Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catch-Up 16/06/15

I've been spending a lot of time working on several projects (both blog and work related), so my schedule has been mental and I was really looking forward to a few quiet nights in watching Jane the Virgin (which is a stupendous show btw. I thought it'd be an Ugly Betty doppelgänger but its such a lovely, funny show and Jane's father is my current favorite person), when my friend Amaka (www.makyscorner.com) came into town and pretty much blitzed all my couch potato plans.

From having an empty-ish social calendar, last week was suddenly chock-a-block with all sorts and I gamely participated up until Saturday when my granny immune system kicked in and I fell ill, just for a few hours though, shout-out to Medplus Pharmacy for running an awesome 24 hour practice and being on hand at 1am to pump me full of drugs.

Attended the opening of a fantastic new spot in Lekki, BLD by PLAY. BLD stands for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have pretty much the cheapest buffet in Lagos, N2,500 for all you can eat. (see more about BLD HERE)

Unbelievable....yah. BLD is on Admiralty Way Lekki, right by KFC.

It was my darling friend MJ's birthday as well and we had dinner at Crust & Cream, which was so nice. I'd read a scathing review of it on Eat Drink Lagos and I trust the writers with my life so I never bothered going. But that day MJ's brother had organized a lovely little dinner for her there, free dins was in place so I was like why the hell not. Decor was pretty poor as I'd already read, but the food was GOOD, my vegetables were cooked just right, and the seasoning was peak. Service was just regular, food took a bit of time but when it came it was worth the wait.

A few glasses of wine in and we were MERRY

On Friday, attended Amaka's mother-in-laws 70th birthday

On Saturday I attended the Luxury Beauty Brunch organized by World Media PR at Rhapsody's in VI.

It was a lovely event, started an hour and a half late but I've learned that Nigerian time is inevitable, now I just need to teach my Hulk tendencies to calm down and accept it.

Hung out with my girl Samie of Style Vitae

After it we went to the opening of the Hans & Rene Gelateria at the Radisson Blu hotel

It has the trippiest powder room ever, total down the rabbit hole experience. All it needed was a bottle in the corner labelled "drink me"

Same trippy effect in the bathroom, had to take a hallucinogenic mirror selfie with Samie and my sister

Had another event Sunday evening but by the time I'd gone to Evening Mass and made dinner, I was tuckered out. My mum came over to visit and we spent the night gossiping about the Kardashians (my mum wants to be Kris btw)

and one of my bezzies Adanna got married last weekend!

Love and light xx

Monday, June 8, 2015


If you live in Abuja or have partied in Abuja you'll definitely have been to PLAY or Candy.

Now the Kings of Abuja nightlife have brought the magic to Lagos with BLD by PLAY.

BLD stands for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and besides a regular menu you can order from they have pretty much the most affordable buffet in Lagos, probably in Nigeria. Only N2,500 for all you can eat, all day.

It launched in Lekki phase 1 a couple weeks ago and I was super impressed by everything. Food was fantastic, prices are reasonable and the decor is seriously stylish.

Besides the regular restaurant, it also has a roof top bar and a lounge called The Louvre.

Rand & Pluto top (get HERE), H&M midi pencil skirt, mini Chanel bag 

With one of the owners Charles Okpaleke

BLD By PLAY is at 15a Admiralty Way Lekki phase 1, beside KFC

Love & light xx

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Not me...

The lovely art exhibition at the Re Le Art Gallery

According to the Curatorial Statement on the Re.Le site , "In this exhibition ‘STRIP’ we showcase a collection of nudes in varying degrees by painters and photographers and we seek to amplify the body of conversation.

The purpose here is to strip bare, rediscover and reopen the discourse around the human form; to provoke keen engagement, investiga- tion of anatomical information; to deconstruct myths and truths of power, shame, freedom, beauty (and more)- the different shades of attendant feelings that accompany an encounter with a naked body.

We strongly encourage you to approach these works stripped of the caution of modesty but clothed with the courage of an open mind." 

Went down there, mind wide open,  with my friend Archie 

......and left wishing I had N650,000 I wasn't using to buy this piece; 'Queen of the Night' (1st picture on the left) by Isaac Emokpae

Loved these ones by Kelechi Amadi-Obi

and these by Reze Bonna

Other featured artists were Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun, Ibe Ananaba, Ayoola Gbolahan and Logor.

