Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Saturday - Simi & Deji

Last weekend, I attended my friend Simi's fab wedding.

H&M top and skirt; Calvin Klein python print clutch; Indigo Boutique neckpiece; ASOS chunky gold link anklets; Dorothy Perkins pumps

I got there super late because I was running errands the whole day and arrived at the tail end when the wedding had turned into a proper owambe.

It was so awesome, I think people really thought they were at Sip or Likwid because guests were gbesoke'ing and komole'ing like no tomorrow. I had sooo much fun and had to leave very reluctantly at about 9.30pm.

I really love this whole wedding turned party thing people are doing, for the life of me I can't remember if that's how its always been. Its like it wasn't one day and then it was, really puzzling.

It was a fun day/night out with tons of friends.

*sidebar* I got asked on here why I have so many varied friends, explanation. I grew up in Lagos and went to the "popular" schools; Pampers, Corona, Grange, Vivian Fowler, Queens College. I mean QC girls alone are enough to give you circles for life. That's already over 50% of the average Lagosian, so yeah, I know way more people than is healthy.

I don't mind though, its pretty useful being so plugged in.

Beautiful People

Can you see how much fun we had? People were climbing on tables and was ridic and waayyy fun.

Congrats Simi and Deji!

Love and light xx

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things Nigerians Love - New Arrivals

Things Nigerians Love-TNL announces the arrival of new items in! 

Log on to the website, to place your orders for the brands very own selection of affordable, trendy clothing, shoes and accessories.

In addition, customers will now have a chance to watch a video clip of each item of clothing prior to purchase- A first in Nigeria. This will allow customers to be 100% certain of their selection prior to placing their order.

Delivery within major parts of Lagos and Abuja is FREE, while deliveries in other cities attracts a small  fee.

Follow TNL on Twitter: @tnldesigns and on Instagram: tnldesigns or  email at to keep up to date with news, updates and discounts.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


If you're following me on Instagram or Twitter (@LoveTWP), you most likely already know where I went on vacation, if you're not however........

I went to Los Angeles in sunny California!

The land of Hollywood starlets, breast implants, palm trees and perma-tans.

The whole family; minus my baby sister who is in boarding school, upped sticks and journeyed to the West Coast for my brothers graduation. We haven't done a collective family vacation since 2008 as our schedules never mesh, everybody just grabs any free time they can to go mark register at MMA, so this was definitely an experience.

I. Had. A. Blast.

I reeaallyyy needed the time away and though I took just 10 days off for it, I totally made it work.

We started out in Maryland where we spent 3 days with family

My seriously gorge cousin who is a Doctor and is unbelievable. I thank Christ everyday for my family's genes because Lord knows I'm looking forward to slaying as I age.

I caught up with Stella of Jadore Fashion for dinner and at the time she was two weeks away from her due date, she had a baby boy on Sunday the 16th. I am so proud of my girl, she regaled me with tales of the delivery room and she was a trooper throughout.

Yummy mummy for the win!

Landed in LA on Tuesday the 11th and it was like a homecoming.

I like to call Los Angeles the city of my awakening because I came here for the first time when I was 16 and I left a completely different person, the city and my experiences changed me and I was so excited to be back.

Got on the party train ASAP when I went for a fashion show hosted by the Los Angeles Times and Macys with my sister-in-law Onyeka.

The first time I came to LA I was a teenager and definitely far too "cool" to do touristy stuff and I and my friends made sure we stayed away from all the tourist traps, we were far too jaded and world weary to be caught dead looking excited by stuff we'd only before seen on television.

Fast forward a few years, baby girl is currently sans shame so Mrs. U and I journeyed down to Hollywood Boulevard to fully immerse ourselves in the tourist culture.

My sideshow Bob hair was obscuring my mums beautiful face, sorry mummy!

We compounded matters by even going on the Hollywood Bus Tour. This is the first time in my life I've ever gone on a tour of any city I've ever been in and I've been to some amazing cities. I was so excited to do this, ready to be swindled by Tour Bus Operators lying to me that this was the spot, right in front of In N Out Burger where Cher was discovered.

They did not disappoint;

Case in point; this house which I definitely ID'd as Tony Stark's house in Iron Man, our operator now told us its actually Steven Spielbergs house in real life. I excitedly posted it on Instagram only for a friend of mine to tell me when she went on the same tour she was told it was James Cameron's house.

