Monday, November 28, 2016

Sights: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I'm as surprised as you are that I'm blogging right now, because 30 minutes ago TWP hadn't crossed my mind in months. Right now I'm in bed, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Juba, South Sudan. I'd opened up my laptop to make some notes for a meeting I have on Monday...and before I knew it I was typing

This mysterious life eh.

I didn't deliberately stop blogging, it started out with the vile internet connection in Malabo making it ten times harder to churn out a single post, to not really having a lot of time to blog, to finally losing interest. TWP has been my baby for 8 years and for much of 2016 I just haven't felt like taking care of that baby. The whole internet notoriety/infamy thing had been grating on my nerves for years and combined with the reasons previously listed, I had to put my baby to the side for a bit.

What inspired this comeback you ask...well I'll tell you...

Addis Ababa.

Not like its some utopian paradise or anything, but simply that I was so horribly, terribly wrong about the city, I felt like I had to make some kind of public apology. I went to Addis for the first time in June and it was dreadful, I left there with a completely vile impression of the city and the whole country of Ethiopia as well. I even grudgingly gave two paragraphs in this POST, to talk about how much I hated Addis.

Now, I was in Addis over the past weekend again and I fell in love with this city. How I could have had two extremely contrasting experiences in one city, within the span of 6 months is the meat of the humble pie I'm about to eat right now.

I made the mistake of the single story (shoutout to da gawd CNA). The first time I went to Addis, I stayed in the hotel assigned by Ethiopian Airlines, and to say it was dingy is an understatement. It was a health hazard. The neighbourhood was awful and smelly and creepy, and without seeing any more of the city, I based my impression of an entire country, on one dingy suburb.

Much shame.

This is what foreigners do to Nigeria all the time and here I was an African, doing it to another African country. Trust me, no-one is more ashamed than I of my dreadful behaviour.

This most recent trip however, was divine. I was traveling with my boss this time and he (bless his heart and high standards), put us up at the Sheraton Addis instead, and it is honestly the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen in Africa. The grounds, the building, the lobby, the rooms, the is definitely a sight worth seeing. Also its in a much nicer part of Addis, with the UN HQ and other fancy schmancy trappings. 

It was basically the equivalent of seeing only Oshodi and assuming the whole of Lagos is like that, then being taken to VGC or Banana Island or something. Massive contrast.

Anyway, I love Addis now.

Obviously I know not to make the mistake of basing my impression of Addis on the Sheraton and its lovely as it is. I'm just glad I know there are other facets to the city now, and I'm definitely looking forward to exploring it further.

                            This is me (obviously) *rolls eyes*....on the way to South Sudan.

Love and Light xx



  1. Welcome back girl, Addis is indeed beautiful. I had a feel of the country when I spent the night there with Ethiopian airlines. Can I say I love their food too. And the hotel looks amazing and so European influenced, I'm thinking it would make a great picture spot. How is Malabo BTW and as for the internet connection I know how you feel.

     Princess Audu 

  2. I actually came here to leave a comeback daks message so I was happy to see a new post. No one can blame you for your initial thoughts if they put you in the slums lol

  3. Finally o. Hadn't crossed your mind in months? So no one bugged you over your other social media platforms?
    Aren't they fighting in South Sudan? Be safe



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