Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Making my usual blog rounds this morning when I saw the sweetest wedding proposal video ever on Madam Stings blog, I love the way it was private and still so epic at the same time.

I can't even imagine the effort and co-ordination that must have gone into beautiful.

This proposal reminded me however of the nastiest wedding proposal I've ever seen in my life. It was a massive, huge mess of a production. Now I'm sure some people like that kind of thing, but being ambushed the way this man did his girlfriend, now wife, is my idea of a nightmare. I'm not a fan of public proposals; restaurants, airports, *insert appropriate sport* games........basically anywhere perfect strangers can ooooh and aaaah at what is supposed to be a really special day for me will embarrass me to no end. If people absolutely HAVE to be there, family and close friends are enough.

In this video this man assembled what looked liked the inhabitants of a small country to propose to his girlfriend and he didn't even stop there, this thoughtless, thoughtless man further blindsided the poor girl by organizing an impromptu wedding on the spot. I'm actually shocked her friends and family agreed to be a part of it because anybody that brings such an idea to Mrs. U is getting turfed out right quick.

I may be wrong and the woman might have really loved it seeing as she was cheesing through the whole thing and crying prettily but I like to believe she was so severely shocked by the horror being bestowed on her that her brain went numb and the normal reaction which should have been anger, embarrassment and a nice gbosa on the face of her boyfriend were suppressed.

Howie Mandel is really the source of all the evil in this world.

I can't even describe it any further, you guys need to see this for yourselves.

Through Madame Stings blog I got a link to a really sweet site that features videos of the best marriage proposals caught on film. If you're going to rock your girlfriends socks off it makes sense to film it for posterity and bragging rights, on the girls part anyway.

Love and light xx

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Got this zebra print sheer shirt-dress as a part of what I like to call my 'Sun-dresses for Nigeria collection' 
Nothing sinister, just a bunch of simple easy to breathe dresses I haven't really worn in over a year as they're kind of useless here except for the very rare hot days. Seeing as I shall be permanently in warmer climes soon I've been stock-piling them for the Motherland.

 River Island zebra print shirt-dress
Tory Burch 'Aaden' ballet flats 

I tweeted a few days ago that England is gorgeous when the weather is warm, like truly beautiful. Beauty that is completely hidden when we're all shivering at bus stops and everywhere is grey and yucky.

I spent the week at a friends house outside London and it was such a picturesque area, it totally epitomized that line in William Blakes "Jerusalem'; "England's green and pleasant land" .

Won't we all be happier if we were warm and looked at views like this everyday?

Mother Nature needs to fix up.

Love and light xx

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watching The Throne

My ears are still ringing, my voice is gone, my joints ache.......this tells me two things; I'm way to old to be up and about past 10pm and I had an unbelievably epic night.

Best. Concert. Ever.

The Watch The Throne concert was an experience.

Thanks to Thisday I've seen loads of awesome artistes; Jay Z, Ciara, SWV, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Rihanna, John Legend, Shakira, Kelly Rowland, P. Diddy, R. Kelly, T-Pain etc (oh and I saw Nelly, Nas and Murphy Lee at the Transcorp one time) but due to overpriced tickets, late starts and terrible seating I've never really felt like I was having the the full concert experience.

WTT changed all that.

It literally blew my mind, I'm not even kidding. I'm already a massive Jay Z and Kanye West stan and watching the two of them tear up the stage at the O2 was insane.

First off, I got into London yesterday on what had to be the hottest day of the year, like it was boiling. Dropped my stuff off at my friend Mia's and we decided to head into Central so we could eat and go to the concert from there.

 In my mind its already summer, you can't tell me nothing.

 Miss Selfridge mullet top
H&M boyfriend shorts
Gucci hi-top trainers
Louis Vuitton Brea MM

I LOVE how long this top is, from the back it almost looks like an extra long t-shirt dress.

I already knew the show was going to be epic, my friend Nwabugo went on Saturday and she's not even a hip-hop head like that but she came out raving at how awesome it was. Some people aka Dami had been tweeting and instagramming about it non-stop so I knew it was going to be an experience but still nothing prepared me for the greatness I was about to see. It can't even be captured fully in words and pictures, you had to have being there.

