Friday, August 31, 2012



Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Content To Entertain, Educate & Inspire!

In recognition of the thriving Nigerian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry with local practitioners gaining tremendous visibility across various international platforms, Glam Networks announces Glam Report TV - a 30 minute chic and fast-paced fashion and beauty television magazine show.

Glam Report TV intersects home and foreign territories to aptly meet the needs and preferences of the trendy youth and working class Nigerian. The show aims to facilitate the positioning of the Nigerian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Industry and its players on a broad spectrum by educating, entertaining and inspiring trendy urban dwellers.

Each of the shows 13 episodes is split in 4 segments, namely:
Glam Personality: This segment uncovers power entrepreneurs in the Nigerian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry. It highlights their brands, competitive strength, typical work day, the glitz of their careers and their personalities.

Glam Spotlight: This segment focuses on players within the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industry under the age of 32 who have thrilling careers. It aims to inspire the audience.

Glam Access: This segment goes behind the scenes of the most exciting and high profile photo shoots, fashion, beauty and lifestyle events. It also features the hottest celebrities revealing their style secrets.

Glam U: This is an interactive DIY segment that provides cutting edge information and tips on skin care, grooming, style, beauty and fashion. The segment’s sponsors, VENUS, anticipate that it will “encourage our consumers to have and live a better lifestyle”.

Speaking on Glam Report TV, Bola Balogun, its Creator and Producer said, “We all deserve to be living our best lives. The show provides us with the tools to do so; it allows us to lovingly embrace fashion, crave a more fulfilled lifestyle and successfully work towards an improved, rejuvenated and glamorous us.’

Left to capture the hearts of the show’s audience will be hosts Michelle Dede, Didi Ocheja and Fade Ogunro. Armed with years of experience in their areas of expertise: Michelle, a TV and live-events presenter with “Big Brother Nigeria” and MTN’s “Family Game Show” under her portfolio; Didi, Creative Director of Didi Isah Accessories and was the prior Executive Brand Director for Miss Nigeria and The Creative Director of the Miss Nigeria reality show; and Fade, a multilingual radio presenter at the Beat99.9Fm and TV producer. The vivacious and versatile trio adequately set the tone of what promises to be most invigorating beauty, fashion and lifestyle TV show to infiltrate our everyday lives.

SLEEK is the official hair and make-up Sponsor of Glam Report TV. Glam Report TV Media Partners are Genevieve Magazine and Additional Sponsors and Media Partners will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Glam Report TV will air on AIT, DSTV’s Africa Magic and other local channels.

About Glam Networks
Glam Networks is a television content development and production company committed to creating innovative television programmes that focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle for African and International markets. Glam Networks was established in 2009 by Bola Balogun - Nigeria’s pioneering fashion stylist and foremost fashion consultant. Glam Network’s television production credits include: “Miss Nigeria Reality Show” with Nike Oshinowo-Soleye, “Austrian Lace” Documentary, “I See Lagos” Television Campaign with Governor Fashola, “Oprah Winfrey Show - Beauty in Africa” with Uche Eze of Bella Naija, “MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week Audition Special”, and “Venus Glam Time With Omoni Oboli”.

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For more info and general enquiries, e-mail

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Glam Report TV at 08039589877, 08033178889,

Mrs. Bola Balogun- Creator & Producer of Glam Report TV (left) & Dr. Ebele Ugochukwu of Sleek Nigeria

Mrs. Bola Balogun- Creator & Producer of Glam Report TV

Mrs. Bola Balogun-Creator & Producer of Glam Report TV with the show's presenters; Michelle Ded, Fade Ogunro, Didi Ocheja and Actress and Face of Venus, Omoni Oboli and the Venus team

The 'Glam' Trio- Fade Ogunro (left), Didi Ocheja (middle) & Michelle Dede (left)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Photo

Daks circa 2007.

I still have this dress (one of my very few native dresses, I really need to get into trad) and I can still fit into it. As ma soeur Nwabugo would say, "God is working".

Throwback Video

Mya's My Love Is Like Woah is definitely one of my top 5 favourite videos of all time (my number one is Michael Jacksons 'Liberian Girl', I love videos with cameos and that video probably has the most cameos of any video I've ever seen).

