Sunday, December 13, 2015

Currently Obsessed With...


Lol, yes...myself. Narcissism be damned.

This year I concentrated on Adaku a lot, took better care of my health, my happiness, my body....

I went on an intense self-improvement journey and made the conscious decision to eat better, exercise better, take better care of my heart, relationships, faith and finances. 

2015 was a rousing succes tbh.


Its...the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeaaarrrr

I've always loved Christmas but this year I've kind of taken it to a new level. Obsessive level shit. I'm loving the season, the harmattan, the nostalgia and for the first time in a long time I'm voluntarily going to my village Arondizuogu in Imo state and looking forward to it to.

I got me a little ass Christmas tree

Downloaded the Boney M Christmas album

*sidebar* you guys remember Boney M right? Peddlers of questionable album covers? These people were weird AF.
Would really appreciate it if someone took out the time to explain what was going on in these pictures.

Going to tons of parties as opposed to being my usual hermit self; wrapped in an afghan on my couch watching ratchet tv and buying up the entire Kindle store.

...and walking around with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

I've only had one cry this month and it was literally 5 seconds, tear slowly descending down my face then wiped off Ava Gardner style. No jags, no ugly face, much progress :)


I've dropped hint after hint, might have to resort to outright begging. One of you good people should arrange these dresses for me now ehn biko.

I'm serious.

I've been good this year, you have no idea how pristine my 2015 sheet has been.

Do your girl a solid.

I'll even point you in the right direction, Moofa is at 179a Isale-Eko Avenue, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi.

Much love x


Obsession is even a mild word, I am besotted with these two. I stalk my sister-in-law's snapchat daily waiting on a glimpse of them. I never knew it was possible to love anybody this much, I truly feel like they're mine (no offense, Onyee & Jnr).

They're so fascinating in their twin-ness, the way they sleep, learning to fact I can watch them just sitting and doing nothing.

Not even a current obsession, lifetime one.


This is actually a funny one because I haven't used anything besides powder, eyeliner and lipstick for 4 years.

Pre-2011 I was obsessed with make-up. I literally did bridal-type make-up every single day. Then one freezing winter morning in 2011, I had a 7am class and I was getting ready for it, I stood in front of my mirror with a brush to start painting and I just stared at my reflection for like 10 seconds and just went "sod it". Why would I spend at least 30 minutes layering my face with make-up just to wrap a muffler around it to go stand at an icy Aberdeen bus-stop.

From that day to sometime in September 2015 I never did anything but the barest minimum, couldn't even touch eye shadow or blush.

On my birthday this year I received two gorgeous YSL palettes, I'd kept them because I was planning to re-gift them seeing as I didn't use eyehadow, then one day in my usual random fashion, I was getting ready for my Grange School Alumni event and I just picked up one of the palettes and started applying. The next day I went out and bought cream and powder contour, foundation, highlighter...gbogbo ehn gbogbo ehn.

Haven't looked back since.

The other day I received some make-up from a brand and I used to send them back before whenever I got make-up but now its like bring it ooon!!

I'm a bit rusty but my old skills are slowly coming back

Yup, I actually made collages.

When I have time, I really have time...



Love and light xx



  1. I was going to comment on your makeup the other on snapchat! It looks really good! Love it!

  2. i like this...i think i am inspired to do something like this...x

    1. Awesome! Please send me a link when you do, will love to read it.

  3. Where did you get your little tree from?

    1. and good day to you to, hope you're well...and the family?


      Shoprite at The Palms :)

  4. Now I want a little Christmas tree too lol. I'm glad 2015 was a great year for you especially with your decision to improve yourself in all those aspects you mentioned becoming a rousing success. I'm sure it wasn't easy. I started a similar journey this year but unfortunately I'm still not where I want to be, it hurts but we move still and I won't stop until I get to where I need to be. You're too awe-inspiring to have had anything less than an amazing year in my opinion anyway. Finally, I'm officially adding you to my list of make up heroes, my make up game at its current best is still such a struggle but with time I'll get there. Stay slaying! XO

    1. You know something, 2015 is a success because I chose to look at it that way. To be honest, this was one of my most difficult years; professionally, financially and emotionally but I chose to focus on the highs while remaining aware of the lows to propel me to do better.

      When I focused on the good parts I realized how wonderful the year had been despite the failings. So try and do that, no matter how bad its been, there must be some good within, try and be grateful and give thanks for them and trust me you'll realize just how many blessings you've received despite everything.

      Thank you, thank you, thank're awesome!

      Sending you shedloads of love and light xx

    2. You're most welcome. :D
      Thank you so much Ada, I'll try to practice just what you've suggested.
      Peace & much love to you XO

  5. My bestie in my
    I'm glad 2015 was a good year for you. It was AWESOME for me! Just like I said in the above comment,I choose to focus on only the highs. I thank God for his faithfulness.
    Great read as usual

    1. Nunu! Bestie right back!

      Its the only way to operate or you'll drive yourself nuts trying to keep up.

      Thank you xx

    2. Just like you said. Forgive the typos

  6. Mehn, your make up is sooooo ON FLEEK!!!!
    Future Career as an MUA maybe? Hehehe
    I'm glad that 2015 was a Great Self Improvement year for you and I hope that 2016 is 10 times better :) :D

    1. See yeah, these MUAs don't want this problem. If I decide to join them, I'm taking ALL their clients.

      Amen my dear, thank you x

  7. Please what is your eyeliner regimen???do you use liquid, gel or the felt tip pen?from outer corner to inner corner or vice versa?? I AM THOROUGHLY OBSSESSED!


    1. Hahaha

      I alternate between liquid and felt tip, I've been using them for years and I've got the precision down pat on both. But if you're newbie I'd suggest a felt tip pen, much easier to handle and not as messy as gel or liquid. Downside is it dries out faster though.

      I do from inner to outer, draw an outline extending outwards, then fill it in.

      You know what, a tutorial might be in my future.

  8. Those skills had better be back.. Doubt they even went anywhere.. You'd better come school these girls.

    Hermit??? Wouldn't have ever said that. Then again I totally understand how social media can portray a different personality case in point, me.


  9. So you did your makeup for the Forte Oil campaign too. Niceee.
    You should do a makeup post. Products and all, like you did the beauty routine one


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