Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Weekend

Its kinda weird posting about my weekend on a Wednesday when another weekend is almost upon us but seeing as this blog isn't exactly financially viable and I have a proper job suing people for obscene amounts of cash , TWP sometimes has to take a backseat to my paycheck. Luckily though, today was payday *yay* so I thought I better post real quick while I'm still feeling rich and happy with the world.

Had a fabulous weekend, it was my neegar Oyidiya's birthday on Saturday and she had a house do and an after party at Rehab, in the tequila-laden hegzitement I forgot to take pictures at the after party so I just have from the house shindig.

My outfit to Oy's party. I was feeling very retro 60/70's that day, hence the gingham mid-riff baring top, high waist super flared pants, heavy bangs and Priscilla Presley eyeliner.

Lems for days

Oy trying to cut her cake while being harrassed by Iso and David

Nneka (who obviously did not want to make a second appearance on TWP) and Ndali

Helga, Yoko, Nene, Madonna and Rhema

Sunday was the almighty Innocent Idibia aka 2face's concert at the Expo Centre of the Eko Le'Meridien Hotel which basically just shut down Lagos. It was the best concert by a Nigerian artiste I've ever been to, even on the same level with the Thisday concerts. We were at tables that sat about 10 people with bottles of wine and finger food, the Expo center was just faboosh, the event organizer Cecil Hammond did a great job, I was really impressed.

Wearing my pink jewelled caftan by Fashion For Life which I said in an earlier post I was gonna wear to the 2face concert. this was said before I even had a ticket, as I always say "confession is possession" "speak and you shall receive" lmao!

Oy, still on a high after throwing a mad party the day before

The following pictures are from the skit 2face did with Nollywood actress Tonto Dike, whom I'd never heard of till that night. It was for the song "Flex" which 2face did with R Kelly (fleeex, time to have get my drift). Anyhoo, in the first scene Tonto was on a couch in a white man's shirt and moving along to the music, she then started to take the shirt off. I was a bit alarmed till i saw she was wearing a nude shimmery bodystocking underneath. She and 2face then went behind a screen which was lit up from inside so we could only see their silhouettes. They then started simulating sex, from missionary, to standing up to doggy, to oral, they did everything. At the beginning I'd been frozen in shock that someone actually attempted this in Nigeria but I started to get the ingenuity of it. It was a BRILLIANT performance, like whoever choreographed it and thought of it is a bloody genius. I saw over on Linda Ikeji's blog, a few people were like the girl's reputation is finished and all that, which I thought was absolute bollocks. I don't think any less of her after seeing that, I even now respect the versatility she brings to her craft. If you decide to be an actress you might as well be ready to go all out instead of constantly been safe. Its going outside their comfort zones that won actresses like Halle Berry and Charlize Theron Oscars, anyhoo I digress, it was my favourite performance of the night.

Performing African Queen, he had this girl with the sickest abs I've ever seen in Nigeria, I thought my stomach was flat, this babe's own was CONCAVE (the one with her hands on her hips, not the Fulani one)

The show ended at about 2am, which resulted in my not getting to work till 10.30am the next day. It was sooo worth it.

*sidebar* Nigeria is 50 on Friday and its really not that big a deal, yesterday morning 15 schoolchildren were kidnapped in Abia State and instead of diverting resources and manpower to their discovery our government is gearing up to celebrate Nigeria's independence in such an obscene and disgusting way that I can't even quantify it. The Nigerian governments flagrant abuse of the county's massive wealth is mind boggling and the fact that its not even done covertly but to our faces is ludicrous. Yet there's nothing we can do, we can all stand on our soapboxes, tweet, blog, go on the radio about it yet nothing gets done. Our present and past leaders have utterly failed us and we can only look to the future and pray they do a better job.

God bless Nigeria.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wearing my dress by Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, my new favourite designer and she's a QC girl too!

I was recently accused of going out a lot, which I took umbrage at because I regard myself as a bit of a homebody. I stood corrected because my accuser did not mean I was at Rehab and Marquee every weekend shaking my cakes but rather that I had an active social life, that I could understand. Lagos is a total beehive of activity, every day and not just weekends there's oodles of stuff going on: wine tasting, sweet tasting *le sigh*, book readings, movie premieres, fashion shows, concerts, comedy shows, burlesque, salsa, yoga, networking events, store openings, jazz nights, bar openings, karaoke, restaurant openings, award shows, poetry slams.....I LOVE Lagos, you get my drift. Anyhoo I decided to limit myself, so sadly I don't go out as much as I used to, therefore less stuff to talk about and as I already placed an embargo on my personal life here on 3WP, I might soon descend into TMZ territory and start reporting celebrity news, lol.

Luckily I have lovely friends who refused to let me fade into obscurity, also egbon mi obirin Nwabugo was in town from the abroad. Last week being the end of Ramadan, I hit up my friend Bisola's Sallah party.

*sidebar* In Lagos, whenever its Sallah there's a noticeable increase in Christians acquiring Muslim friends so as to have somewhere to go and lem. Luckily I have Bizla who never fails to put on a spectacular bash every Sallah, so I don't have to go prostituting myself like some people I know *side-eye*

Chinye, Bisola, Nwabugo at Bisola's Sallah do

After gorging ourselves we headed to Club Towers for my newest obsession, karaoke. I actually did karaoke for 3 weeks straight without a break, I'm now weaning myself off it slowly and downgrading to singing loudly in my car so I don't offend innocent people. If you see a girl in traffic in a blue Camry doing the dougie and rapping to Lil Will, do not be alarmed. We met up with Ediri, Nerhi, Faith, Antoinette, Valerie, Benjamin, Ejiro, temi and Ada for a Lady Gaga, Spice Girls and Rihanna session.