Watching this video I used to fantasize that I'd be picked for MTVs 'Becoming' show (remember it?) to do this song and after the video shoot I could keep all the outfits she performed in.

I was also a huge Mya fan because she was a proud member of the itty bitty titty crew and she still looked hot AF, I was like "we have a mascot"! Lol.

'Case Of The Ex' was mental too btw. Wonder what happened to Mya because she was seriously awesome.

Current Video Loveage

Brandy Norwood took me back to the Full Moon era with this song and video, LOVE IT! Once upon a time Brandy was my fave and it hurt my heart to see her falter but now she's back and this video is giving me LIFE. Chris Brown isn't half bad too, don't know why people are so down on his rapping I think he sounds good but what do I know.

I think I might finally crack and get some braids put in when I go back home. I haven't had braids in about 10 years, the pain and the long hours put me off but I might just pop some Nurofen and endure it.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Wore this out when I was forced to go see The Dark Knight for the second time. Not that it isn't a great movie but sitting through three hours of Bruce Wayne and Bane breathing heavily at each other can take its toll on a girl.

I was cracking up today at the thought that there was no way in hell I'd be able to wear a dress this light in Aberdeen. Right now my poor Grampians are still wearing coats and scarves, I'm stunned I managed to live there for almost 2 years, the weather is abominable.

Zara floral shift dress sold out but similar HERE
Topshop gladiator sandals get them in silver HERE, I love these HERE
Prada baroque sunnies mine are brown, you can get them in black HERE and I found these Darla sunglasses that look almost identical but at a whopping fraction of the cost HERE

The picture below isn't very clear, I forgot to take a picture of my eyebrows so I had to make do with zooming and cropping a regular picture. Anyway I went to get my eyebrows threaded the day before and the lady suggested I tint them which I'd never done before. Normally my hair grows sparsely, which is a great thing because I have longer depilatory intervals than most people but it means I have the eyebrows of a new born. Without the application of a brow pencil I look bald up top.

Anyhoo I got them tinted and now I'm a convert! Its amazing, I swear to you in these photos I only used a brow pencil to outline the brows and my regular concealer and that's all. Everything there is mine....well heavily tinted but mine nevertheless.

I wake up in the morning and I don't look like the "before" picture that those evil make-up artists use.

*sidebar if any make-up artist ever releases a "before" picture of me to advertise her work I'll give her an enema with an ELF brush. I heard most of them don't even ask their customers before they go posting their before and after pictures all over the internet. Too harsh*

Forgive me if I sound a tad over-excited I'm just surprised I didn't try it sooner. Like I've seen people do it where I get my brows threaded but it just never occurred to me to try it out. I'm so sold now and once I love something I can become its unofficial spokesperson without permission.

Since I'm a Mac girl "all day errrday" *in the voice of Scrappys momma* I hightailed it to the Mac site to buy an eyebrow tint home kit but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I might have to go to a Mac stand to be certain they don't have it. I found this RefectoCil Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint Kit in Brown though which came heavily recommended so when the colour I have on fades which will be in about 4 to 6 weeks by then I'll be back in Nigeria then I can get to tinting my brows myself.

Exciting times my people, exciting times.

Love and light xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stella's Addiction Studio Launch

Stella's Addiction Studio launches in Victoria Island, Lagos!

The Paris trained make-up artist who shares her beauty tips and favourite products with us on her blog Stella's Addiction has just launched a studio in the Apples and Oranges Therapy Spa at No. 10 Balarabe Musa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

If like me you have been following the blog, you would be exited to hear they offer a wide range of make-up services, including brow grooming, threading, tweezing, trimming, false lashes, strips, individual, all kinds of makeovers for everyday, special events, bridal, editorial, runway; and wait for it.....Stella also gives tutorials!!!!

Stella stocks some of her favourite products and her prices are extremely reasonable.

There was an official launch last weekend

I am super excited for my girl Stella, her passion for make-up is amazing and I'm so proud of her for turning her dream into reality.

