Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beautiful Ugly

Desnudate is a word meaning to get naked. Its totally one of my favourite words right now (i can't explain why) I just love saying it Desnudate..Desnudate..Desnudate! Desnudate!! Desnudate!!!!. Compared to its alternatives; off cloth, take of your clothes, wepu akwa gi, enlevez vos vĂȘtements; its a huge improvement.

Dunno why I love it, I just do.

When you kiss me
The world stops moving
Everything and everyone is rooted to the spot
Transfixed by our oral love making
Ever so slowly you begin at my forehead
The tip of my nose
My lips, parting greedily
Hungrily awaiting the moment
Yours possess mine
Softly, sweetly
Then overwhelmed by our mutual passion
You devour me

I wrote this poem sometime in 2006, but it wasn't related to anyone then, it was just random scribbles but last week, Monday to be exact, I found my kisser...my future inspiration for a past poem.

I hate being an adult, I wanna be 17 again, this has nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with my 17th year being the most amazing year of my life.

I want you and I hate you.

I'm officially poor...Indian hair, clothes, plane tickets and jewelery will do that to a girl.

I LOVE my friends, I just wanna propose to all of them and marry them in a mass ceremony in India and live forever with my harem of gorgeous friends.

Je pense que je deviens fou, I really think I am. That will be an interesting alternative to the life I'm currently living. I'd love to view life from the perspective of an unbalanced mind. Maybe I am already and I don't even know it and judging by this post its very likely.

I apologize immensely for the randomness that ensued above, I'm not crazy just very, very bored.


  1. lol I LOVE!!!!!! this post.

    Nice poem, steamy!! someone's a Zane in the making , but better.

    lol girl right now the world is ballin on credit, welcome to the club. smh.

  2. Nice poem mama! Steamy indeed! LOl at marry your friends!

  3. where do u need ticket to? the previous post showed u just came back lol! I will love to go back to 14/15 again--great fun!
    lovely poem! oh, u can start marrying, it's no crime ;)

  4. @bombchell, sweetie zane aint gat nuthin n me, lol.
    @ms.o, thanks boo.
    @uzo, my darling i need to go far far away, i tire for lagos. woulda asked you to marry me but bish like you, person don wife you already.

  5. Yeah, totally random, but you totally make sense- i want you and i hate you. Great poem! Hope your new muse works! lol

  6. Welcome back and that is some major randomness, lol. I liked the poem too, lovely.

  7. Thanks you guys!
    @Myne, wow, i'm honoured, thank you!

  8. WOW @ "you devour me". Gurl, I need some devouring right about now! that poetic image burned deep in my mind. Now to find me a summer romance & call it a day.

    Don't be bored & try to chill out on the spending. get a hobby, do something random (with your hands!) like garden or paint or lift some weights (not that you need to). Now i'm being random.

  9. I'm trying Anya, I'm trying but there are too many lovely things in this world just begging for my naira. Gardening ke, sweerie I'm Nigerian, how about I go document a militant uprising or an oil spill or something.

  10. "...wanna propose to all of them and marry them in..." so, where and when?

    Oops, venue is India. Okay, so, when is the event?

  11. Wow i've been seriously slacking. Cant believe i thought I commented on your post. Desnudate, desnudate lol...sounds like something from an anime flick hehe. The poem is sexyyyy!!!! So you need to update on who is your present inspiration for that poem...this mysterious kisser. LOL dont we all love our friends? but ur quip about the harem was hilarious. I had fun picturing it! lol hope you're more financial stable now...broke is horrible :(


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