Monday, February 11, 2013

Laid Back

My last day in Abuja was for ultimate chilling because I'd been wrung like a dishcloth the previous days.

As a result of my night at PLAY I was literally dead to the world until my friend, blogger and designer Chichi of Blazyfashion came over to drag my lazy ass out of bed.


I spent the rest of the day out by the pool

H&M maxi dress; ASOS drop earrings; ASOS flats; Prada Baroque sunglasses

I LOVE these ASOS earrings, even though I think they're a tad ratchet and if anybody got tangled up in them by mistake it could rip out my earlobes.

After a day of supreme laziness I headed out to meet friends at a bar called Beer Barn in Wuse

I saw my 2012 bride, Neks!

She moved to Abuja at the beginning of the year and I hadn't seen her since

My Neks' work chic was giving me life, LOVE!

We went on to a house party after Beer Barn which I didn't stay at long and was promptly tucked in before midnight

I had a blast in Abuja and it was so gratifying to see that if I ever had to leave Lagos I already had a ready-made circle in the capital.

Love and light xx



  1. u really ad fun :) love ur dress n bun :D

  2. Love your high pony, hun and your brows are perfection.. Really love how you shaped it.. Xo

  3. Love ur natural hair. U r glowing, Abuja rily treated u well!

  4. I am in love with your earrings.
    You look great boo, it was good to see you.


  5. love the hair and the maxi, good to know you had fun here, must have been tough going back to rowdy lagos. lol

    1. However rowdy I love my Lagos, can't lie. Abuja's a bit too calm for me. Thanks!

  6. U Had Fun Daks. But I wasn't paid a vist . Who says mamas don't know how to rock town. I'd have at list made u solid Nsala soup wit poundo yam. I love ur Hair.

    1. Nne you weren't around! You know I can't come to Abuja without looking for you xx


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