Thursday, April 12, 2012


Was out last night at a friends bridal shower/hen night and I wore this cut-out midi dress by River Island.

River Island cut-out midi dress
Office leopard print pimps
Louis Vuitton Vernis Brea MM 

I haven't been to a bridal shower or hen night since I lived in Lagos and this one was particularly hairy, a very unique collection of insane people added up to a pretty spectacular night.

It was at a Middle Eastern restaurant in London called Levant and we pretty much shut the place down, hella good times.

The beautiful bride to be, Maky.

I looooved the decor, it reminded me of Balthazar, the restaurant where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in SATC 1. Very exotic, beautiful colours and delicious cocktails. I'm well on my way to becoming a confirmed alchy, I've drunk more in one week than I have this year.

Beautiful people........

Our token guy of the night was my friend Kike's brother, Dami, who helped out taking pictures. The poor boy was subjected to our shenanigans and saw a whole lot more than was necessary. I'm sure it was very memorable for him.

From the restaurant we went to a bar called Sketch then back to my friend Anwuli's for drinks which was when the madness really began, but those pictures are def not ending up here. Too many bride prices at stake.

Absolutely mental night.

Love and light xx


  1. Beautiful people everywhere..
    Thought you didn't have the buds for alcohol.. Lool..
    See Adanna again ^_^.. :)

    For a second there I thought the dress-code was black..


    1. I don't o, trying to build up a tolerance little by little. Yup, I have gorgeous friends.

  2. Love your necklace.

  3. your lipstick is popping!
    this is quite unsual from the bridal showers here in houston but it looks really fun.
    gorgeous outfit btw, the dress and necklace is lovely and I love how you dress to compliment your body type :)

    1. Thanks! My ever faithful Ruby Woo. It was mental, so much happened that was not even depicted here xx


  5. you look so awesome!
    love the dress!

  6. Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner at Buddakan!


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