Monday, March 2, 2015

Catch-Up 01/03/15

The past week I......

Attended a Queen's College Old Girls Mentoring Committee meeting, and got to hang out with  a few of the students.

Was crazy nostalgic getting to see where I spent the bulk of my formative years. QC had a huge impact on my life and giving back to the school in any way is very important to me. We have Mentoring Assemblies every Thursday at 7.30 am where we get to share our experiences and life lessons with the students and we need all the help and hands we can get. If you are a Queens College old girl and are interested in sponsoring the Mentoring activities financially, or lending your time as one of the Mentors, please send an email to to indicate interest.

Attended a painting class on Tuesday hosted by Paint The Night Africa and it was quite the experience.

The theme was "romance" and we had to paint our own interpretation of it. I can't even draw a circle to save my life but by following the instructions and being part of such a fun group, I managed to turn out; in my estimation; quite the masterpiece.

The Polo Avenue x Genevieve Online Magazine Launch was on Thursday and it was chock full of a room full of beautiful people and Aunty Betty giving us girls a run for all our collective fortunes. Need to try my damnedest to look like that at 50, can't be easy.

So a Tea House has opened in Lagos, went to the Lagos Tea House on Saturday for lunch. I'm not really a tea drinker, only take hot drinks when its freezing and as Lagos is pretty much always Satan's personal playground, that translates to never. But I'm always game for new experiences so I and my friend Achenyo decided to check it out.

For Tea Snobs, they had quite the extensive menu..

I got the Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong tea which costs N1,800 and Achenyo got the Water Melon Mint White tea.

I thought the presentation was on point, the owners clearly put a lot of thought and work into it and its a nice place to just chill.

I expected the decor to reflect more of the "tea house" concept though, like a Japanese Tea House. Like maybe long, low tables and cushions and what not. It just looked like a regular restaurant which took its tea really seriously.

But if you're not finicky like me and don't expect a miracle everywhere you go then you'll be fine.

This is me trying to recreate  a "sips tea" picture. Not sure I got the Wendy Williams amebo look down pat but I tried.

If you're an avid tea drinker this is definitely the place for you. The Lagos Tea House is at Plot 6 Admiralty Way Lekki 1 (on the right just after the Lekki/Ikoyi roundabout if you're coming from phase 1 gate).

Drove around several stores looking for this Kamokini maillot......

I'm planning an island holiday for my birthday in July and as a control freak, I have a spreadsheet and a to-do list that I'm working on right now. I know I can order it off their website but they don't accept returns and I need to try it on before I can make a decision. Have gone round their stockists and none have this particular suit. So if you know where I can find it in Lagos please let me know. Very important.
*sidebar, I really love how Nigerian designers are making it so much easier to shop in country. If someone had told me years ago I'd be able to buy swimsuits made in Nigeria I'd have laughed.

We stopped by Stranger Lagos for their Salted Caramel apple pie and Bounty cupcakes after....

Love and light xx

photocredit: Insignia photos,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

40 and Fabulous

Not me, lol. Still in my Roaring Twenties thanks very much. 

But I attended a stupendous (this is not an exaggeration) 40th birthday celebration that spanned two days over the weekend and I'm still reeling from it.

There was a throwback native party where everybody wore ankara and drank palm wine and Shina Peters shook his money maker. 

Then an elegant black tie dinner a day after. It was black and white themed and Daks gave them as usual.

Wearing my fave Esosa Stores (will do a designer spotlight on the Creative Director in due course). 

WEARING: Esosa Stores Dress; Rand & Pluto 'Maleficient' Earrings (get HERE), Le Reve Bangles

Get into the henna on my hand, henna is my newest obsession. I LOVE tattoos but since I intend to be in legitimate employment for a while still, can't use my body as a canvas like I want to so I've started getting into henna art every couple of weeks or so.

Got henna on my back as well, which you can see is already fading......sadly

Love and light xx

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

L'Espace x Blogger 2015 Limited Edition Calendar

So this is a project I've been really excited about......

The fabulous and amazingly forward thinking L'espace By LPM Team put together a calendar for 2015, featuring 12 fashion and beauty bloggers across the continent.....and had I not been included I will probably have been apprehended while skulking around Olosa street with some kind of explosive device.

