Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm not even gonna bother apologising for infrequent blogging because I know I will do it again, so now thats outta the way lets proceed shall we?

I keed! I keed! Forgive me Blogville for I have sinned, its been....dang, almost a month since my last post. I don't even know whats causing my tardiness anymore, I'm just lazy, that's it, no other explanation.

Unfortunately I was hit with the official Nigerian disease over the weekend, malaria and was confined to bed the whole weekend (apart from a quick trip to Orchid Bistro with Bisola Winterbottom and going to wail at my bestie Nwabugo's place cos she was leaving on Saturday). Anyhoo, on Sunday while busy feeling sorry for myself and trying to force down my 4 times daily tablets of Artesunate, my darling friend D, knowing the sorry state I was in, came over to mine with spare ribs and butter pecan ice cream, I was delighted of course, even if a little surprised. "D" I said, "how did you know that I'd want spare ribs and butter pecan ice cream". "Daks" he said, "everybody knows what you fux with". I realised how true that was...

*permit me a little insight into that aspect of my personality* I have an OBSESSIVE personality i.e. when I love something I OD on it, I tell everyone how much I love it, I tweet about it, I read/eat/watch/do whatever it is at least every damn day (finances permitting). I literally never get tired.

I and D had a fun 2 hours while he went over all the things, over his long association with me, he knew I stan'd for:

*this list is in no particular order*

I LOVE BOOKS! I learned to read pretty early, by the time my mates were still struggling with "the fat cat sat on the mat" a la English Premier, I was already on a Dr. Seuss and Enid Blyton p, no jokes. Its so bad that when I'm bored I read the back of cereal boxes just to have something to read. I read everywhere, while eating, on the can, getting my hair did, at work, driving sometimes, when the traffic is really bad. I tingle in my unmentionables when I smell new books, I hpnestly don't think I can fully quantify how much I love to read so I'll stop here.

She. Is. The. Queen. Period

i really can't explain why I stan for maltina and I don't know whats gonna happen to me when I move away for from Nigeria and can't get it anymore. The taste is just sublime.

I'm addicted to sitcoms, drama series etc (except Mad Men, talk about useless hype). I remember the great Desperate Housewives Weekend of 2007. Where I spent an entire weekend from Friday to Sunday, watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 and 2 in its entirety without moving. I ate all my meals in the living room, I took very infrequent bathroom breaks, I think I only showered once that weekend. It was deep

Anyone that can get Celine Dion to sing at my wedding must sit at the right hand of the Father on Judgement Day.

The Whys and Hows are immaterial, I stan for chunkys in a bad way.

Every other flavour of ice cream, especially chocolate make no sense when measured with butter pecan, none at all.

Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Kenickie, Frenchie, the music, the 50's, leather pants, Pink Ladies, Thunderbirds??? The holy Grail of movies.

Vicky is the greatest fashionista ever! She literally does not take a bad picture, like I have never seen one bad shot of her, never. She's like my ultimate.

The complete antithesis of a femme fatale, yet this woman held the entire world in thrall her whole life. Gotta love her chutzpah.

Truly, them Research In Motion people have no idea what they did for me when they invented the Blackberry.

I love love, no matter how much I try to be cynical and world weary of the idea of romance, whenever I hear the story of the couple that have been in love for years and still act like they just met, I get tears in my eyes. Yes bad bishes cry, lol.

These are a few of the things I stan for and fux with on a daily basis. For the more aesthetically inclined of my reading public, a post with pictures should be on the decks sometime this week.

p.s. NYSC is over!!!!!!!


  1. I think we'd get along just fine, if we met...

    I am a HUGE bibliophile, I had every Enid Blyton book and at 10 I was demolishing Ben Okri like it was the English Premier..

    Beyonce, is the word AMAZING!!!! You really can't say anything after that, like what else,

    Ms Jackie O is my Idol along with Grace Kelly,

    I grew up on Grease, me and my friends in Primary school were the Pink Ladies lmao!!!!!! My mom made us the jackets,

    Come in fact the whole list,

    love it!!!

    Can I steal this?

  2. @ Zena (((hugs))). My sister in Blogger, steal as much as you like.

  3. babe, it's like you're stealing thoughts from the deep hidden corners of my mind. yeaaaah!

    I LOVE beyonce! 'nuff said.

    I can't live without reading! I mean, that's where my own OD begins & continues. It keeps me sane.

    I love Maltina. I can drink maltina as a meal. I mean, it's so thick & creamy - like a smoothie; and it has 240 calories! maltina is food!

    On the flip side, I love MADMEN! hahaha...cannot do without. I don't own a blackberry. Refuse to give in to the madness!

    But yes, I'm a sucker for romance! It don't matter how critical I come across when I describe the shadiness that are men; but when it comes to the romantico... I give in- it's my weakness!!

  4. am with you on Beyonce, Books, Sitcoms, blackberry and Romance

  5. Books, Romance, TV dramas, Celine Dion, in fact almost all. We gats to meet when I'm in Nigeria o, lol...

  6. I thought I was the only crazy one!!!! I read ingredients on the boxes all the time. I can't pass a book or newspaper without stealing a quick glance!

  7. Ok, the Maltina is a NO! NO! for me--sorry hun, but I hate it! I will take Fanta instead. I used to love to read, but all I read now is text books--still love to read sha! V. Beckham, love her! Every day is her fashion show, would love to raid her closet of shoes :)
    With series, hmmmm...! I watch any TV related show that has fashion/style alias GG, SATC...oh, I love Two and Half Men ;) Enough of my long comment! xoxo

  8. Congrats on NYSC being over!!!
    iLove most things that you STAN!! How can not like madmen!!!:(

  9. dakis I love this post! i can totally identify with Grease and books and romance.cue goo goo eyes*
    meanwhile@your more recent posts I miss Nigeria!Come and join me here and wallow in loneliness and friendlessness...Although it wont be that for you because you'll automatically have one

  10. oh plus dakis....em....there is maltina in England...*eyes rolling* and everything else you cant live without


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