Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Tips for Buying Second Hand Shoes Online

Buying pre-loved clothes and accessories is becoming more and more popular, particularly when purchasing designer items. If buying used footwear is something you’ve considered, read on for these top tips to buying second hand shoes online:

Get plenty of photos
When you’re buying used shoes online, you don’t get the privilege of seeing and feeling your desired pair up close – unless you happen to live near the seller and are able to arrange to see them. It’s important that you can see shoes in as much detail as possible, particularly when looking at an expensive designer pair. Ask for as many photos as possible and never by used items from a seller which only provides stock imagery.

Ask to see the soles
Whilst you’re asking for more photographs, ask if you can see some snaps off the shoes soles. Ultimately the soles of the shoes are the part which will have the most wear and you need to be able to see they have plenty of life left in them! Also, if you’re buying a pair of original Laboutins the red soles of each shoe are an iconic feature and should be in good shape for them to be worth the likely high pricetag.

Don’t be shy
The great thing about buying online is that you don’t have to face rude sales assistants or lazy shop staff. Instead all you need to do is ping the seller a quick email to find out any further information you require. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions; a genuine seller will not mind how many queries you have – whether they be about size, make or postage costs.

Check authenticity
Want to buy designer or big name brands? Ask if it’s possible to see proof of authenticity, perhaps a receipt from the store. There are a lot of fake designer items on sites like eBay, so you just need to be a little wary, but generally high-quality seller feedback and their willingness to answer your questions can help put your mind at rest. Specialist retailers are often more reliable too, so if you’re looking for a pair of second hand Ugg boots opt for a seller that sells womens boots.

Check size
Not only do you not get to see shoes when you buy them online, you don’t get to try them on! We all know that not every shoe in our size is comfortable so there is certainly a risk you take when buying from an auction site with no returns. However, to avoid the most obvious discomforts, do your research and make sure the size advertised is not different according to brand. If you suffer from wide feet, you should look out for wide fit styles and ask for measurements if necessary.
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