Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Out

Got into London a couple days ago and made the nearly fatal mistake of going to Madame Tussauds with friends. I hadn't being to Madame Tussauds since I was a child, and then only the one in New York, so I thought visiting the London one would be a fun way to pass the time.

Went with my friends Yoko, Nwabugo and Hilda

Seriously layered up in this photo. Its just my luck that when I had nothing to do and was holed up in my flat 24/7 the UK experienced a week or so of amazing warmth. Then the period I now have to be up and about the temperature decides to plummet. Like London is even mild, I damn near froze while waiting for a bus in Aberdeen last week.

Not cute.

With everything I had on I honestly looked and felt like a yeti.

H&M fur gilet
Topshop motorcycle jacket
River Island striped blazer
H&M two tone sheer mullet shirt
Gucci scarf
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans in Pewter
Mulberry 'Daria' hobo
Gucci hi-top trainers

Easter Saturday was probably the worst possible day to visit any type of tourist attraction in any major city because we stood in a queue for 3 hours (no kidding), just to get into Madame Tussauds. Whenever we got tired and wanted to leave we'd rationalize it by saying, "well we've already queued for this long, might as well give it 10 more minutes".

It was the longest 3 hours of my life. Not like I'm even that fascinated by wax figures, we only just went there on a whim and ended up spending a lifetime in line.


Was only interested in seeing my favourite Royal......

and my Queen Bey...

Sadly Beyonce's wax figure was awful.

Like of all the times to immortalize Bey inwax they choose the Sasha Fierce era? Plus it didn't even look good, at all. They really need to fix up and give Beyonce a do over, I'm so not pleased with their work concerning her.

Random; if you're a diehard member of the Beyhive I know you would have already seen Beyonces tumblr and re-done dot com site. If you haven't best skedaddle on over there and stan like crazy. Like that tumblr site is everything, I can't even articulate how awesome it is.

Oh yeah.....I'm a Digger Bey, no wasps allowed :)

Despite Madame Tussauds attempting to take my life I had a fun day out with my girls, we made a really cute video in Shepherds Bush station where we performed Vic O's 'After Party', like singing and dancing......Londoners are used to nutters but we def received our fair share of side-eyes. Not putting the video up here because I promise you the embarrassment factor is way off the Richter.

*sidebar* I played a pub quiz last summer where the clue was "Cybills front bottom" and the answer was "Shepherd's Bush", you know, like Cybill Shepherd and her front........Christ, the English are something else.

Good times.

Love and light xx


  1. The one an only time I attempted to go to Mme Tussauds, the queue went all the way around the building, and so my impatient butt left after an hour. I commend you for staying 3 whole hours!!!
    Yes, I am a wasp!!! And I saw all yall Digger Beys on twitter stanning like crazy for her. I don't know how yall do it, but kudos to you! And of course I love that her wax figure looks jacked up! lol
    Love your outfit though!!!

    1. NO WASPS ALLOWED!!! Lol, Oi no shading the Quern here o

  2. Nne; "beysus" tho? A bit much dontchya think?

  3. You look usual.

  4. There's always gon be that one wasp that has to shade the Queen. But anyways the new site is wonderful. You like great too.

    P.S Did you see Nene give the other RHW waka lmao. I cannot

    1. Thank you babe. At all o, haven't seen yesterdays episode yet. Lordy, Nene is nuts.

  5. Beyonce's Wax figure is awful! your outfit on the other hand is tres chic!

  6. that wax needs to be redone. wtf


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