Saturday, March 31, 2012


I love me some Yagazie Emezie and her latest video is high-larious to say the least. She talks about disciplining children by beating them which I'm a firm advocate of. I was beaten, my kids...if they step out of line will be beaten. I personally, as she does, think its the most effective method of child punishment.

Some kids however react differently to various types of discipline and some no matter how they're flogged still turn out to be bad eggs, those ones just need to be dedicated to God because I know the fear of my mother's cane was the beginning of wisdom for me.

I remember my darling Mrs. U driving my brothers and I to Cane Village in Maryland to pick out the canes she'll use to beat us. Trust me the drive alone to Mende was enough to curb us of of any tendencies to act out.

Unless you're a supreme dunce who actually enjoys being beaten you'll fix up sharply. I've never understood how grounding a child or "talking" to them helps, well....lemme start birthing my sprouts first. Then maybe I might get it and choose to go with that tactic but if my kids inherit any of my genes then they'll definitely need the bejesus scared out of them with a cane because Lord knows I was nuts as a child.

Anyway this is Yagazie's video below, her face when she's plucking the leaves off the cane.....classic!

Love and light xx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

L'espace - Instant Gratification

Barely a month after the much talked about AMFW, the L'Espace team bring you Instant Gratification - a pop-up boutique inspired by the buzz and excitement of seeing new collections.

Instant Gratification is an exclusive collaboration between L'Espace and some designers bringing to fashion lovers fabulous pieces showcased at AMFW.

On our line up are some of the most coveted Nigerian designers including Toju Foyeh, VLR, Re Bahia and Vonne.

This pop-up boutique is a one day event coming up on March 31 and promises to be an amazing shopping experience.

So, grab your purses (or wallets) and come pick up pieces that have never been seen - well, except on the runway.

March 31
L'Espace 19A Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
6pm -  10pm

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ASOS Yellow Dress In Brushstroke Print

Went out with my friends Molly, Kim and Coco last weekend and I wore this ASOS bodycon dress in brushtroke print.

River Island colour-block sandals
River Island jewelled hard case clutch
Topshop double cuffs



I looove the midi length of the dress and the fact that it doesn't look hoe-ish in the least but still packs a hell of a sexy punch. I'd advise you don't have a big meal before wearing it though. Its "clinginess" is unforgiving.

Unknown to me the dress was a bit of an internet sensation.

from l-r: Teairra Mari, Evelyn Lozada, Ashley Madekwe

I'd already bought mine before I saw any of the above and I think I was more surprised by the fact that Evelyn Lozada would rock a dress from ASOS than anything else. I mean it costs about 25 quid or so, good to know Basketball exes do cheap chic.

Love and light xx

Monday, March 26, 2012

L'espace + Third World Profashional

L'espace, the multi-concept mini Selfridges in Nigeria, land of fro-yo's and Afro couture is invading the Third World Profashional universe in a major way.

In the bid to promote homegrown talent and African fashion in general we are pleased to announce a collaboration between the L'espace team and Third World Profashional!

*clashing cymbals*

This union is set to be legendary and we intend to carry all our lovely profashionals and shoppers along with us. There will be several opportunities for you guys to be a part of this exciting venture as we will be introducing contests, giveaways and style challenges where people have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes courtesy of L'espace and Third World Profashional.

To be kept abreast of all developments check out the L'espace tumblr page Love L'espace and follow the L'espace team on twitter  @L_espaceByLPM.

To be eligible to participate in the forthcoming activities and win awesome prizes you have to;

Like the L'espace Facebook page HERE

Like the Third World Profashional Facebook page HERE

Follow Third World Profashional on Google Friend Connect

Sooo excited and can't wait to get started.

Love and light xx

Triple Denim

I would like to apologise for the dearth of posts on TWP for the past week, I've been in London since last Monday and whenever I go out of town I only take my iPad with me so my internet forays are a little restricted. Plus I actually had very little time to take photos while I was away, was caught up in a lot of stuff.

Yesterday I decided to channel my repressed 90's grunge chick and rock all over denim, but with a twist.

