Friday, May 17, 2013

The Next Titan - A proudly Nigerian Entrepreneurial Reality TV Show Births!

The Next Titan!! Nigeria's First Ever Entrepreneurial Reality Show!!

16 Vibrant Contestants, 1 Luxurious Mansion, 1 Winner... WHO WILL BE THE NEXT TITAN?

 Catch the drama, intrigue and suspense laced with tips and tricks of the business trade. Watch the story unfold as cameras follow these young entrepreneurs around the streets of Lagos as they fight to become the Next Titan.

 The espionage, betrayal and emotional outbursts will leave you teetering at the edge of your seat as you await each episode from week to week.

 Catch The Next Titans on Channels TV Every Saturday at 8pm and ONTV Every Sunday at 6pm!! Don't Miss It!!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pentatonix Obsessed

Pentatonix are an amazing American acapella group. As a self-confessed Gleek, singing is one of my loves and since I can't hold a note to save myself, I get my Maria Callas on through great singers. In fact before I became embroiled in ratchet reality tv shows, the only kind of reality shows I watched were singing competitions. I ADORE singing.

I only just heard of Pentatonix recently when a video of them performing music through the ages landed on my Facebook feed and as is my usual practice I spent the next two hours OD'ing on their videos on Youtube and reading everything I could find about them. 

They are simply beyond, like I can't even describe what a joy they are to listen to. Trust me I've needed every bit of happiness I could latch on to recently and Pentatonix have been a huge part of my recovery. I'm posting my favourite videos of them here but don't let my meagre selection stop you. Google them and get informed.

Evolution of Music

Its so weird how some of the members kinda remind me of someone else; check out Darren Criss' (Blaine from Glee) shorter, slightly chubbier doppelganger 1st from left. Guy with the bass seating 2nd from left can totally pull of Tom Green in a pinch, the blonde guy looks like someone from an 80s boy band whose name escapes me now and the girl looks like a far bustier Brenda Song. Only the black guy doesn't remind me of anyone, he is Nigerian by the way; Yale grad Kevin Olusola who is also fluent in Mandarin.

We Are Young

This song has always been a firm favourite, I remember the first time I heard it, it was on an episode of Glee and my life literally tilted that night, it was that powerful and Pentatonix have done it justice.

Britney Spears Medley

I remember when I used to stan for Britney, Britney of 'Lucky', "Slave For You', 'Drive me Crazy' and 'Baby One More Time', not this Britney that's shaped like a tetris block and whose hair stubbornly refuses to rise from its ashes.

Anyhoo for a minute there Pentatonix reminded me of the time Britney used to rule the world.

Somebody That I Used To Know

The Best Ok!!!

This song rips the band-aid of heart-ache and makes you suffer in an extended loop of rejection.


Lets Get It On

I really think I felt Marvin Gaye stir a bit and dobale because.....listen......This. Was. Dope.

If you've not felt the Pentatonix anointing by now and got your life I really can't help you. I really hope and pray these people do well because they are so blessed. I'd take singing ability over contract drafting skills any day.

......or maybe not....

God, didn't hear that. Ta very much for my contract drafting skills.

To all my other friends who helped through my dark age; Justin Timberlake, J. Martins, Flavour, Queen, The Bee Gees.....thank you.

Love and light xx

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