I was swindled.

I am still upset.

In all it was a fun tour and we got to see some awesome Hollywood highlights, my brother and I joked that we were like Asian tourists because every time our operator would say something like "and there's the Viper Room, formerly owned by Johnny Depp and where River Phoenix died", we'd all go "ooohhhhh" and then cameras would go click-click. 

It was hilarious.

The next day I got down to the business of my trip with my mum and!

We went all the way out to Palm Springs which was almost a 3 hour journey from Los Angeles to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon.

Since I am yet to make my first million dollars, I hold outlet malls, sample sales and discount designer sites in high esteem. I will trek like the Isrealites for a good outlet mall and I'd already researched Cabazon before I got there.

I thought the pickings were pretty good but it performed far below par when held up against other outlets like Bicester Village in England and Woodbury Commons in New Jersey. A lot of the items were still full price, no knockdowns at all and the best deals I got were at Salvatore Ferragamo and Calvin Klein.

I made a pretty good haul though, considering the slim pickings.

The next day we went to see a musical called The Scotsboro Boys at the Ahmanson Theatre which was frankly harrowing.

The Scotsboro Boys were 9 black teenage boys accused of raping 2 white women in Alabama in the 1930's. Despite overwhelming evidence that they hadn't committed the crime they were subjected to an all-white jury, unfair trials, an attempted lynching, several angry mobs and spent years in prison defending themselves. 

I'm fascinated by great tragedies like the Holocaust, the Civil War and struggle for Civil Rights in America, the Biafran War etc...and I read everything I can find on the subjects voraciously. Even though I find them very interesting, the fact that these things actually happened to human beings constantly boggles my mind.

You can see why I was hesitant at the success of it being turned into a light-hearted musical.

It turned out pretty well in the end, the actors were phenomenal and managed to turn a horror story into something funny and seriously engaging. 

Saturday was my brothers graduation and I crave your indulgence *classic Nigerian lawyer speak* to brag about the boy a little.

This kid has been a genius for as along as I remember, not just regular; he's a smart boy and he does well in school; but he was the type that came first or second throughout his entire school career, racking up best graduating student everywhere he went, getting job offers by the dozen. We never had to call electricians for a single thing at home, he'd been hooking us up since he was like 5 yrs old or something ridiculous.

He continued killing 'em by graduating summa cum laude with an MSC in Electrical Engineering and being inducted into Tau Beta Pi, the All American Engineering Honor Society.


I mean I'm no slouch myself but my brothers (not just this one, all the little buggers) are ridic with the academic achievements.

Sunday was Fathers Day and I present to you Ikenga & Lolo U.

Sunday was my last full day and after church I spent it with my childhood friend Adaeze who I hadn't seen in 16 years but through the miracle of social media we'd kept in touch all this while.

She's a super talented singer/songwriter and you guys should please check out and like her Facebook page here ----> Dezi Music


So that's it, it was an awesome vacation, too short but the time spent with family and loved ones was beyond. We are all so busy we rarely have time to get together like this.

I thank God for these rare moments.

Love and light xx

Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Of The Week

This has been such a good week!

Work has been amazing, life has been amazing, family and friends have been beyond. For real, when you let go and let God, things just come to fruition of their own accord.

So first of all....go down low

*seriously though will anyone in Nigeria ever be able to say "first of all" without someone replying "go down low"? I don't think so, its definitely here to stay*

So first of all...

I Got Another Gig!!

Your girl is the new Fashion Contributor for the Guardian Life magazine, that's the pull-out inside the Guardian newspaper on Sundays


Did I hear a yay?

I've done a bit of freelance writing here and there but this is my first time as a constant feature and I'm super stoked and super grateful for the opportunity, I get to work with very talented peole and Tabia, the Editor is beyond cool. My first article came out last Sunday and I'll be a regular feature every Sunday, so yeah upgrade to Guardian Life people, you won't regret it.

London Life, Lagos Living....the stage play

So just last night I went to see 'London Life, Lagos Living' on stage and the brilliance of what I watched is why I'm sat in front of my computer blogging it about this early momo.