See a while ago I saw a photo of current denim queen Rihanna where she had on a denim bustier, with a denim shirt and denim jeans....therefore creating the little known phenomenon of triple denim. I personally thought she looked amazing despite the fact she needed to get her roots done, so I decided to dig out my forgotten denim pieces and pull a Fenty.

I left out the fanny pack though, God knows things haven't got that bad for me.

Aqua By Aqua Flasher jacket in Tan
Topshop denim shirt
Topshop denim bustier
Topshop denim jeans
Topshop red velvet studded smoking slippers
Dolce & Gabbana aviators

*yeah I do like Topshop quite a bit*

Honestly what was she thinking with this hair, that's what I'd like to know.

I met up with my friend Nwabugo after Mass on Sunday, we were headed to our friend Hilda's for lunch.

Good times.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LPM March - The Health & Beauty Edition

The month of February has come and gone with another successful LPM under our belts. Rogue Couture, Tote, Maju and the delectable frozen yoghurt by Sweet Kiwi are just a few brands that graced our stalls.

March promises our loyal shoppers a very well deserved pamper package; The Health & Beauty Edition. Massages, mini manicures, pedicures, make up tutorials and an overwhelming eclectic dose of health & beauty products that will make you sing for joy!

We all know shopping can get a bit hectic, despite our love for beautiful clothes and accessories.
Thus the LPM team have decided to offer you a luxurious shopping experience. If you feel tired from all the shopping, let our on-site masseuse loosen some of those stubborn knots and make your shopping experience stress-free. Do you love the smoky eye look but end up looking like you’ve been in a boxing match? (Don’t worry, this happens to the very best of us)-well, have no fear, our professional make-up artist will give tutorials on whatever make up questions you may have.

It’s always a plus to look good but it’s more important to feel good first. The LPM March Health & Beauty Edition is the best thing you can do to your body this month. Bring your friends, mothers & girlfriends along for what we promise to be the ultimate shopping experience.


1) What's one beauty item you can't live without?

My "MINTY SHEA HAIR BUTTER" in the OurS by Juliada range. It has saved my life time and time again. My hair stays manageably soft and beautifully conditioned with this baby.

2) What's the last beauty item you purchased?

That would be Mascara from "BLUSH" cosmetics at 1388 Tiamiyu Savage. I find Mascara frames my eyes in a very pretty, feminine way. Had to get me some once I ran out!

3) Are you a lipstick lover or a lip gloss girl?

It's tough to say really...I like neutral lip gloss to complete a simple look, but there is nothing quite like a lipstick to bring that fire to a look...don't you think?

4) What's your daily make-up routine?

I genuinely try to keep my skin free from make up to avoid clogging up my pores. However we owe it to ourselves to look good at all times:

1) apply a little mineral powder foundation (gives my face a smooth appearance)

2) follow up with an eyeliner. I use a metallic champagne coloured pencil on my lower lids for days when i want a "fresh faced"' look. It brightens up my eyes. A dark gel liner for night and drama filled days! lol

3) I finish up by framing my upper lashes in black mascara. perhaps a dash of blush on the apple of my cheeks and that's it! ( Lip gloss could finish this off nicely, or just a good balm!)

5) What are the best hair products for women with natural hair?

I could go on FOREVER with this question!

ok you want to stay away from sulphate shampoos. They will dry out your hair and Moisture is your best friend as a Natural.

Try using the "HYDRATE" Organic Shampoo from OurS by Juliada for a thorough yet gentle cleanse.

A suitable Deep conditioner is also very important. I tend to use the natural "HAIR SMOOTHIE" again from the OurS by Juliada range. Other fantastic brands exist like *Kinky Curly, Giovanni, Mixed Chicks, Aubrey
Organics. When it comes to serious hair care, its about seeing what works FOR YOU. No two heads of Hair are exactly the same!!

My PERSONAL life saver however is the MINTY SHEA HAIR BUTTER from OurS by Juliada. Can't live without it.  Get it.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Quick outfit post.

Wore this to a friends party on St. Patrick's day, tried to circumvent the "green" I knew would be everywhere by doing mint instead. Still surprised that I'm getting into pastels, was definitely not a fan before. I prefer my colours a bit more blinding than muted.