I think I'm most excited about the threading, I'd been wondering where I could get my eyebrows threaded when I moved back home but now, problem solved.

For enquiries please contact 08162606066 or send an email to


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comedy Gig

Went to the Naija Kings of Comedy show this weekend at the HMV Apollo, 35 quid and totally worth it. I LOVE stand-up, whatever the nationality, like I spend hours watching British stand-up on Comedy Central. There's something about laughing uproariously that leaves me feeling all sunshine-ey on the inside.

 Before I left home I tried my hand at taking my picture myself using the timer thingamajig on my camera. Not sure I'll be doing it much I felt like a right boob grinning at the camera even though no-one else was around. 

Will have to keep pestering my friends to help me take pictures.

yay? nay?

Zara blazer
Zara linen t-shirt
Aqua By Aqua 'Stamp' trouser get it HERE
Prada Saffiano tote get it HERE
Kimchi Blue woven slip-on shoes on sale now in both tan and white HERE

*sidebar, I am seriously in love with these Kimchi Blue flats, so in love I got them in both white and tan. So comfortable I've dubbed them my new airport shoes, necessary for those pesky security checks when you have to take off what seems like half your outfit. Plus it went down to 10 pounds from 35 which totally fulfills my Mid-Year resolution not to buy anything unless its on sale.

You can get them HERE

With my girls Erenma, Nnezi and Theresa

Love and light xx

*Totally random but who heard the gist about Ochocinco getting arrested for domestic battery? If you haven't here's the tea, apparently Evelyn found a receipt for a box of rubbers in his car, she confronted him and he HEADBUTTED her.

I am still in shock.

I cannot imagine how that must have hurt, apparently she even had facial lacrations. He was arrested and now has a court order to have no contact with Evelyn. Some people are saying its a publicity stunt, but like the whole K-Stew fiasco I cannot see the win in it. What part of a stunt has you getting arrested, hitting your wife of one month in the face and possibly endangering your career?

I don't want to say Evelyn had it coming but she had it coming. She responds to everything with violence plus she damn near gave him a free pass to cheat as we all saw on television so this just seems like a lot of karma coming her way.

I bet Jennifer is somewhere crying with laughter, or maybe not, she's way more mature than that, but the validation she must be currently feeling.....amazing.

I'm definitely watching Eve & Ocho, if it even airs after this fiasco.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Born on the 7th day of the 7th month I've always maintained that 7 is my lucky number even though the number has never exactly proven its usefulness, it just seems like the thing to say when someone asks what my lucky number is. I like the symmetry of my birth month and date so much that because I was born on a Sunday I've decided to believe Sunday is the 7th day of the week even though its the 1st.....but who's counting.

"and the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe and good and gay"

Though no-one would ever describe me with the above adjectives, except bonny maybe, I think I'm tres bonny. "Blithe, good and gay" on the other hand remain to be seen, I'm grumpy 24/7 so maybe that poem needs to be re-written.

The 7th day of the 7th month whatever the year is always a good day and then some.

H&M print shirt and shorts
River Island stack heeled penny loafers get similar HERE or HERE

Love and light xx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hair Routine

So a few days ago I posted the picture below on Instagram and had someone ask me what my hair routine was, I'd never thought of doing a post on my hair but I've tried and tested so many products before landing on my magic set that I thought it might be helpful to someone somewhere.

I've always had pretty regular hair, not too long, not too short....just average. Generally I'm not a product junkie; skin, face, whatever; I find something I like and I stick to it and its worked for me so far. Therefore my attitude to hair was relax it maybe twice a year, in between stick it in weaves and pay no attention to it.

The real struggle began about 4 years ago when I cut my hair, like proper boy type short and everything just went to hell in a hand basket. I tried going natural for about a year which was a massive disaster, started relaxing my hair again and it just refused to grow right. My hairline went all LeBron on me and retreated significantly from my forehead, my ends were split to fudge, I had ridiculously uneven was a mess. sometime in 2010 up until September 2011, I locked my hair in weaves and the only time I saw my natural hair was when I was taking out one weave to put in another.