And yeah Kanye West is really nuts, the man has a serious god complex, I love it but he needs some sort of leash to reign him in from time to time.

I tweeted about how if Kanye and Jay Z were really in the Illuminati they had def initiated everyone in the room that night. There were so many instances when we all threw up the Roc diamond in unison, some times without even being told to and I'd just look round the immense venue and every single person had their hands up, fervour in their eyes, sometimes completely silent. I don't believe in the whole Illuminati conspiracy theories but I can't lie it was a little eerie at times, like we were all in one big cult and Jay and Kanye were kinda like leaders. Even Mia who is one big vat of level headedness had to admit that the whole thing seemed not quite kosher.

It didn't help that they were beaming all these weird symbols about and had these bestial images on the screen, I repeat,; I do not believe in the existence of a celebrity Illuminati but I think Jay Z and Kanye probably think the whole thing is a big joke and tend to play to the gallery a bit.

In the interest of my old bones I had a seat even though I love a good mosh pit but I needn't even have bothered because I was on my feet all night and there was such a great atmosphere in the room that by the end of the night I was best friends with all the people around me; hugging, dancing and taking pictures. It reminded me of when I went to see The Hangover, by the time I left the cinema I had made like 20 new friends, all from laughing over how hilarious the movie was.,

The girl on the left was probably the nuttiest person in the entire arena, she had to be occasionally restrained to stop her from getting to the stage. Love her.

I never saw a chair or a table I couldn't climb when I was hyped up on good music and by the time Jay Z did 'Big Pimpin' (which is my all time favourite Jay Z song) I was on my chair, top wrapped around my waist because it was blazing in that arena and trying to dougie and keep my balance at the same time.

Best bits of the night; Izzo, Big Pimpin, Stronger, All Of The Lights and the baba..........Niggas In Paris which they performed EIGHT times, 8!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord I damn near lost my mind.

Best. Night. Ever

Love and light xx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Times

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me hair tips in my previous post. I've gone out and bought awon coconut oil, castor oil etc and I'm on that co-washing tip so hopefully all my hair won't have fallen out by the end of my one month experiment (fingers crossed that I even make it to one month and not give in to the siren song of a luscious weave.)

Friday night in Glasgow and I was ready to paint the town some sort of colour. The night started with a bang though (literally) when the taxi we were in was involved in a fender bender. My normal defence mechanism when scary shit happens to me is to shut down and go into zombie mode but when the car hit us from behind and we careened into the car in front of us I actually burst out proper ha-ha's. 

So weird.

Took this photo just after the accident, we ditched our driver and decided to walk. As you can see I'm in supremely awesome spirits, no idea why

 H & M sheer shirt
Primark bandeau top
ASOS sequin pencil skirt
ASOS neon laser cut clutch
Topshop art deco hoop earrings

My cousins were in similarly good humour, we just found the accident so hilarious. Ndi Arondizuogu laugh in the face of danger.

We went to an East African bar/restaurant called Calabash which Nigerians, as we are wont to do, had colonized and made their own. Weirdly Glasgow is chock full of East Africans, I say weird because the black population in Aberdeen is so predominantly Nigerian that I'm used to assuming every black person I see in Scotland is Nigerian. There however, every single person looked like Wyre and members of the East African Bashment Crew.

I had the BEST time at the bar. By the time we got there most of the clientele were pretty pissed and some man was having a heated argument where he kept calling Oliver De Coque a miscreant and saying King Sunny Ade was a bloody left winger. Lord knows why I found this so funny but I laughed till I had tears in my eyes, my cousins and I kept calling ourselves miscreants the entire weekend. It was that funny.

From the bar we went to a club called Carbon which I had been to the last time I was in Glasgow. I've noticed that hearing Nigerian music in clubs is no longer a novelty, I'm not sure if they're quite mainstream yet but anytime I go out the possibility is high that I'm going to hear Nigerian music and its not even in strictly black clubs, all over the place. The shock from hearing Flavour in an Australian bar in Paris is yet to wear off even. The playlist always rotates between D'banj, P square, Wizkid, Flavour and recently Davido all the time, just this 5.

Pretty cool.

