Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wearing my dress by Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, my new favourite designer and she's a QC girl too!

I was recently accused of going out a lot, which I took umbrage at because I regard myself as a bit of a homebody. I stood corrected because my accuser did not mean I was at Rehab and Marquee every weekend shaking my cakes but rather that I had an active social life, that I could understand. Lagos is a total beehive of activity, every day and not just weekends there's oodles of stuff going on: wine tasting, sweet tasting *le sigh*, book readings, movie premieres, fashion shows, concerts, comedy shows, burlesque, salsa, yoga, networking events, store openings, jazz nights, bar openings, karaoke, restaurant openings, award shows, poetry slams.....I LOVE Lagos, you get my drift. Anyhoo I decided to limit myself, so sadly I don't go out as much as I used to, therefore less stuff to talk about and as I already placed an embargo on my personal life here on 3WP, I might soon descend into TMZ territory and start reporting celebrity news, lol.

Luckily I have lovely friends who refused to let me fade into obscurity, also egbon mi obirin Nwabugo was in town from the abroad. Last week being the end of Ramadan, I hit up my friend Bisola's Sallah party.

*sidebar* In Lagos, whenever its Sallah there's a noticeable increase in Christians acquiring Muslim friends so as to have somewhere to go and lem. Luckily I have Bizla who never fails to put on a spectacular bash every Sallah, so I don't have to go prostituting myself like some people I know *side-eye*

Chinye, Bisola, Nwabugo at Bisola's Sallah do

After gorging ourselves we headed to Club Towers for my newest obsession, karaoke. I actually did karaoke for 3 weeks straight without a break, I'm now weaning myself off it slowly and downgrading to singing loudly in my car so I don't offend innocent people. If you see a girl in traffic in a blue Camry doing the dougie and rapping to Lil Will, do not be alarmed. We met up with Ediri, Nerhi, Faith, Antoinette, Valerie, Benjamin, Ejiro, temi and Ada for a Lady Gaga, Spice Girls and Rihanna session.

With Ify, Bugo, Ediri doing "Wannabe"

They show the most hilarious videos while playing the songs, its like a Hall of Fame of bad acting

Temi, Ify


My girl Oyidiya aka Oy came into town and ice cream therapy had to be on the decks, we hit up Ice Cream Factory with Yoko and Henrietta.

The damage that was done, this were just our entrees sef, we did more damage that night, bill came up to over N11,000.....never again

Ran into Dan, while she was on a "frolic of her own"

Yours truly wearing my ankara brooch from ST Colours, also doubles as a hair clip. Fetch!

*sidebar* we ran into Noble Igwe, PR guy who also runs the blog 360Nobs. All week on twitter, Nobs had been going on about "The Girl In The Yellow Bikini" whom he met at his SL..USH pool party in Abuja the week before. He posted twitpics of her asking if anyone could identify her and give him her deets, he even did a blog post on her. That night at ICF, Noble finally tracked her down, dude wanna romantic die.

Yoko and Noble
I have no pictures of Oy and Henrietta from that night because Henri deleted the one I took of them because she "did not like herself in it" and I forgot to take another one.

Took a day off work on Wednesday to go sort out my NYSC Final Clearance, I really can't believe its been an entire year since I started Nysc, it went by super fast. I'm actually ashamed of how inadequate a corper I was, I didn't stay in camp, I wangled my way into the Drama Community Development Group, ensuring myself an entire year of loafing. Serving, truly isn't that bad but we make such a big deal out of it and think its so "cool" to not have fully participated in it, anyhoo its over now, can't do it again.

Met up with Oy and Nneka at Cafe Royale to plan Oy's birthday do on Saturday, which promises to be legendary btw.

Oy and Nneka

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous réunissions encore my Blogville lovers xxxx


  1. This lagos living looks like fun! fun!! fun!!! all the way - I guess lagos will do that to ya! as a former abuja babe...I feel like I'm missing out on all these social events. When I visit naija, I make a vow with you not to dull myself like last year!

    In order news, I'm liking this short do on you. Very minimalist but brings out your eyes. And that ankara broach is pretty, I'd wear it in my hair!

  2. Nice pic, I like the ST brooch too and the first dress.

    ps, did you get my mail?

  3. Tick one person i know: Nnneka....and NOBS--well theoretically for Nobs.

    Ya'll looking good.

  4. These entrees are enticing me men... seriously... Obesity is calling my name sha... God help me...

    Everyone looks really good. Classy, yet trendy. I like it. :)

  5. like Anya, love the short look on you, haven't seen Ada U. in awhile, babe looks fresh.

    Honestly, maybe I shld start thinking about how I will waka to Gidi this Lagos, enjoyment full

  6. @Anya, thanks boo. Lagos is Naija fun capital, you should come back.

    @Myne, thamks. I didn't get it, please send it gain

    @T-notes, merci!

    @F, food will not kill me o

    @Bombchell, true talk

    @Zena, you know Ada, seen. Small world. Thank you.

  7. SOOO Ummm can we exchnage lives for just a week! This abroad living is making me feel 40 at 2*..:( I want to have fun too!

  8. It was to visit your blog. Such beatiful pics of your country which I have never visited. My blog includes art and photos of Finland. I’d be glad if checked them out. Autumn greetings from Markku Mäkelä, Finland

  9. This is like my second living vicariously blog!

  10. It's as tho u live in a different lagos from the rest of us. I am an adventure junkie and have been dulling myself here these past weeks. Take me along....plx!!!I'm in dire need of some excitement! Secondly, u must hook me up with ur designer friend...she did a great job on ur dress.
    Lol@ nobs and the girl in the yellow bikini....quite entertaining, wasn't it?
    Once again, a very interesting read! Keep up the good work baby girl. :*

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