Monday, August 23, 2010

In Remembrance of Him circa 2005

Kisses, feather light on the back of my neck
That perfect spot you always know how to find
Your merest touch ignites me
I grow warm in my most private place
A s your fingers trail down my arm
Clothes melt off as if by magic
More kisses at the madly beating pulse of my neck
Without hesitation
You take possession of my seins
Hurting me as you love me
Wreaking twin sets of destruction on those tender parts of me
Your fingers wander all over my body
Touching, feeling, stroking, caressing
I take you in me and my world is reduced
To that singular act of giving pleasure
And being engulfed in it


  1. Ooooh K! Someone's reminiscing. what happened to him missy? why isn't he still kissing the back of your neck these days? or is he ;)

  2. hehehehehe....what d'you think boo? Lips sealed and tinz

  3. hmmmm....reminds me of something!


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