Thursday, July 26, 2012


Remember the concert I mentioned I was attending in my last post? was a blast. MI, Tiwa Savage, Wizboy, Waje, King Sunny Ade and Weird MC all for the sum of 30 pounds, roughly about N7,500. I won't even be able to see King Sunny Ades fila for N7,500 back in Lagos much less an entire performance supported by other amazing artists.

Our Nigerian concert promoters need to fix up and drop that ridiculous 1 mill for table nonsense they keep pulling back home. Yeah I know they have cheaper tickets but the seats are usually so shitty its never worth it.

But I digress....the concert was amazing, went with my friends Erenma and Adanna.

It was hosted by Segun Arinze, a much maligned Nigerian actor. For years with the way people talked about Segun Arinze's eyeballs you would think they were weapons of mass destruction, I honestly believed the poor mans eyes were nearly falling out of his head, they are literally a standing punchline on twitter. I saw him in the flesh on Monday and I swear his eyes are not that big, they're a bit larger than the regular but its nothing to be afraid of.

Nigerians are hella mean.

First up was Wizboy who I'd never heard of before that day but who delivered a stellar performance, he was totally giving me Flavour lite (nobody can top Flavour) but with his own spin on it. I thought he was really good and unfortunately tweeted my opinion and 3 days later I'm still getting mentions from his fans and management team (I think), retweeting the stuff I said about him.

Then Waje who was phenomenal. I've never heard her sing live and I think I only know one song shes done but baby girl needs to hurry up and deliver an album because her voice is fantastic. Bags of talent there.

She introduced one of the musical loves of my life "omo Savage from Isale-Eko", the one and only Tiwa Savage, who I realised is also yet to release an album. What is up with these people short-changing their fans. Waje and Tiwa did a duet to 'Missing You' and it was bee-yoo-tee-ful.

Then T.S did her thing and she brought it. She started out singing all these old Nigerian songs "If You Marry Taxi Driver", "Oni Dodo Oni Moin-moin" (sp), other ones that I don't know the titles to. My highlight of her performance was where before my very eyes Tiwa did the Azonto in slow-mo. I mean I haven't even finished pulling off the regular Azonto it is now to be so arrogant in my ability as to slow that ish down.


I love Tiwa Savage die but MI was my favourite performance of the night, it was amazing. Everybody knew all the words to all his songs, the energy was cracking, my man can get a crowd HYPED. He had people out of their seats and he brought the house down when he did "African Rapper Number 1" (I think thats what the song is called, the one with Flavour sha) and Ice-Prince, Wizboy and some other dude came out and did the Atilogwu to the song.

He also brought this fan on stage and performed "One Naira" to her at the end of which he took off his watch and gave it to her. In these hard times when owu is blowing with impunity if that had being me I'd have been at a pawn shop first thing the next day or on Ebay. That girl better act right and not keep that watch on some "let me treasure something MI gave me" p. Retail that ish guuurrrl.

King Sunny Ade was quite the experience, after his performance I totally got why he's the King of Owambes, my guy is tireless. He's probably pushing 70 or so but dude was bending low, giving them butterfly, energetic to the teeth and I thought the crowd was hyped when MI came out, it was nothing compared to the madness that ensued while KSA was performing. He has a massive following, I really had no idea.

All the performers were really nice and came out and took pictures with fans and stalkers (me) and mingled with people. Got photos with Waje, Tiwa Savage (whoop!), MI and Ice-Prince.

Good times.

Love and light xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

Styling The 'Aggy'

So I had a bit of a night out last weekend at my friend Erenmas birthday dinner and decided to re-rock my Virgos Lounge Aggy jacket. 

It was recently featured on Bella Naijas "Who Wore It Better" segment where I was pitted against Angela Simmons (thanks a lot BN). I was a little apprehensive about wearing it again after it had just being featured even though it was for an event I went to back in December 2011, but I thought "pfffffffffft, the jacket cost me quite a few pounds, I can wear it everyday till thy kingdom comes if I want to". 

Plus I thought it would be a good way to show how else the 'Aggy' can be worn because it is an amazingly versatile yet statement piece.

