Monday, August 30, 2010

Le Petit Marche

So I had an awesome weekend, good things, many good things I can't get into just yet. Anyhoo this post is supposed to be about Le Petit Marche, so on to it!

LPM is held on the last Sunday of every month and is a fantastic opportunity to get fabulous Nigerian designed clothes at somewhat okay prices

*sidebar* I have a minor Monday morning rant (omg Alliteration! lol). Anyhoo, who else thinks that Nigerian designer's items are overpriced? I mean whenever I buy stuff I tend to mentally convert it to dollars, it kinda puts things into perspective for me, so when I'm thinking something like MTN BIS is just N5,000, my American brain goes "that's like $35 bucks every month, separate from my phone bill!" btw MTN is ripping us off big time. Back to my rant.......a standard dress by a Nigerian designer is between N20,000 to about N50,000 and that's just the cheap ones. The Deola Sagoes and Tiffany Amber's retail upwards from N250,000, I've even seen a Deola Sagoe dress for N800,000....over $5,000! The dresses are works of art, yeah I give them that but still, almost a million naira for a single dress? Hell to the N-O!

So I hardly buy from Nigerian designers, even though I think their clothes are just amazing, I prefer to buy my materials, copy the styles and mosey on down to my neighbourhood tailor who'll make em for me. Therein lies the problem, I am chronically impatient, its a disease, I want everything chop chop. So the made to measure clothes don't do it for me, I hate having to wait about two weeks or more to have the dress sewn, instant gratification is my middle name. LPM is therefore a perfect opportunity for me to get these clothes and accessories I love for a cheapish price as all the items are on sale. I couldn't get pictures of all of them as my trusty Canon Ixus decided to disgrace me by dying halfway through but I made a good haul still.

ST Colours: Gorgeous bib necklaces, brooches/hair clips made from ankara and polo shirts with ankara accents.

The girls behind ST Colours, forgot to get their names

A laptop case by Juliet David West for Jidz

Purses by Jidz


Achingly beautiful caftan by Fashion For Life (07034091894), they had been slashed from N45,000 to N15,000. Clothes lust took over me, I was operating on auto pilot. Its gorgeous! Already have an event in mind to wear it for, the 2face concert in September, ticket donations are welcome, thank you!

Draped jersey and Ankara dress by Ejiroghene Amos-Tafiri (08028292983, prior to LPM yesterday I'd never heard of this designer but best believe I'm now a solid fan! The clothes were sick! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Double-sided ankara bib necklace and brooch/hair clip by ST Colours

Met one of my fashion crushes Terence Sambo from

TWP and Terence

Spent the day with my uber delish cousin Chioma and my twitter buddy

Chioma Nwachukwu

Oyetola Smith

Ran into cool peoples

Tari Ekiyor, Noble Igwe (I think dude on the left's name is Adebayo, not too sure, just met him on Sunday, somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

After causing damage to my bank account, I needed to take my mind of it, so I met up with my favourite married couple Ediri and Nerhi to go see 'Grownups' at the Palms.

Ediri and Nerhi Okwa

If you haven't seen it, you best run to the cinema asap! That move is HILARIOUS!! We spent 99% of the movie cracking the eff up, comic gold I swear. 'Grownups' joins 'Salt', 'Inception', 'The A-Team', 'The Back-up Plan' and 'Shutter Island' as my favourite movies so far this year.


  1. Those are the ones you got??!?! *hi5 my nigga* excellent damage!
    Yea his name is Adebayo you gorrit rite....
    And lastly... u didnt like A-Team??? :( I thot it was much so i shall be seein it again! Was extreme fun hangin with u at LPM mama!

  2. Blackberry plans here are about $35 so we're all in the same boat! :)

  3. @Xabi Shet! Forgot to add A-Team *now editing* Hi 5 mehn, its to be on a soaking garri p this week o.

    @anonymous, $35 bucks for real? I best hush, no more insulting mtn. But orange in the uk is just 5 pounds though.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OMG!! I LOVEEEE THE caftan and the laptop bag!!! WOW! And yes blackberry plans here start at about 35$ too. You look really good too..have a good week!

  6. i love the draped dint state the sure i would be at the next sale event

  7. BIS service in UK is £5 across every network o! Contract or not. Your just like me with regards to converting everything. I always convert back to £ and if it's to pricey I drop it! I hail the designers and all but I find their goods far too pricey but I guess the high customer demand can allow them to do that! I just can't imagine doing my regular shopping spree that I do in London in Naij *sigh* that's one thing that will hurt me if I ever move over hehehe. Your hair looks perfect short! 10/10 brings out your face. I'd really like to see how you rock the kaftan so take a pic pls:) I've met Daisy before, doubt she'll remember p.s I love those purses! I'm a clutch bag freak! I swear! Smh!

  8. That is why ppl at the end of the day take their clothes to their tailor's in the market, I'm all for patronizing our designers? but $5,000, heavens I'd rather pick up some Louboutins or a chanel bag honestly

    I liked the ankara bibs, those are really creative.

    You're on a blooging spree aren't you?

  9. wow...high fashion or ready-to-wear for $5000?! Is it beans abi na garri?! why would ANYONE pay that much for anything, especially when they are living in Nigeria? UGH...I get so irate at the wastage.

    Anyway, back on topic. I love those purses by Jidz! they come in such funky colours, definitely my scene. And that caftan is beautiful. would look like royalty anywhere in that piece!

  10. @Ms O, thankies boo xxx
    @doll it was 18,950...reduced to 14,900. Not much of a bargain yeah, but better than nothing
    @missflyhigh, seen. The babe has the memory of an elephant, she remembers everything!
    @zena, you know! lolll thought i'd be more seriious
    @anya that $5k no be yam o, i'd have to be balling on unimaginable levels to ever consider buying that

  11. The Jidz purses, your jersey dress and THAT caftan are just beautiful! I must try to attend LPM when I'm in town, sounds/looks like immense fun.
    Lol u'll be soaking garri while looking beautiful - Fashion is pain! I so want to patronise Naija designers too, but their price tags on pieces that Bro Fatai will sew up in 4 days, just won't let me. :-(

  12. the pictures and items you captured are gorgeous. whether I would buy them is a whole nother thing but I do enjoy looking at them. You have a good eye.

  13. Oooooh I love the draped ankara dress.I need it in my life how do I get one(without having to call the number)

  14. p.s: I know the girl in the yellow tank from ST colours!

  15. yes it is adebayo, thx xabi. plus u looked beautiful at yday, love the article, love the blog.
    check out my little blog


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