pyjama's like they did in 'Creep'

*and I got the pink silk pyjama's too, shout out to my Aunty Rose*

And the resemblance was uncanny, well that is where Drew Sidora and Lil' Mama were concerned, Keke Palmer so did not make a good Chilli. Chilli is small, petite, really fine-featured and Keke was all taller than the rest of the girls and heavy boned (compared to Chilli), I just didn't buy her as Chilli. Lil' Mama and Drew though......whoooooo chiiilleeee *in my best Nene voice*, those girls were FIRE.

Like I forgot I was seeing them, Lil Mama in particular became Lisa Lopes, it was so uncanny it was freaky sometimes. She was soooo good. I am still shocked because she had become a bit of  a punchline but I was so happy she used this movie to shut everybody down because the girl can act. I was so impressed. Drew Sidora was amazing too, she reminded me why T-Boz was my favourite member of TLC, too cool for all the schools. I LOVE T-Boz's gravelly voice and though Drew didn't have the bass down pat I thought she did a phenomenal job.

Plus Evan Ross as Dallas Austin....weak performance but *whew*

Everybody involved in this movie deserves some ice-cream and fat cheques because they pulled out all the stops. Peep the trailer below.

Fire up your torrent, do whatever you have to do, but if you were a TLC fan, you have to see this movie.

Oh and TLC have a new song 'Meant To Be', that's already on heavy rotation on my iTunes. I won't put up the video here because its already in the movie and if you see the video first it might spoil it for you but the song is so awesome and so vintage TLC and my baby T-Boz sounds like her vocals were pissed on by angels.

My only other pet peeve with the movie besides Keke Palmer not being an authentic Chilli was Keke's hair not giving us authentic Chilli baby hair. Now we all know Chilli's baby hair is the Queen of Baby Hair. Her baby hair is what lace-fronts were modeled on and they're still reaching but I don't know what kind of dime-store wig they put on Keke, but the hair just looked aged. That really annoyed me, I felt like going after her with gel, edge control and a toothbrush every time she appeared on screen.

I saw people making noise about how a Destiny's Child biopic would be fire but, hand on heart, I love Beyonce Knowles like a sister but there is no way in hell the true story behind Destiny's Child will be told because the Knowles family will be all over that movie. It'll be told solely from the point of view of Beyonce, and maybe Kelly if she's lucky. This TLC movie showed ALL their flaws, disappointments, wins...everything.

A Destiny's Child movie would just be a longer version of 'Life is but a Dream'

Oh and I had to drop this video here, a lot of people have forgotten this song but its one of my favourite TLC songs and videos.

All you need is a stripper pole, baby oil and some fishnets.

Also, I saw this Volvo commercial recently and without a shadow of a doubt Jean Claude Van Damme is a beast and Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Bruce Willis.....hell even Liam Neeson will just have to deal.

Oh. My. Freakingoodness!

*fans self*

*wipes sweat*

How do you just assume such a chilled position while hanging onto life by a thread? Really?

I mean Liam Neeson can save you from international paedophiles, but can he do splits between two several ton trucks driving backwards?

I think not.

Love and light xx

Good News People! MultiChoice The Fashion Protégé Extends Submission Deadline + Open Auditions Thursday 21st, November 2013

The Fashion Protégé is an amazing opportunity for any aspiring Fashion Designer to kick start a successful career in Fashion and that is why we are extending the submission deadline by a week!

The new submission deadline is Monday 24th November 2013 at 23:59 GMT. YES! 

That leaves you with One Week & 120 hours to get your MultiChoice inspired design cut, sewn and ready for submission via any of our three entry methods!

We don’t want anyone to miss out on becoming Africa’s Next Big Fashion Star!!

Can’t Submit Via Any of Our 3 Entry Methods?  Then join us for Open Auditions on Thursday, 21st November 2013 at The Sparkle Hall – 24 Joel Ogunaike Street, GRA, Ikeja. 10am Prompt!

Come with your MultiChoice inspired masterpiece and be ready to briefly explain how design is inspired by MultiChoice!

Don’t Wait Up! Apply Now or Join us for Open Auditions! 