I was initially going to wear it sans anything under it but it meant a night of flashing my goodies at innocent bystanders so I decided to play it safe and PG by wearing a bralet underneath. Paired it with a sheer maxi skirt from ASOS which at first I thought might be a bit OTT but I loved it.

Virgos Lounge 'Aggy' jacket sold out but get similar embellished jacket HERE 
ASOS sheer maxi skirt get it HERE or a different colour HERE

The birthday girl! My Erems babes

Good times.

Looking forward to more good times, I'll be at the Nigeria House concert at the Theatre Royal tonight featuring Naeto C, Mi and Tiwa Savage. I'm a mahoosive Tiwa Savage stan, cannot WAIT to see my girl.

Love and light xx


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colours & Prints

Wore this out last weekend to an auction

Zara Blazer
River Island zebra print shirt-dress worn as shirt
Topshop ribbed bandage skirt
Topshop 'monkey' necklace worn as bracelet
Prada baroque sunglasses get it HERE
Louis Vuiton Brea MM
Tory Burch Aaaden ballet flats get it HERE

I'd never been to an auction before and I was looking forward to the high octane energy I'd seen in auctions on tv. It was pretty much the same, except the auctioneer didn't talk as fast as I expected but the energy was the same, heart pounding when the lot you want is up, bidding and winning your lot.....

Would definitely do it again. I kept tweeting my amazement at the fantastic stuff available; paintings, diamonds, Rolexes, flat screen tvs; and the prices being called, I kept hearing 30,000 pounds, 50,000 pounds, mind = seriously blown.

People were bidding for luxury items and I was there to get an iPad 3

*RIP to my iPad 2, the screen mysteriously cracked a couple weeks ago, I am desolate*

Sadly I didn't get my iPad

Oh yeah and Persian rugs, statues, clocks and stuff were being auctioned off too. I'd definitely go again, very exciting.

Back to au naturel hair again as you can see. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to keep my hair from breaking, I think I'm slowly seeing results.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TWP Around The Web

Roundup of sites and blogs I've been featured in over the past few months.

Global Style Spotlight on Emerging Global Designers

Pick Your Fave on Bella Naija

This had me cracking up; Stylish Sisi of the Day on Yeoals Blogzine

Style Spotlight on Sierra Leonean blog Madam Wokie

This Or That Edition on Cultural Toast

For more, go to the 'Features' tab on the information bar at the top of the page.

Love and light xx

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Flow

Zara boucle jacket
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans
Prada Saffiano tote
Tory Burch Aldelia ballet flats

Went to Mass last Sunday at the gorgeous Cathedral Church of Westminster......

I am in love with ancient gothic Catholic cathedrals and one of my greatest travel dreams is to visit all the major Catholic destinations in the world, I've already done the Notre Dame de Paris and Sacre-Couer in Paris last summer and St. Patricks Cathedral in New York several times. My list includes but is not limited to the Cologne Cathedral and Aachen Cathedral in Germany, St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican, the Basilica at Eztergom in Hungary, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and Cathedral of Burgos in Spain.....

Coincidentally last week was the feast of St. John Southworth who's the saint of Westminster Cathedral so a replica of his body was displayed in a large glass reliquary in the middle of the nave.

Had to light a candle to thank God for His blessings.

Love and light xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

L'Espace Summer Campaign



From the 2nd to 31st of July,  the L'espace team will be giving away goodie bags containing pieces from fabulous designers and lifestyle vendors from L'Espace worth a 100, 000 NGN each to three people. Yes, 100, 000 naira.

Excited? Grab a seat!

How does this work? Follow L'Espace on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (Or all three if you're keen). Send in photos of the billboard whenever you spot it indicating where and when you saw it, EVERY time you see it and post the pictures on our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr pages.

Par exemple: Twitter


Spotted! 2.00pm at the Lekki 1 roundabout #spottedlespace

Easy right?

The three (3) people with the highest ‘sightings’ get the prize.

So, like L'Espace on Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Tumblr (don’t forget to ask for a follow back, and use the #spottedlespace hasgtag ) and be on the lookout.

The L'Espace team also have a few *Foursquare* specials tied-in to the competition!

