Friday, April 5, 2013

Best Of The Week

'Bad' by Wale ft. Tiara Thomas

This. Song. Kicks. Ass!!

I'll be the first to admit that I've not always been a Wale fan, I know he can rap and all but nothing he's done has ever spoken to me and unfortunately for him in his early Twitter career he was extremely lax with the rules of grammar and syntax so I tensioned him dreadfully anytime he made a mistake (gbagauned).

Until 'Bad'.

Omg I love this song, been playing it non-stop for a week. Tiara Thomas' voice is beyond, her voice reminds me a lot of T-Boz with its gritty undertone and Teedra Moses with the hood angel quality. I heard the song was actually written for Rihanna but thank God they gave it to Tiara instead, she murdered it. Plus Brianna Murphy is a gorgeous gorgeous girl, I mean with a mum like Nicole Murphy if you turn out ug its really your own fault.

*sidebar* on a completely unrelated note but necessary to discuss as it involves parents who give birth to awkward looking kids. How on earth did all the Willis/Moore daughters end up looking like their dad? That was a hell of a genetic lottery. Boggles the mind.

Anyhoo back to my song......


Jasper Fforde

Discovering this man below is literally the best thing to happen to me all week.

How on earth have I gone through life for this long without reading a single Jasper Fforde book???

I read his book 'One of our Thursdays is Missing' recently and I felt the same way I did the day I read my first Neil Gaiman; 'Anansi Boys'. Like how did I not know about this, how could I call myself a self-respecting bibliophile without getting into Gaiman or Fforde??

I have to give props to my fave because he put me on to both Gaiman and Fforde and I am eternally grateful.

I started with the Thursday Next series and the minute I was done I got on Amazon right quick to buy up all of his books. (Next to fashion, books are where the rest of my paycheck goes).

This book below.......

*sigh* just sublime.

I have a thing for clever writers, writers that make you think, not simpletons like E.L oops.

Fforde takes your brain into overdrive, he forces you to remember every part of speech, every literary allusion or character you've ever studied. reading this book felt like the most satisfying Literature class ever.

Its really hard to explain why his books are so good, the best explanation I can give you is to go read one, that's all and I suggest you start with his first book 'The Eyre Affair', then proceed to 'Shades of Grey' if literary references are not your thing. If you're a fan of nursery rhymes then try 'The Big Overeasy' or if you were too immersed in the Book World and Goliath Corporation and Thursday Next then you can finish the rest of the Thursday Next series.

Any Fforde you decide to try you're getting a literary experience unlike any other.

p.s. Neal Gaiman fans, new book coming out in June. I suggest we start with a candlelight vigil holding up copies of 'American Gods' aloft to kick off the festivities.

Beyonce's Pepsi Commercial

I've confined my stanning for Beyonce to Twitter and Instagram but I had to come out of the woodwork for this.

Beyonce's Pepsi commercial is perfect. Its beyond amazing. She took us on a journey from 90s Bey to 2013. She showed us aaaallll the facets, all the looks, the dancing, her sickening body......everything!!!


I'm going to need some time to calm down because.......


Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is a goddess and you better respect.

Took a peep into Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson's mentions yesterday when this commercial dropped and nearly bust a gut, the Beyhive can read for the gods. They're going to drag these girls for eternity and their children's children. I know its not fair but its sooo funny. 

Simple moral of the story; don't come for Beyonce....ever, you'll get your wig/afro/edges/lace-front snatched. 

Peep the perfection

Love and light and Beyonce albums xxx


  1. hahaa at the E.L James shade. I'm gonna check out Jasper Fforde.

  2. I was skimming through, saw Jasper Fforde, and paused to read that paragraph. He's a really good writer. I read 'Shades of Grey' twice! Sadly I haven't been able to get 'Shades of Grey 2' yet.

    1. Lol, thanks for skimming and pausing...much appreciated.

      Just finished Shades of Grey last week, I don't think Book 2 is out yet though.

      Awesome book.

  3. hey daks, nice post. just wondered how you tend to read, as in do you read soft or hard copies? i like to read on the go, but it's often a struggle getting novels to fit into my bags :)
    by the way, may i commend your "grammar and syntax". i always appreciate a writer that pays attention to their writing, and i notice you do that consistently, so kudos!!

    1. For almost a year now I've consistently bought e-books, I use Kindle for iPad. Its much easier than lugging bulky books around. I love hard copies but they're not as convenient.

      Lol, why thank you xx

  4. Right there with you about EL James being an awful seriously that's an insult to writers! Will definitely be adding these books onto my reading list!
    Have you listened to Melanie Fiona's cover of Bad? Great cover


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