Dorothy Perkins jumper in Mint
Topshop denim bustier (worn underneath)
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
Prada tote
River Island colour block sandals

Loooove this ear cuff/hair comb thingy I got from ASOS, the weirder the jewelery, the more likely you are to find me wearing it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've spent most of the week holed up at home with Florence and The Machines "Shake It Out" on repeat. I confess I used to be a Florence Welch "hater", I staged my own little protest against her by refusing to listen to anything she and her band put out, for reasons I'll try to explain. First off her style is a little off to me, she reminds me of Alexa Chung, two people I can never in a million years understand why they are hailed as fashion icons.....completely beyond me. Constantly in weird ass clothes for no discernible reason, Alexa Chung is seriously beautiful and trust me when you're a beautiful person you can get away with pretty much anything. Florence, attractive but she doesn't get a beautiful pass like Miss Chung so I always wondered why she stayed on her jolie laide p and refused to dress like a normal person.

She also felt like someone people thought it was "cool" to like, for example Lana Del Rey. I took out time to watch her video, listen to her song and I still can't jump on the Del Rey train. So I kinda lumped Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey in one boat....

Then I heard "Shake It Out", saw the video and that was my aaaaahhhh moment.

Her voice is divine, her stage presence is fiery...for like the 4 and something minutes it took to watch that video I was mesmerized. Now that's why she can dress like a bag lady and get away with it....because SHE CAN. Her talent is Alexa Chung's beauty, Naomi Campbell's phenomenal body, Kate Moss' chutzpah, and they can pretty much do whatever they want.

This song needs to be listened to with speakers on full blast, the organs, bells, tambourines, drums.......orgasmic.

Another casualty of my self imposed seclusion is that I idly decided to start watching Downton Abbey and my obsessive nature kicked into high gear. I never really just like something, I become infatuated, fanatical, possessed by it, passionate about it, rave about it, read every single thing I can about it. I can't imagine what being the focus of my single minded attention must feel like, I was so gripped by Downton Abbey I joined a DA chat group and I've spent the past two days discussing possible plot lines for the upcoming Season Three with fellow fanatics.

I've honestly wondered why Downton Abbey is so amazing, I guess its because its the first English period drama I've seen that wasn't adapted from a novel so I have zero idea of what's going to happen next. Plus there's the little matter of Maggie Smith aka Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, she is sublime, definitely the best thing about the show. I have a weird obsession with very sharp old people, they are truly the funniest people alive, I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel recently that had an ensemble cast of senior citizens including my boo Maggie Smith and I was in old codger heaven.

As a result of my trawling all things Downton Abbey on the internet I found this Youtube video of the Top 10 Maggie Moments from Downton Abbey

J'adore.....or "I J'adore" *in the voice of Kim Kardashian*

My favourite line hands down has to be in the scene after Mr. Pamuks death at Downton and she goes "of course it would happen to a foreigner, no Englishman would dream of dying in someone else's house, especially someone they didn't know".

I know her lines are written for her but its the delivery that does it, nobody delivers a zinger quite like Maggie Smith. Some lines that were not in the Youtube video:

“I couldn’t have electricity in the house, I wouldn’t sleep a wink. All those vapors floating about.”
Cora: “I hope I don’t hear sounds of a disagreement.”
Lady Grantham: “Is that what they call discussion in New York?”
“One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We’d all be in a constant state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper.”
Cora: “I hate to go behind Robert’s back.”
Lady Grantham: “That is a scruple no successful wife can afford.”
Lady Grantham: “Why would you want to go to a real school? You’re not a doctor’s daughter.”
Sybil: “Nobody learns anything from a governess, apart from French and how to curtsy.”
Lady Grantham: “What else do you need? Are you thinking of a career in banking?”
Cora: “Things are different in America.”
Lady Grantham: “I know. They live in wigwams.”

Recently I discovered a new blog in the unlikeliest of places, the comment section at Linda Ikeji's, would you believe it. I'm usually accustomed to coming across the flotsam and jetsam of the internet rubbish heap in those kind of places and I was very pleasantly surprised by this blog, its called  New Jersey To Nigeria   ; and its about an inter-racial family; Nigerian father and Indian mother who move with their three children from the United States to live in Lagos, its written by the mother and her take on Nigeria is fascinating.