The afternoon before I left we went out to lunch. I am desperately trying to put on some weight, I've never dieted in my life but I've lost some weight recently and its really worrying because my lifes mission is to acquire a healthy set of child bearing hips and hopefully a bottom worthy of Kimmy cakes. Losing weight is just not acceptable. I don't weigh myself so I have no idea how many lbs I've lost but I noticed I could notch my belt a little tighter this weekend and I'm very displeased. Hence I've been eating like a pig, no dice yet.

So yeah if you know any specific foods I could eat that would go straight to my hips, pleeaase let me know.

Topshop biker jacket
Random tee
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans
Tory Burch ballet flats

I just figured out how to work the filters on Picasa, so excited by this discovery, being playing with it all day.

Saw this statue of a couple at Buchanan Bus station and I LOVED it, the expression on the guys face is soooo...I don't even know, something just twanged  inside me when I saw it. Apparently the relics of St. Valentine are said to be in the Blessed John Duns Scotus church in the Gorbals area of Glasgow so the city is trying to use that tenuous link to hold a Festival of Love every Valentines Day. There's even a "love trail" made up of several artwork and sculpture all around the city depicting scenes of love, this statue is one of them.

Pretty cool.

I had the bestest time, my cousins are awesome hosts and I miss them already :(

On a brighter note, WATCH THE THRONE TOMORROW!!!!! From the reports I've been hearing from people who did WTT on Friday and Saturday, it was mental, I'm looking forward to losing my voice on Tuesday.

Love and light xx

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Left the boondocks for the bright lights of Glasgow today to spend the weekend with my cousins.

Zara blazer
H&M tee
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans
Prada Saffiano Lux tote

As you can see I'm currently weave-less and I'm attempting to have my hair out for at least a month, can't remember the last time I've had my natural hair out for that long. My hair is quite long but it breaks really easily so any tips for dealing with breakage will be greatly appreciated.

Got into Glasgow this evening and I swear I've been laughing since I landed, my cousins are funny AF and I I've probably laughed more in one day than I have in a while. To compound the hilarity we went to see The Dictator and honestly, hand on heart I'd love to be Isla Fisher for a day. I need to know what it feels like to be married to Sacha Baron Cohen/Ali G/ Borat/Bruno/Admiral General Aladeen. We were literally rolling, jokes for days man.

Bob, Chiugo

Staying up now watching Youtube videos, we're currently on the JJC interview on D'banj, supreme bants. Gearing up for tomorrow night, haven't been out since February and I intend to party like its 1999.

Love and light xx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shop TWP

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts, I've been feeling a little uninspired and the weather doesn't even help. One day, last Tuesday, it rained, snowed and the sun blazed down all within a two hour span (mind = totally blown by this meteorological feat by the way). I've had almost two weeks of grey, dank weather and my spirits have aligned themselves accordingly. Hopefully the fact that I'm typing this means I'm slowly getting out of my funk.

Anyway as promised, I'm starting the Shop TWP part of my blog today, its an avenue to sell off items I own which may be brand new or pre-loved and hope that someone will give my babies a good home.

This is a trial run to see if it does well, if I'm inundated with a flurry of orders then it'll definitely become a permanent fixture, if not......I'll jejely withdraw the items and give them to my younger sister who's usually the No.1 raider of my wardrobe and has refused to speak to me since I told her I was going to start selling my stuff off instead of giving them to her.

The process is tres simple, you browse the site, see an item you want and send an email to

For the time being I'll be shipping solely to the United Kingdom and expand to international deliveries later. Reason being I'm not sure I can trust Royal Mail deliveries to places like Nigeria, I sent an item through Royal Mail to Lagos last year and its yet to arrive. I'm pretty sure it disappeared when it got to the hands of NIPOST. If however you live outside the UK and want an item and will like to place your faith in Royal Mail, I'm willing to oblige.


Love and light xx

Friday, May 11, 2012

Underground 7

The Underground is back with its 7th edition tagged 'the upcoming DJ Edition' on 12th May 2012 at EMBER CREEK, 32 Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos.

The Underground-which in previous editions led to the discovery of talented acts such as Boogey, Oye Smith, Saeon, LOS to mention a few- is one of the fastest growing reference points for upcoming acts in Nigeria’s ever burgeoning entertainment Industry.

