Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stella's Addiction Studio Launch

Stella's Addiction Studio launches in Victoria Island, Lagos!

The Paris trained make-up artist who shares her beauty tips and favourite products with us on her blog Stella's Addiction has just launched a studio in the Apples and Oranges Therapy Spa at No. 10 Balarabe Musa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

If like me you have been following the blog, you would be exited to hear they offer a wide range of make-up services, including brow grooming, threading, tweezing, trimming, false lashes, strips, individual, all kinds of makeovers for everyday, special events, bridal, editorial, runway; and wait for it.....Stella also gives tutorials!!!!

Stella stocks some of her favourite products and her prices are extremely reasonable.

There was an official launch last weekend

I am super excited for my girl Stella, her passion for make-up is amazing and I'm so proud of her for turning her dream into reality.

I think I'm most excited about the threading, I'd been wondering where I could get my eyebrows threaded when I moved back home but now, problem solved.

For enquiries please contact 08162606066 or send an email to stellasaddiction@gmail.com.



  1. This looks lovely, wishing her much success. If I could find a good threading studio in KD, I would be so happy. These people are finishing my brows with razor blade :(

  2. Congrats Stella. I'm soooo for the threading. Last time I got one was exactly 1yr ago

  3. Happy for you Stella, Very excited about the threading, last time i had one done was exactly a year ago.

  4. Nice. Heard about this Apples & Oranges place. I've never threaded my brows before,i shape it myself. in fact, i feel apprehensive about putting my eyebrows in anybody's hands, before they 'barber' my precious brows. might try the threading thing, but i heard it's quite painful...

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