She recounted a story where there was no toilet paper in the loo at her kids school and she was genuinely wondering what Nigerians cleaned up with after going to the bathroom. Just because there was no loo paper. I read it with my own eyes and I'm still shocked at the level of ignorance among non Nigerians about Nigerians. The woman is really quite funny and I spent way too much time reading her old posts yesterday, you should totally check it out when you get the chance.

I've been eagerly anticipating the Hunger Games movie, the trailer looks amaze and the world they live in reminds me of the world in Stephen King as Richard Bachman's 'The Long Walk'; that kind of violent, futuristic and at the same time Big Brother-ish universe, plus I have a mild crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I'm usually very iffy about movies that have been adapted from books; P.S. I Love You and Confessions Of A Shopaholic have been two such monstrosities; but I have high hopes for the Hunger Games. To move things along, I ordered the box set from Amazon (I got a great pre-loved deal, 11.95 for all three) and I need to devour them before I see the movie.

New books make me tingle, the only other items that can bring on a feeling close to that are probably new bags.

I have agbalumo sent by Mrs. U, fresh from Lagos Island and Baskin Robbins Butter Pecan ice-cream cake to accompany my reading and once I'm done with this post, I'm on it like white on rice.

Oh yeah and the new book from the A Song Of Ice And Fire Series is out tomorrow; A Dance With Dragons part 2, already pre-ordered that so I'm patiently waiting.

Another movie I'm really looking forward to seeing is the exorcist themed 'The Devil Inside', I love a good horror movie and I'm particularly fascinated by exorcisms but I was very offended by the tagline accompanying the trailer "the movie the Vatican doesn't want you to see". I thought that was stupid, why can't you promote your movie without making it seem like a Roman Catholic Holy War, we probably need to start placing death sentences on people that make fun of the Catholic Church then maybe they'll chill a bit. The Pope is in his crib chillin, not giving a toss about what's happening in Hollyweird then morons like Nicki Minaj or whoever is producing this movie decide they want a little publicity and try to engage the poor old man.

I'll go see it sha, so I can tell Mrs. U all about it and we'll have a good gossipy natter about people who have no respect for our faith.

Oh yeah, anyone here watch House Of Lies? That gorgeous stripper turned UCLA Law student that Don Cheadle's old ass is schtupping is Nigerian, Igbo to be exact, behold Megalyn Echikunwoke

Her dad is Nigerian and her mum is German/Scots-Irish. She's pretty dope on the show, the entire show is pretty dope, I don't know why it isn't more popular. Even if I still can't buy Don Cheadle as the narcissistic, promiscuous, cussing, fast-talking, sharp as a tack management consultant Marty Khan; he's doing a pretty good job and the rest of the cast especially Kristen Bell are ace, I've never seen Miss Veronica Mars/the voice of Gossip Girl in such an adult role before, its an eye-opener.

Another show I've been getting into lately is Smash which I see as a kind of Glee for Grownups but its a fun show and the performances are frighteningly good. Katherine "quaterback shoulders" McPhee is in it and her voice is phenomenal, like amazing. Her performance of "Shake It Out" ranks just behind Glee's "We Are Young" in my top ten songs performed by tv stars. This show has some heavyweights in it: Anjelica Huston, Debra Messing and its produced by Steven Speilberg. It definitely has all the right ingredients for ratings gold. The only person I still don't get what he's still doing on that show is Ellis, the scheming assistant, can't stand him.


So that's a bit of what's been roaming around in my head these past few days, time to get started on The Hunger Games.

Love and light xx


Monday, March 12, 2012

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 - My Favourite Street Style Looks

The best part, undoubtedly, of any fashion week, be it the Big Four (New York, London, Milan, Paris) or any of the interminable number happening in various cities around the world; are the street style looks.

Fashion Week tends to bring out the savvy and not so savvy fashionistas within us and knowing Nigerians propensity to go large or go home I'd been eagerly waiting street style snaps from Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012. My people definitely did not disappoint, I spotted a lot of great looks and some I'd rather not see again in polite company, but overall people brought it beautifully.