This year, Inner Circle, the organizers of the Underground have decided to turn things up, literally! The 7th edition which will be hosted by ILLRYMZ and Omoye "BROWNIE" will focus primarily on discovering
upcoming DJ’s. The winner will be chosen by open votes of both a live crowd on the day and renowned celebrity DJ’s - DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Xclusive, DJ Humility and DJ Sose who are judges for the event.
“We decided to give the underground a fresh new twist”, says Shayo Oke, CEO for Inner circle. “Nigerian DJ’s are doing amazing work, both in and out of the country. What we want to do is create a platform where talented upcoming DJs can be spotlighted and given a chance to be seen by people who appreciate their talent. It’s going to be a fun event, with good music and good food and drinks in a wonderful atmosphere. What better way to usher in the summer”! The winner of the Underground 7 stands to win a host of prizes:

– Cool beans accessories and cash prize
– LG ARX9000 AVR
– Media profiling on Bella Naija and
– The winning Dj becomes official DJ for Tactics IQ soccer event in August and Basketball event in December

The night shall also include performances by Saeon Winner of Underground 1 who recently released her single with Flowssick titled LIE, Engager, LOS, Boogey and much more.The event is supported by Electronics giant LG, global drinks brand Skyy Vodka, Cool Beans, FK Management, Sound & Connect DJ Company, Tactics IQ, Trezolandia. Media Support for Underground is provided by Bella Naija,, Sound City and Rhythm FM

Date: 12 May 2012
Venue: Ember Creek, 32 Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos
Time: 4pm
Tickets: N2,000
Tickets available on the day at the venue.

For more information or to enter for the competition
Twitter- @the_underg

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The title of this post is influenced by the fact that my friend said I looked like the worlds tallest bumblebee wearing this sweater.

I'm sticking my tongue out at you heifer.

Vintage mohair jumper
H&M leather trousers
Dolce & Gabbana aviators
Doc Marten boots

You guys might remember this jumper from the post I did on my one and only successful vintage shopping experience. I haven't been back because vintage is not really my thing but a lot of times I see a few pieces here and there that spark my interest.

In Nigeria you could probably only get "vintage" aka bend-down select if you organized an expedition deep into the bowels of Balogun market. If you don't mind water used to wash fish or meat splashing on you, my Igbo brothers tapping current, and nearly being mowed down on every street by could get some really good finds. Luckily those dark days are long gone with the introduction of fab brands like Elsie Vintage, Toseki Vintage and Retrospective; you don't have to risk your life everytime you feel like reveling in the 70s or 80s. Even a vintage unbeliever like me has to admit that these ladies stock some amazing stuff.

Anyhoo haven't worn it since I got it so I took it for a spin yesterday when I went out to have a long, gossip-filled lunch with my friend T, who I'm sending prayers out too btw. The poor child just recovered from a bout of chicken pox and she's getting married in Tuscany in two weeks, a wedding I'd been looking forward to like mad but can't attend now because the Government still has my passport hostage and it looks like they might have it for a while.

I swear I've shed a tear or two because of this, a chance to escape this dreary weather for a weekend under the Tuscan sun *see what I did there* and I can't because I just had to get a work visa.


On a happier note, I know I've bombarded my poor followers on twitter with this news all week....



Presenting the DAKS Blouse....

Can you tell that I'm still excited?????

This uber fab beaded and scalloped blouse is part of the Virgos Lounge for Topshop High Summer Collection which is available to shop now at Topshop Oxford Circus and available for pre-order on the Virgos Lounge website.

You already know I love everything the VL girls come up with, so no need to regurgitate all the pictures of the High Summer collection on here, they're already everywhere....but as usual I have my eye on a few pieces. I didn't want to pre-order them online because I have to be in London in a couple of weeks for the Watch The Throne concert so I figured I'd mosey on down to Topshop myself and buy everything I want there (if they still have any left).

Oh yeah and if anyone buys the DAKS blouse, send a picture of it to me s'il vous plait......and if you don't mind I'll put it up on TWP.

Shame on me getting all territorial over someone else's intellectual property.

Love and light xx

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