Then a miracle happened, I decided to leave my hair out for about a week last September and surprise surprise it had grown alarmingly and looked extremely presentable. Since I hadn't done a thing to it I figured protective styles was what had done it, so I started leaving my hair out at intervals to monitor the growth and noticed it grew rapidly but was very weak and broke off as fast as it was growing. I turned to Youtube, TWP and anyone I knew who had long relaxed hair for help and was literally bombarded with information, everybody had a sure-fire routine for growing their hair and keeping said growth.

Everything, from a girl who NEVER combed her hair, like just ran through it with her fingers, washed it every single day and relaxed the new growth every month and she had gorgeous hair, but I couldn't see myself putting my weakened hair through all that strain. I found someone else who moisturized and sealed her hair every day with Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion and Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil, I tried that for a while but my hair started to rival Didier Drogba's in greasiness and was so disgusting I gave that up as a bad job.

After several trial runs I think I've finally arrived at a workable solution. My main problem was breakage and everybody with their 1001 solutions always came back to the same thing: a protein treatment, whether DIY or one that came in a bottle. I don't trust DIY, whether on outfits, facial or skin mixtures and least of all my hair so I decided to go with a tried and trusted brand.

Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment
This I do every four weeks, I've been using it for about three months now so thats three applications so far and I can definitely see an improvement. After you apply it your hair literally hardens, like you could break pieces off it in that state but that's just the magic getting to work. It has detailed instructions which should be adhered to strictly or you risk losing a healthy hank of hair. It should be used in tandem with the Balancing Moisturizer.
get it HERE

Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer
It is a must for use after the Two-Step Protein treatment because it softens the hair after the protein treatment dries it out.
get it HERE

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Range
 Implying that I use the range is a bit ambitious, I only use the conditioner and the hair mask. In the hair world the lingo is exhaustive and at first when everyone was telling me to co-wash it sounded like gibberish. With the help of my trusty friend Google I found out that co-washing meant to use only conditioner to wash your hair, this is because shampoo strips your hair of essential oils or something. I felt a little smug here because I'd co-washed a few times before I even knew it was a "thing" because I always felt shampoo was a bit harsh sometimes. So I co-wash once a week and only use shampoo when I'm relaxing my hair.

Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion
This lotion is very greasy even though it is advertised as being non-greasy, no idea why. I only use it once a month when I do the protein treatments because I feel like I need all the moisture I can get on that day. I'm still a bit iffy on whether its absolutely necessary, maybe my hair just can't take it but someone else's might. If you have awfully dry hair this might be the product for you.
get it HERE

Moroccan Argan Oil
 Now this product I'm seriously in love with, I use it on my scalp and hair when I do my weekly wash, then because I have a really dry scalp, I use it everyday on that but I don't let it touch my hair. My hair retains moisture for a long time so after is has been moisturized and sealed really well I don't let anything touch it for a few days.
get it HERE

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil
I got this after I saw a Youtube video where a girl used it to seal her hair and though Shea oil is preferred by most hair nazis I don't think it works for me ( I use virgin untreated shea butter on my skin though and it works beautifully there). Plus my hair tends to retain moisture so I only seal about once a week after washing it. I might use it lightly on my ends during the week but only very sparsely so I don't go aorund with a heavy, greasy hank of hair.
get it HERE

So there you have it, my tried and trusted hair products, it sounds like a lot of work and I thought it was before I started but its turned out to be not so stressful. Thing is my hair used to be in weaves 100% of the time before but when I decided to start caring for my hair its only about 60% of the time now. Protective styles work for me and I still feel my hair flourishes best when its plaited and tucked away under several grams of weave. So the above treatments are used only when my hair is out, I'm sure I'll see faster work if I went at it religiously for a year or so but honestly I break out in hives thinking of going through all this wahala constantly, I'd rather stick to feeding the hair all this richness for a few weeks or so then putting a weave back on so it can hibernate and grow in peace.

I'm still on the lookout for more tips, my obsessive personality has kicked into high gear and the unfortunate victim is my hair so if you have any more ideas that could help or if you see anything I'm doing wrong please do not hesitate to point it out so I can fix up.

Love and light xx
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