About MultiChoice presents the Fashion Protégé
As MultiChoice celebrates its 20th anniversary, the show has been created to nurture and promote the next generation of Nigerian creative talent. The Fashion Protégé is a 5-episode Nigerian reality television series that will air on DSTV’s AfricaMagic.
The Prize
    N1,000,000 (1 Million)
    British Council Trip to London Fashion Week
    Mentorship by a renowned Nigerian designer
    International Fashion Trip
    Cover feature for DSTV Magazine
    Special Feature Interview on BellaNaija
    Feature in a Top Fashion Magazine
    Lookbook by a Top Photographer

How to Enter
: Read all there is to know about MultiChoice Nigeria

• Design a piece inspired by MultiChoice Nigeria

• Create your masterpiece (you can enlist a tailor if you don’t have sewing skills)

• Take a photo of your piece, write a short note on the MultiChoice inspiration and submit via any of the 3 entry methods.

• Spread the word! (Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Instagram)

Entry MethodsThere are 3 ways to enter. You can choose ANY of the methods. You do not need to apply via multiple ways.
1. Via email – | Photo must be accompanied by a short explanation of how design is inspired by MultiChoice Nigeria.
3. Via DStv Nigeria’s Facebook page (Voters’ Choice) –
Entries Close 24 November 2013 at 23:59 GMT
For more information, please visit or
Strategic Partners:, British Council, Touch of Glamour, MUD Cosmetics Nigeria, Spice TV

Online Media Partners: 360Nobs, ThirdWorldProfashional, OneNigerianBoy, OloriSupergal, ForStyleSake


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Guardian Life Article 10/11/13 - Style Stars: The Nigerian Edition

Nigeria is a country of extremely well-dressed people, so well-dressed in fact that putting together a list such as this takes a lot of thought. I decided to narrow it down to people who wowed me on a daily, people who wake up in the morning, plant their feet on the floor beside their beds and set forth to slay every sartorial rule. People who in short make me take a second look every single time I see them.

As an avid style watcher I’m constantly on the look-out for great style. Anybody can afford fashion; it is trend in its most general form, but true style, the type that transcends even when you’re wearing the exact same thing as the next person is as elusive as it is valuable. That is why you can see a group of students in a school uniform, identikit outfits, but one or two might stand out; it might be in the way they tuck their shirt in or a certain rakish air they have lent to their enforced uniformity, a certain way their socks are rolled that sets them apart from the multitude. Everybody else can tell they’re different but nobody…not even themselves can pinpoint exactly why.

That, my people… style.

You might be thinking, surely this list is not exhaustive, in a country of 150,000,000 there must be a few more people than the 8 I have listed here that warm the cockles of my fashionable heart but I kid you not, I could not think of a single one.

Lisa Folawiyo
First up is Lisa Folawiyo, creative director of uber fashion label Jewel By Lisa.

Going by the gorgeous creations churned out by the House of Jewel By Lisa you don’t need to be told that someone with unusual sartorial flair is behind it.

Seeing Lisa in her daily outfits though cements her style star status. Lisa Folawiyo is possibly my strongest contender for most fashionable woman in Nigeria. Her style is not typical, she is on trend and yet marching to the beat of her own stylish drum all at the same time.

From shoes to jewelery to accessories, every item she dons gives me life.

Ashley Madekwe
Ashley Madekwe is best known as a scheming socialite in hit US tv show; Revenge and the reformed tart with a heart on British show; Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She is however carving a niche for herself as an international style star.

She has run a personal style blog called ‘Ring My Bell’ for years but it was only after cracking the US on Revenge that her fashion cred began to rise. Ashley is the epitome of simplistic chic, never overdone, always just right.

Her brand of super stylish minimalism evokes the laid back yet fashionable looks of Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn in the 60s.

Eku Edewor
Eku Edewor is a tv presenter on Studio 53, an actress, a model and a seriously stylish personality.

Eku Edewor has a very similar look to Ashley Madekwe’s, in that they favour simple clean lines, nothing too fussy all delivered with class and subdued flair.

Never overdressed, never underdressed, always just right.

Nkiru Anumudu
Queen Mother Nkiru Anumudu is the biggest risk taker in Nigerian fashion.

Her style is so uniquely her own it cannot be duplicated. Her outfits are ripped directly from international runways and put together with her customary dash and whimsy.