ReLe is at 5, Military street off King George V street, Onikan, Lagos.

Love and light xx

Monday, June 1, 2015


Because I look like a cool drink on a hot day, a burst of sunshine and golden friend plantain in this dress from River Island.

Wore it recently to the World Media PR Luxury Beauty Brunch and the Hellofood World Hunger Day Bloggers/Media Dinner, which both took place last Saturday.

Love and light xx

Friday, May 29, 2015

Konga Big App Sale

It’s Raining Fashion Discounts in Day 2 of the Konga Big App Sale

Day 1 of the Konga Big App Sales has been filled with so much excitement as shoppers have been grabbing amazing deals. We can assure you that the deals are disappearing very quickly! Brace yourselves up for Day 2 which will feature crazy discounts off Fashion! Look out for up to 75% discount on male and female exquisite fashion pieces from exclusive brands like Gold, Deo Milano, Rebel, Spotted, Franck New York, Gab Morgen and much more! If you’ve been waiting to revamp your wardrobe at crashed prices, the time is now!

Remember that having the Konga Mobile App gives you first access to these unbelievable deals. Konga Mobile App users would be given first access to all the incredible daily deals as they are unveiled from 6am to 9am daily, while the desktop shoppers will be granted access to the Konga website from 9am to 6am. To join the VIP shoppers, all you have to do is download the Konga Mobile App!

Day 3 highlights will be Home & Kitchen and other categories, followed by Beauty & Health and Computers & Electronics on day 4 and day 5 respectively. All deals from previous days will still be available till the end of the promotion. You should however hurry as these goodies won’t last forever judging from how quickly they’ve been disappearing. The Big App Sale is on from now till the 1st of June 2015 so keep shopping!

For priority shopping on daily deals as they are unveiled, download the Konga Mobile App from Google Play Store and the App Store today. Don’t miss out on the biggest App sale of the season!

Love and light xx

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gbémisókè Shoes by Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

Can we all do a collective wave for my girl Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi........

She's here saving lives and taking names. If your shoe size is below a UK8/US10, you won't understand the joy with which I'm typing this post.

I wear a UK9/US11 and its an absolute nightmare finding shoes that fit and look good at the same damn time. Its so bad that my brain has convinced itself that Daks is not a 'shoe person'.....disdain what you cannot attain and all that. I love shoes but because its such a hassle finding nice ones I declare loftily that I'm not really into shoes. 

All lies.

Anyhoo Gbemi has introduced a shoe line for us ladies with feet of a *ahem* larger persuasion...so yah, get into the gloriousness.

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi has become the first on-air personality in Nigeria to float a shoe line for ladies with big feet. The host of Beat FM’s Drive Time Show who made the announcement on her Facebook page, says the eponymous line came about because she couldn’t find perfect pair of shoes for years. 

Gbémisókè is a women’s shoe line consisting of flats, pumps, and mules for women who wear size 42 and up. ‘It’s quite tough for women like me who wear UK size 9 and up, to find nice shoes. Most stores don’t carry such big sizes, and when they do, they sell out quickly. 

After complaining for years, I decided to create a line to make life easier for women like me who have bigger feet.’ ‘I meet women every time who have the same challenges, and I was surprised to realize no one was really doing anything about it.’ 

Many times I would end up buying shoes that were a size smaller all because I liked them and they didn’t have my size. I would stuff my feet in the shoes and endure pain. At least the shoes were pretty. When I did find shoes in my size, I would buy them in every color I could find! The hassle of finding cute shoes when you wear a U.S11 in shoes!’ 

She met manufacturers in China, England and America and the result is Gbémisókè, an eponymous line which has launched on Jumia and Konga. 

In a Facebook post early today, Gbemi who is a princess from Owo kingdom in Ondo State, says her brand name means ‘Lift me up’ in her native Yoruba language. ‘When a woman has good shoes on, a nice and comfortable pair, she’s confident, sure of herself. She is on top of the world.’ 

‘I’ve been asked why the shoes are so affordable. But truly, I didn’t want to make a luxury line. There are many brands doing that already. I know a lot of Nigerians who cannot afford luxury items. 
So I wanted something that solves the big feet problem, something very fashionable, and something very affordable. I’m happy we’re able to achieve all three with Gbémisókè.’ ... 

