Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QM Nail Lounge & Gift Factory Launch

So I've totally been looking forward to the opening of this nail spa for months, I'm a massive pamper-whore and I'm addicted to mani-pedi's, massages...the works (except facials, for some weird reason I hate facials).

QM Nail lounge is the quintessential location for the ultimate experience in hand and feet care. They offer a variety of indulgent services ranging from their signature QM Lounge Manicure & Pedicure to a variety of extended treatments such as their Chocolate, Lavender, and Ice Cream Pedicures.

As if that wasn’t enough, QM Gift Factory meets all your retail needs with its gift shop. They offer a fabulous selection of beauty products, bespoke gift-sets, luxury and budget hampers.

Their mission is to provide relaxing, comfortable and impeccable services in a vibrant environment within the specified/expected delivery time.

Their doors officially open this Sunday

Date: 4th November,2012.
Place: 31 Fola Osibo lekki phase 1 Lagos Nigeria
Time : 1pm-7pm
For more information contact (234)08033316666 and Visit www.qmlounge.com

QM Nail Lounge promises to be the Versailles of nail spas and I'm super excited to attend the opening. I'll be there this Sunday the 4th of November for a fun girly experience with champagne, canapes and cupcakes.

Don't forget, goody bags for the first 20 guests!

See you there!

Love and light xx

MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2012 Day 1

Unfortunately that's all the days you're going to see from me because I attended only Day I. Had to go East to Nnewi the next day for a friends wedding so I missed the rest of the exhibition and shows.

It took me yonks to post this because of all the pictures I had to upload, my internet is beyond shitty. If you see a wild woman in a boubou and hairnet occupying Swift 4Gs office just look away because I'm not leaving till I get some broadband.

Anyhoo to happier things, Day 1 of the MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week was really interesting, the best bit was that I was tricked out in custom Obsidian from the collection that debuted at LFDW2012 and the outfit was beyond gorgeous.

Blouse & Skirt: Obsidian

I LOVE the skirt detail, everybody actually thought it was metal from afar, like a sort of armour plate

This is what it looked like on the runway, with other dresses from the collection.

What with the 'Aduni' purses and now these clothes, Obsidian is about to go toe to toe with Virgos Lounge for my favourite Nigerian brand.


Went to go support my girl Lin who makes amazing jewelery under the Ariaba label. I'm particularly fond of her full body jewelery and her jeweled slippers and sandals. For my fellow yetis, Ariaba sandals go up to a size 42 which is a UK9 and a US11 and they are gorgeous. I just ordered me a pair.

Ariaba Contemporary Jewelery is stocked at 32 Musa Yar Adua street Victoria Island and at L'espace 19a Olosa street off Karimu Kotun street, Victoria Island.

I thought these stools and centretable made out of tyres was very interesting, definitely not to my taste but I think I see where the designer is going with them. There was no sign around it though so I have no idea who made them.

These neckpieces by Nichole By Haguana were super amazing, the pictures don't even do them justice, they are so beautiful, only drawback is the hefty price. Besides that I'd definitely love to own one.

I especially liked this large beaded purse by Nichole By Haguana too.

I've been a long time fan of Design For Love and they did not disappoint, African inspired clutches and bags bedecked with sequins, patchwork fabric and intricate beadwork....definite plus.


Kike, Tolu and Seyi of vintage brand Toseki Vintage

Shally of For Style Sake

Onyinye Fafi-Obi of Fashion Phoenix and vintage brand Elsie Vintage

Nneka of Neks2U

Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture, he was a LFDW2012 Young Designer of the Year finalist

Ifeoma Odogwu, stylist and Genevieve Magazine writer

With my boo Wana Sambo who was also a LFDW2012 Young Designer of the Year finalist.

Met these two gorgeous TWP readers

My boo Chidiogo

Ejiro Amos-Tafiri and Diana Ubah,  who she collaborated with on her diffusion line D.E.A.T.

It was a fun fun fun night. My favourite collections were Obsidian, Ejiro Amos-Tafiri and House of Marie. If you follow me on Instagram and twitter you'd know which collection I was sure was a massive prank, so awful, I won't repeat the name on here.

So bummed I missed the rest of the shows, Omoyemi Akerele of Style House Files, did an amazing job. Kudos to the blessed people who are determined to take Nigerian fashion to awesome heights.

Love and light xx

photo credit: jadore-fashion instagram

Monday, October 29, 2012

Work Chic: Graphic

Posts might be a bit uneven this week, I had a hell of a weekend and my week is similarly packed so I have loads of pictures to upload and subpar internet to do it with.

Shirt: Primark. Trousers: Topshop

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Primark does some alright shirts.

This summer when I was getting ready to move back I got caught up in the shopping for work frenzy and I made sure to get tons of separates. I actually prefer just being able to put on a dress and go as opposed to mixing and matching separates but the downside to a dress is that it is your entire outfit and the re-rocking has to be properly spaced. Whereas with a blouse, shirt, skirt or trousers you can re-rock them in totally different ways.