By far my favorite aspect of this calendar was that the pictures of the bloggers were going to be illustrations. I've always wanted an illustration of myself and here come the lovely people from L'espace pretty much giving me one for Christmas. I mean I stalk Hayden Williams Instagram page so much he must see my handle in his dreams. 

Of course I had to go with the best month......

So below, on the left is the original picture the illustration was based on and its from my friend Yewande's 50s themed wedding back in September. I especially love the boob job I was given :)

By now you must be wilding out wondering how to get this calendar (and rightly so), easy peasy...they are available in store at L'espace - 19a Olosa street, Victoria Island, Lagos, or online at The desk version costs N3,000, while the wall version costs N5,000.

Now the kicker is you not only get an aesthetically pleasing calendar to look at for the next 11 months, you can also fill your goody two shoes quota, because 30% of proceeds from all sales of the calendar will go to the YESA Fund.

Got mine and its already assumed pride of place on my coffee table.

Get yours HERE

Love and light xx

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I looked at the date of my last post and cringed.


No words.....


I wasn't going through any major life upheavals, I just got a bit...dare I say it....bored with blogging. Blogging has always been a creative outlet and after a while it became a bit tedious. Maybe its the over-commercialization of the whole thing but when it started feeling like it was "by force" to blog I withdrew.

However I woke up this morning, put on my Frosted Flaked t-shirt and for the first time in months opened up No idea what to attribute this sudden gra gra to but I welcome it.

In the meantime though my life has accelerated like crazy. Went on some fabulous trips, FINALLY moved out of my parents house and into a place of my own and made some very unlikely but very rewarding career decisions.

2014 was like a movie and 2015 is looking just as unpredictable but I'm ready for it.

Love and light xx

Monday, September 29, 2014

Introducing: Rand & Pluto

With a focus on minimalist cuts, premium fabrics and trend-led design, Rand & Pluto is the go-to-brand for the sophisticated young woman. 

This season, our signature minimalist style is invigorated with a palette of pastel hues. Choose from a range of covetable party dresses to tailored blazers, perfectly cut trousers and statement jewellery.

Rand & Pluto is also available at and

Rand & Pluto is offering a 15% discount on all items on to TWP readers, enter the code TWP2014 at checkout.

For payment on delivery, call 09098944561 or email

For news updates and discounts, follow @randandpluto on Twitter and on Instagram: randandpluto. You can also like Rand & Pluto on Facebook.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winner: Savvy & Chic Giveaway

The winner is Freda!

Thanks to everyone who entered, Freda and Daks turn up!

Love and light xx

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Product Review - JL Wigs

Recently boarded the wig train and I'm loving it!

Unlike other products I review here, I wasn't approached by the brand but I saw the wig on a friend and loved it.

Asked her where she got it and she gave me the details.

I've only ever worn a wig once in my life and after it fell off my head at Marylebone while I was running to catch the train to Bicester I swore I'd never go near one again until I saw the JL Wig.

JL Wigs are made from 100% human hair ranging from Peruvian to Malaysian and much more. Pricing depends on the length and type of hair. The wigs come with comfortable adjustable bands and/or combs to enable them feel more secure. 

I got mine in Mongolian Straight and in 16", 18" and 20", with a 12" closure.

Funny story, being a total blonde beneath my melanin, I didn't realize when I ordered  a wig with a middle part I could actually move it a few inches to the left and turn it into a side part.

The dynamos from JL Wigs explained this to me and I am still shocked at the sheer ingenuity. Its like getting two wigs for the price of one! It is so versatile I even managed an updo.

I am now considered a terror on Lagos streets, because once work is over and I enter my car, my wig comes off to reveal the patewo beneath. I enjoy seeing drivers get whiplash gawking at my Simbi-ness.

The ease and functionality is beyond.

Side Part

Center Part


All in my mission to baby my natural hair as much as possible, I'm definitely going to be wigging it *facepalm* probably till next year.

The hair itself is fantastic, minimal shedding, feels great, needs very little brushing, silky but still has quite a heft to it. I really dislike limp hair.

I heartily recommend getting one.

See below where I'm demonstrating my heartiness with a big shit-eating grin on my face.


Phone: +2347062343043 or +2347067777774

Love and light xx