The shoes are available on Jumia and Konga (just search for Gbemisoke) and you fill find them at http://www.jumia.com.ng/gbemisoke/ 

I didn’t want to have a ‘luxury line’ because let’s be honest, only a small fraction of Nigerians can afford it. I wanted something affordable! Times are hard! Thanks for reading my epistle and please support my hustle.... 


and not just because she's one of the few OAPs I can listen to who doesn't make my ears bleed :)

Love and light xx

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Catch Up - 30/04/15

Is it really a proper catch-up sesh if what I'm posting about is almost a month old?

Don't know, don't care :)

Over the Easter break I decided to do a little visiting, started out in New York for a few days.


I actually did something I've never done before, flew into a city with absolutely no plans. I was initially supposed to go straight to Maryland but I had a few extra days and haven't been in New York in a while (see HERE, HERE and HERE), so I thought why not.

Whenever I go somewhere there's always an itinerary and people to hang with, but this time there was nothing and I decide to sight see in New York for the first time. In cities I go to a lot, I never see the sights, I know where the best malls, restaurants and clubs are but I've never been to a....Buckingham Palace for instance, and its literally just a few stops away from where I lived in London. Same thing with NY, I've never really been anywhere besides my usual haunts so I meandered around the city for 4 days. Went to museums, art galleries, Central Park.....just roamed.

Actually went to Times Square by myself and just sat there, very different from when I've been there before with screaming half drunk friends.

*True Story! In 2005 or so, my brother and I went to the MTV store in Times square to buy MTV merch, and we saw this line outside the MTV studio. Now this was when TRL was still on and apparently the line was for the TRL audience. Usually you have to pre-book or something to actually sit inside the studio during TRL but that's like when a Britney or Justin is coming. That day it was Marques Houston (dead guy), and they needed bodies to fill up the audience so they allowed my brother and I join the line and go into the studio. It was soooo surreal! Like we saw Carson Daly and Vanessa Milino and Marques Houston and I was just like...woah. TRL used to air a few days after in Nigeria so I had my friends on high alert to watch out for us and a few of them actually caught it, we weren't using camera phones then or I'd have  a framed picture or something but the memory still bangs.

Biggest mistake was going to the Holocaust Museum on my first day, because I was pretty much depressed for a couple days after. Very educative, very enlightening, but so sad.

Like I said on Instagram, we need a Biafran War Museum, its still a mystery to me why this country likes to pretend the Civil War didn't happen. How are we not learning about it in schools? For the love of God, fix up Nigeria.


Did I mention my brother and his wife had twins? 

I didn't?

Meet Arinze Nathan and Adaeze Noelle :)

Biggest nwanne

My brother and his family came in from Los Angeles and we were all in town for my cousins daughter's birthday and to celebrate Easter with family. 

Easter Sunday!

My babe Stella of Jadore-Fashion came over to hang out and help me babysit. I'll like to add that my niece and nephew are pretty much perfect. 


Got into London the Tuesday and the MO was turn up and go home. I had a No Faaji For Lent policy in place so London was definitely the place to break it.

Decided to continue sight-seeing and was all prepped to go to the Tower of London but last minute changes and I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum instead. 

I'm a massive Sherlock Holmes fan, I've read all the stories and it was really a surreal experience. Its at 221B Baker Street like in the books and they re-created Holmes and Watson's entire home, down to Watson's busted old medical bag, the living room, their bedrooms, the attic and stand-out characters from the books.

Loved it.

FINALLY got my Nubian Skin tights, which I've reviewed, will post soon.

Hung out with friends, my friend Jen, who was my neighbor back in Aberdeen and whom I hadn't seen since we graduated. Actually the last time I saw her, was at her birthday, 3 years ago HERE

and my friends Chiz and Ifeoma.

 The night before I left, met up with my friend Maky of Maky's Corner and I know Maks is all zen mummy blogger and all, but the wild woman beneath is unleashed from time to time and we had the sickest night.

This was us before the madness ensued...

Ha! You thought I was going to post an 'After' picture, Chukwu e kwe na. We were utterly disreputable by the time it was over and I got on my flight the next morning looking like the Bride of Frankestein. Didn't open my eyes from the minute I left Heathrow till I got to Lagos.

Love and light xx

p.s. Oh and my friends Boki and Seember started blogs recently. Show them some love; RedLipsWin and GorgeousBrownSkin

p.p.s and its my soul sisters birthday today. Happy birthday Nekky Neks!!