Since I was buying in bulk I hit up my old faithful ASOS and stocked up, then I happened to pass the Primark storefront in Westfield Stratford and I saw this black polka dot shirt with a studded collar that I wore in this post. I didn't even know when my steps re-directed themselves from the Victoria Secret I was heading to into Primark. I checked out their shirts and they weren't bad at all.

My problem with buying cheap chic is usually the longevity and the tailoring, I love a bargain but I also want to rock something that won't shrink at the first sight of a washing machine or have random threads hanging or just look generally...well...cheap.

We all know Primark has disgraced many a girl in that aspect.

I think the last time I even went in there was to get a hair doughnut which they sold for 1 pound as opposed to Boots which sold theirs for 4 pounds. Trust Primark, the hair doughnut somehow managed to separate itself from its moorings and I thought if they can't even make a good hair doughnut how can you put your sartorial fate in the hands of a store even lower on the fast fashion totem pole than Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe.

I decided to risk it and buy a bunch of blouses and I can say so far I am suitably impressed, apart from a loose button which I sewed back on they've held up remarkably well and they also look really good.

So yeah step away from your comfort zone sometimes (in my case Zara), you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday TWP!!!

I'm a shameless, shameless blogger. A TWP reader actually had to remind me that it's my blogs 4th anniversary today, I'd completely forgotten.

Can't believe I've been doing this since October 24th 2008, when I started I honestly thought I'd do it for about a month and I'd get bored but luckily that was so not the case. Still going strong and I still love it and this is mostly due to the amazing people who log on here everyday.

Thank you thank you for the dedication, I really appreciate it.

We need to commemorate this somehow, give me ideas on what to do in the comment section. I'm thinking maybe a girly lunch for a few readers?


I don't know, tell me what you guys would like though and I'll try to choose the one most pleasing to my pocket *ahem*

Love & light xx




Instagram causes at least 70% of my blog laziness, I'm hardly even on Twitter anymore, the Instagram community is far saner and definitely less evil....at least for the moment.....

Here's what I've been up to on Instagram.........

Trying to be vampy, yay? nay?

Jewelled heels at Miu Miu

Jewelled strap bags at Miu Miu...bee-yoo-ti-ful

Some of my jewelery, love jewelery trees

Short hurrr don't currrrr

Chilli prawns, red curry duck served in a pineapple and special fried rice. Dinner at Reeds with my fave

Picture from Fashions Night Out at the Marc Jacobs store with my boo thang Ags

Wicked was INCREDIBLE....no words for the awesomeness

Instagram @thirdworldprofashional

Love and light xx

Thursday and Friday are public holidays in Nigeria so I'll be taking a break till after the weekend. 
See you guys back here on Monday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Virgos Lounge + L'espace Event

On Sunday I attended the Virgos Lounge launch at L'espace and as promised it was a fun girls day out of cocktails, cupcakes and pampering.

Dress: ASOS. Belt: ASOS spiked bar belt. Shoes: River Island studded sandals (my Valentino Rockstuds in my mind). Necklace: New Look

Went with my friends Lin and Abi

Fab gourmet cookies by Cookie Jar

It was very unlike me, I didn't have a single cupcake and there were loads everywhere.

Yup, there were hand and feet massages to be had too.

Did I mention everything was complimentary? Cookies, cupcakes, drinks, massages.......so yeah next time you hear L'espace is having an event I suggest you make your way down there.

The Virgos Lounge stand

Beautiful People.......

Wonu & Isoken, owners of L'espace and LPM

Since I'm literally drowning in Virgos Lounge, I thought it prudent not to buy any more so I decided to branch out and try other Nigerian designers.

I got the amaze pink silk pants from Eclectic By Sasha (pictured in this post). I'd had my eye on them  for a while now and they were proper long, like I forget Sasha is quite tall too, thank God she took her fellow long legged girls into consideration. So yeah if you're tall go get trousers from Eclectic By Sasha, great length. Now I just need the geometric print shirt too and all will be well with the world.

I also got a gorge oversize chiffon animal print shirt by Clan  and a colour block print maxi by Rouge Vallari which has an amazing length too, another tall girl pleaser. My friend Joke who's as tall as I am also got one.

Will wear them on here soon enough.

Love and light xx

Monday, October 22, 2012

Work Chic

Wore this to work last week........

Cannot believe I have a job that allows me to dress this way, LOVE IT!.

Forgive me, I'm not used to bright colours or expressing myself sartorially in the work place. My last job was in a law firm and it was all blacks and greys and navys.......bleh

But at my new place I can even wear jeans! Can you believe it? Jeans!

Shirt: Ann Taylor. Trousers: Aqua By Aqua 'Stamp' Pants worn previously HERE. Shoes: Dorothy Perkins. Watch: Gucci. Necklace: Dorothy Perkins


Oh yes *in the voice of Churchill*

Love and light xx
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