*First checkin gets 10% off all orders over 5 000 NGN using the 4SQFirst product code.*

*Checkin with 3 or more friends with a total spend of 50000 or more gets 10% off on all orders*

*Mayor gets 15% off on all orders over 50 000 NGN, free home delivery by 360Delivery + free froyo or pot of CamCam Sweets of their choice.*

May the best man 'see' !

Facebook -

Twitter -<!/L_EspaceByLPM>

Tumblr -


Campaign Credits:

Models : Zainab Balogun, Nneka Edozien, Jite, Toyin + Chinwe for Beth Models

Hair: Ola

Makeup: House of Tara

Photographer: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Styling: Bolaji Animashaun

Graphics: Temi Akingbe for TMA Design

Billboard: EleV8 Digital Media

All Items Available At L'Espace. 19a Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun, VI Lagos.


Nneka For Minku

Minku co-directors Kunmi and Juan met up with Nigerian-German singer Nneka for a photo shoot collaboration earlier this month. Nneka was in Barcelona as part of the European promotional tour for her new album 'Soul is Heavy'.

In a photo shoot that was lively and informal, Nneka modeled some bags from the Minku Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, that included a five-compartment, red leather travel bag lined with green contrast aso-oke fabric. The collection, 'Folklorist Reloaded', expands on the theme of the Minku AW2011 collection -- the power of folklorists to unveil old ways and help us imagine new possibilities through their colourful folktales.

Named after prominent folklorists, the bags explore colour through what has become a Minku trademark of combining Sapnish-sourced leathers on the exteriors, and fabrics like aso-oke on the bag interiors.

Minku bags are sold exclusively at Nike Center for the Arts in Lekki Lagos and online at (with worldwide shipping). Customization services are also available.

Readers are invited to view outtakes from the photoshoot and other fun content by visiting the Minku web site ( or joining the Facebook page (

Photos: Juan GVR


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zara "Ankara" Print Tee

I've been known to raid the mens section of a store; I love mens shirts and sneakers, and when I saw my friend Terrence of OneNigerianBoy in this Zara tee I knew I had to have it.

Hello wardrobe staple.

Its seriously soft and looks like something that'll probably fade after a series of washes so if you have it I'd advice you eschew machine washing and hand-wash strictly, probably with washing powder made for delicates.

I know not everybody can be as anal as me when it comes to laundry (not just laundry, life even), I mean I even have cashmere shampoo to wash cashmere fabrics in and separate washing powder and fabric softener for delicates. Just try though, nothing like preserving the life span of clothes.

Zara mens print tee
H&M denim boyfriend shorts
River Island gold cuff sandals
Dolce & Gabbana aviators

Love and light xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


*Warning, photo overload*

I think I'm back in my blogging stride, finally done with my move, completely done with school and now counting down till I can go home.

So graduation was last week, the 6th graduation ceremony in my life so far, I've become quite blase about these things :),  scratch that it was an awesome day. Mrs. U was representing, my friends and loved ones came from everywhere to celebrate with me, I had soooo much fun. The only downside was that I had to move away from Aberdeen a couple days after which was kinda sad. I'd been looking forward to leaving for yonks and when I finally did, I actually missed its grey, granite buildings.

Anyhoo deuces to the past and on to bigger and better things.

With all the hoopla that day I completely forgot to take off my gown and get a proper picture of my dress. This one was taken when we were prepping to go into the auditorium, hope it suffices.

H&M sheer neckline dress
ASOS spiked bar belt
ASOS double gold cuffs
Zara ankle strap pumps

Later that night at dinner, I'd intended to wear something else entirely but after a long day of being squeezed into a tight dress and painful shoes, I needed to breathe and did a complete outfit 360.

Zara sheer white shirt
Zara silk pajama pants
Zara neon necklace
ASOS neon laser clutch

*is it obvious I went HAM at the Zara sale?*


Probably the bit about Aberdeen I'm going to miss the most, my ride or die, partner in crime, child of two cultures, my gorgeous hybrid AdanneTiti :(

Officially LLB, BL, LLM, ACIArb.

Love and light xx

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