These pictures I've appropriated from the various websites that were kind enough to keep those of us who could not attend updated on the goings on are my favourite looks out of everything I've seen so far. It might be a particular accessory, pair of shoes or the entire outfit but these are the ones that definitely made me take a second look, and I present them in no particular order.

I am loving everything about this, the carelessly rolled sleeves, the statement neck candy, dominatrix type shoes and the gorge blend of colour and neutrals.

 I thought this lady looked so casual and carefree, definitely not trying too hard. The print skirt and jade multi strand necklace are fab.

 Wokie of Madam Wokie is totally working the pussybow "schoolgirl" look, I especially love the stacked animal print platforms.

 I LOVED this look, the python print top, emerald pleated maxi skirt, strappy platforms, tri-colour clutch and the piece de resistance.....her uber cool 60s John Lennon type sunnies. So not typical but definitely winning.

 I like the high collar on the dress and the bold pink + red pairing, but the reason I like this look goes beyond the outfit, I think its more of her stance/expression. Definitely made me look.

 Very creative dress by Re Bahia, I like the mixed material, fabulous ombre hair and cat-eye sunglasses. Love.

 Loving this retro goth look by Adaobi. I especially like the rimmed sunnies and sheer, polka dot shirt.

 You can't go wrong with sheer in my book (well I'm sure some people can) and I love the understated, easy look this girl is giving me here. Great smile too.

 Fantastic pop of colour and gorge sequin skirt from Toke Makinwa. Loving the combination.

Very interesting outfits by Eku Edewor , my favourite is definitely the clashing prints of the shirt and pants of the picture on the left, the fabulous shoes with lucite heels and the gorge bag; very well put together. The white playsuit and blazer on the right are very Chanel-esque. Top marks. 

 Always a delight to see someone do colour well, love the rolled up cobalt pants and stacked Kente bangles.

 Another very casual, yet seriously stylish look, especially loving the structured bag.

 My girl here looks about 7ft tall and fierce AF, love it! Her shoes are major, on anyone else this look would have been OTT but she just looks amaze.

 Michelle from Bombchell dot com gave us two very different looks; the super ladylike combo of neutral and red and the sports luxe look with the neon trainers and panelled tights. Loving the old school Louis Vuitton graffiti bag.

 This heavily embellished top is amaze! It looks Nigerian but I can't be completely sure, if anyone knows where its from please let me know. Love it!

 Stylist Ezinne Chinkata is totally giving me a holidaying on the Cote d'Azur vibe in the laser cut white shift dress and woven box case, very 60's.
I also like the contrast of the print dress and block collar on the girl of the left.

 I'm really loving the contrast between the print dress and plain white brogues on Ozzy of 4Aces. The statement necklace is a huge plus too.

I never imagined anyone could pull of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in Nigeria till I saw this photo of Yagazie Emezie from Hungry Aba Gal. The dress, the socks, the shoes, the arm party, the hair A+++++++++ 

 Kike of Style By Queens looks very chic in this lace top and print skirt. Love the ladylike look.

 Onyinye Fafi Obi of Fashion Phoenix worked a fun, playful look in her Elsie Vintage blouse, pleated maxi skirt and O'eclat bag.

 I though this lady looked beautiful, especially the fabric earrings and print skirt. At first look I actually thought she was Nike Osinowo.

 Very playful, retro look. I'm especially loving the hair.

 Despite neon being one of the standout looks this season I saw very little of it at Arise, which is why when I saw these neon jeans I went "A-HA!". Very welcome sight indeed. The multi-tone sandals are ace!

 Love the sleeveless blazer and shoes. Menswear done right.

 The contrast between the peach chiffon top and the gold collar necklace is definitely a win, very interesting blouse structure. Great hair too.

Clashing prints, harem pants, huge statement necklaces; this lady threw in a lot of my favourite aesthetics. I'm loving the combination.

So these are some of my favourite looks so far, I haven't seen street style photos from Saturday and Sunday so the minute they are up on the usual sites I'll start compiling my favourites from them too. Its hard to pick one standout look but from all the ones I've posted here I definitely have two that stood out for me above the others.

What are your favourite looks and which ones do you think I might have chosen for my top two.

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