She is probably the closest representation of the over the top, super stylish ways of international street style star Anna Dello Russo. With an enviable wardrobe and serious fashion cojones we salute this Queen of the Avante-Garde.

Ene Maya Lawani
Ene Maya Lawani is a former Miss Nigeria and contender-in-training for the throne of Nkiru Anumudu.

Ene is a risk taker as well and never plays it safe. The street is her runway and her outfits are her armour.

Mai Atafo
Mai Atafo is the designer behind label Mai Atafo.

As a suit-maker to the stars it stands to reason that he would look as at home in a suit as he would in a tee and shorts.

Mai Atafo is at the peak of mens fashion in Nigeria, pioneering the new generation Savile Row type tailoring in Nigeria.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Adebayo Oke-Lawal is the designer behind cult label ‘Orange Culture’.

Being at the helm of one of the most respected and fashionable young labels in the industry it stands to reason that Adebayo would be an able representative of his brand.

Always impeccably turned out, Adebayo combines trend pieces with the unconventional, creating outfits that are alternative yet highly wearable.

Terence Sambo
Terence Sambo is a photographer and foremost mens fashion and style aficionado.

The Lagosian turned Londoner is known for his hip-hop infused/eccentric/vintage-inspired/all round fabulous outfits.

As a respected fashion blogger he has serious style cred and never disappoints.

Anyone you think should have been on this list?

Photo credits: Instagram (@lisafolawiyo, @theorangenerd),,,,

Shout out to the following people who helped with insight when I was putting this list together:

@designerkath, @happyBBB, @TweenyTee, @ZinnieP, @bigchicanita, @OmogeMuRa, @oforiking0242, @_ChechiArinze, @Gorgeousbskin, @eneni, @Miss_Jayla, @omooziegbe, @prettyJules1, @Dov3li, @TheShoeShopAbuja, @OnyinyeFafiObi, @OGaggs, @Chaud_TheMag, @wild_hearts, @cassie_davies.


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House Of Tara Beauty Bruncheon

On Wednesday 6th February 2013, House of Tara hosted Make-Up Artists, Bloggers, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and the Media to the First Edition of the Beauty Bruncheon.

Created to foster engagement amongst key stakeholders in the Nigerian Beauty & Lifestyle Industry, the Beauty Bruncheon is a networking event that will be held once a year.

I was really excited to attend, the opportunity to meet and network with so many beauty gurus in one place was a definite draw. Sadly it fell on a weekday and I had to do one of my infamous Lunchbreak Dashes in order to attend, spent only an hour there before I had to go back to work but it was an hour well spent.

Guests at the Bruncheon included Leading MUA’s Lola Maja, Banke Meshida-Lawal, Bolanle Okusanya-Feyita, Bimpe Onakoya ; Pioneering MUA, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Representatives from International brands L’Oreal, Mac Cosmetics and; the Brand Manager Maybelline New York (L’Oreal Central West Africa) , Bukola Balogun.

The bruncheon was also well attended by a talented group of new generation MUA’s , including Funmi Abeke, Lolade Ogunjim of Dainty Affairs, Joyce Jacobs, Theodora Mogo of Doranne Beauty, Debola Falana, Omontese Akhetuamn of BeautyCookStudio & Stella’s Addiction; 

Media personalities; Kemi Ogunleye, Noble Igwe of 360nobs, Wana Udobang, Adaure Achumba, Onah Nwachukwu, Michelle Dede, Kaylah Oniwo & a host of bloggers and beauty enthusiasts gathered to network over a delicious brunch!

Bimpe Onakoya was honored for her contribution to make-up artistry and for her recent appointment as the Artistic Director for Maybelline New York in Nigeria. 

In addition, Love Olaleye, Winner of the Face to Face Makeup Competition at The Makeup Show in Orlando Florida & a House of Tara Make-Up school alumnus was recognized.

The highlight of the event was the speed mentoring session were guests were given the opportunity to ask questions and be given valuable advise by Lola Maja, Tara-Fela Durotoye, Bimpe Onakoya, Banke Meshida-Lawal and Bolanle Okusanya-Feyita.

Germany’s ARD TV crew was around to capture all the fun and exciting moments at the brunch!

It was a very positive and inspiring environment and I already can’t wait for the second edition of the beauty bruncheon. 

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