It was put on as a part of the annual Taruwa Festival which will hold at TerraKulture till tomorrow, 8th June. I strongly suggest you all head down there, so much talent to pick from. My girl Sheila Ojei will be working the Spoken Word mic this evening too, so check on it.

Anyhoo back to the program, unless you've been living under 5 rocks you should have read 'London Life, Lagos Living' by now. Its a brilliant collection of short stories by Bobo Omotayo basically about observations of "fashionable" Lagos society and his views of them as influenced by his British upbringing. It is hilarious, witty and definitely worth your time.

So since its not a novel per se, I was very curious as to how it will be adapted to the was phenomenal. I did not expect what I saw last night at all. It was sooooo good, sooooo funny, the actors were uninhibited, natural, had perfect comic timing and literally left me fo' dead *in the voice of Momma Dee*. I cackled, I howled, I nearly ended up on the floor (My laughter is very physical, I literally throw myself around when I'm laughin), it was that FUNNY!

The room was packed and everybody was in stitches, I can't even adequately describe it, it has to be seen to be understood.

I am very impressed with the theatre scene in Nigeria, I will definitely be going for more plays, I had no idea it was this good. Bobo really needs to take this show on the road, it is such a good production.

My friend Ijeoma Aniebo was in it and she played the part of the Thisday Style Girl, my boo slayed that stage like her name was Beyonce.

This is me giving her congratulatory famz at the end of the show :)


I'm going away on vacation for 10 days today. My brother is graduating so I decided to take time off now to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

I can not WAIT to get out of Lagos, I love this place but sometimes.......

I should be able to blog I think but it might be a bit slow, so for quicker updates follow me on Instagram - @LoveTWP and on Twitter - @LoveTWP

And last but definitely not the least, the best part of my week was....

My Amazing TWP Family

I'm at a loss as to how to describe how wonderful you guys are, the outpouring of love and concern I got from my New Beginnings post was surreal, honestly I thought it was only my beloved mama that loved me like that. The support, the encouragement, the appreciation......its been....something else.

Ayodeji, Myne, Ms Cookie, Diora, Annie, Blazyfashion, Daisy, Amaka, Dinma, Young Grumbler, StyleFash25, Chichi, Yolanda, Happy Chiq Musings, The Fairy Godmother NG, Cassandra Ikegbune, Tiwi's Closet, Ada, Yinx, Amina, Nikki, Cynthia Ekwerike, As Myself, Simmie Owotomo, Minku Design, Lohi, Original Mgbeke, Ivy Wairimu, Meinskid, Frances Diaries, Sarafina, FNLP, G, Dressed2dNines, Onyeka, Chinaza Okonkwo, Ezinne, Miss Naturelle, Torera Idowu, Ogechi Anarah, Bibi, Berry Dakara, Naomi, African Sweetheart, Nne, 9ja Boogie, Metrogypsie, Belinda Nnah, Laiza Lounge, Eknoreda, Stella......and all the Anon's, lol.

Thank you guys so much for everything, will have to do a massive giveaway when I get back and even that will only be able to show a tenth of my appreciation.


Love and light xx

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This Week I'm Loving........ House of Nwocha

I always thought House of Nwocha dealt strictly in dramatic red carpet dresses, I mean I only saw HON clothes when they were worn on the red carpet. However one day I made one of my lunch time trips to L'espace, saw this dress below and promptly fell in love.

I went through the rack and saw tons of regular, easy dresses that were surprisingly affordable, the dress above was less than N10,000, so was another silk yellow maxi with a gorgeous cityscape print I def have to blog about later. I snatched them both up right quick.

House of Nwocha striped dress; ASOS ankle strap pumps; Michael Kors python clutch; Dorothy Perkins neckpiece

Since then I've kept my eyes peeled for more HON goodies and recently copped this pleated red maxi below. For my fellow long-legged beauties the length of this dress is fantastic, floor sweeping gorgeousness.

This is the other dress I got, the yellow maxi as worn by Ugonna Omeruo, the Creative Director of House of Nwocha.

House of Nwocha is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Love and light xx

House of Nwocha retails at L'espace 19a Olosa street of Karimu Kotun street Victoria Island, Lagos.

For enquiries contact the PR rep; The Fashion Portal on +2348167113688 or via email at
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