With Ify, Bugo, Ediri doing "Wannabe"

They show the most hilarious videos while playing the songs, its like a Hall of Fame of bad acting

Temi, Ify


My girl Oyidiya aka Oy came into town and ice cream therapy had to be on the decks, we hit up Ice Cream Factory with Yoko and Henrietta.

The damage that was done, this were just our entrees sef, we did more damage that night, bill came up to over N11,000.....never again

Ran into Dan, while she was on a "frolic of her own"

Yours truly wearing my ankara brooch from ST Colours, also doubles as a hair clip. Fetch!

*sidebar* we ran into Noble Igwe, PR guy who also runs the blog 360Nobs. All week on twitter, Nobs had been going on about "The Girl In The Yellow Bikini" whom he met at his SL..USH pool party in Abuja the week before. He posted twitpics of her asking if anyone could identify her and give him her deets, he even did a blog post on her. That night at ICF, Noble finally tracked her down, dude wanna romantic die.

Yoko and Noble
I have no pictures of Oy and Henrietta from that night because Henri deleted the one I took of them because she "did not like herself in it" and I forgot to take another one.

Took a day off work on Wednesday to go sort out my NYSC Final Clearance, I really can't believe its been an entire year since I started Nysc, it went by super fast. I'm actually ashamed of how inadequate a corper I was, I didn't stay in camp, I wangled my way into the Drama Community Development Group, ensuring myself an entire year of loafing. Serving, truly isn't that bad but we make such a big deal out of it and think its so "cool" to not have fully participated in it, anyhoo its over now, can't do it again.

Met up with Oy and Nneka at Cafe Royale to plan Oy's birthday do on Saturday, which promises to be legendary btw.

Oy and Nneka

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous réunissions encore my Blogville lovers xxxx

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm not even gonna bother apologising for infrequent blogging because I know I will do it again, so now thats outta the way lets proceed shall we?

I keed! I keed! Forgive me Blogville for I have sinned, its been....dang, almost a month since my last post. I don't even know whats causing my tardiness anymore, I'm just lazy, that's it, no other explanation.

Unfortunately I was hit with the official Nigerian disease over the weekend, malaria and was confined to bed the whole weekend (apart from a quick trip to Orchid Bistro with Bisola Winterbottom and going to wail at my bestie Nwabugo's place cos she was leaving on Saturday). Anyhoo, on Sunday while busy feeling sorry for myself and trying to force down my 4 times daily tablets of Artesunate, my darling friend D, knowing the sorry state I was in, came over to mine with spare ribs and butter pecan ice cream, I was delighted of course, even if a little surprised. "D" I said, "how did you know that I'd want spare ribs and butter pecan ice cream". "Daks" he said, "everybody knows what you fux with". I realised how true that was...

*permit me a little insight into that aspect of my personality* I have an OBSESSIVE personality i.e. when I love something I OD on it, I tell everyone how much I love it, I tweet about it, I read/eat/watch/do whatever it is at least every damn day (finances permitting). I literally never get tired.

I and D had a fun 2 hours while he went over all the things, over his long association with me, he knew I stan'd for:

*this list is in no particular order*

I LOVE BOOKS! I learned to read pretty early, by the time my mates were still struggling with "the fat cat sat on the mat" a la English Premier, I was already on a Dr. Seuss and Enid Blyton p, no jokes. Its so bad that when I'm bored I read the back of cereal boxes just to have something to read. I read everywhere, while eating, on the can, getting my hair did, at work, driving sometimes, when the traffic is really bad. I tingle in my unmentionables when I smell new books, I hpnestly don't think I can fully quantify how much I love to read so I'll stop here.

She. Is. The. Queen. Period

i really can't explain why I stan for maltina and I don't know whats gonna happen to me when I move away for from Nigeria and can't get it anymore. The taste is just sublime.

I'm addicted to sitcoms, drama series etc (except Mad Men, talk about useless hype). I remember the great Desperate Housewives Weekend of 2007. Where I spent an entire weekend from Friday to Sunday, watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 and 2 in its entirety without moving. I ate all my meals in the living room, I took very infrequent bathroom breaks, I think I only showered once that weekend. It was deep

Anyone that can get Celine Dion to sing at my wedding must sit at the right hand of the Father on Judgement Day.

The Whys and Hows are immaterial, I stan for chunkys in a bad way.

Every other flavour of ice cream, especially chocolate make no sense when measured with butter pecan, none at all.

Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Kenickie, Frenchie, the music, the 50's, leather pants, Pink Ladies, Thunderbirds??? The holy Grail of movies.

Vicky is the greatest fashionista ever! She literally does not take a bad picture, like I have never seen one bad shot of her, never. She's like my ultimate.

The complete antithesis of a femme fatale, yet this woman held the entire world in thrall her whole life. Gotta love her chutzpah.

Truly, them Research In Motion people have no idea what they did for me when they invented the Blackberry.

I love love, no matter how much I try to be cynical and world weary of the idea of romance, whenever I hear the story of the couple that have been in love for years and still act like they just met, I get tears in my eyes. Yes bad bishes cry, lol.

These are a few of the things I stan for and fux with on a daily basis. For the more aesthetically inclined of my reading public, a post with pictures should be on the decks sometime this week.

p.s. NYSC is over!!!!!!!
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