Friday, June 29, 2012


I've been in a serious social media rut for the past two weeks now, with the stress of moving, preparing for graduation etc, I've seriously neglected TWP.  This is the 3rd time I'm moving in over a year and the stress is unbelievable, like I need some kind of fairy godmother P.A. in my life.

Hopefully that's about to change soon and I'll make a conscious effort to be more regular.

Topshop went on sale recently and I decided to indulge by getting loads of jeans. When I lived in Nigeria I hardly wore jeans, probably like thrice in two months or something but since they're a bit of a necessity here I have no choice but to wear them. However to break away from my funereal winter colours of black, grey and navy, I decided to pander to a bit of whimsy and get brightly coloured jeans, which are another first for me, I've never really been into them. You run the risk of looking like you're dressing for Rag Day if you're not careful.

*for People who did not go to university in Nigeria, Rag Day is a day the university sets aside for the students to dress in rags.....literally for charity. People put on the most outlandish outfits, in the most acidic colours and wander around town generally making a massive nuisance of themselves and collecting money for charity. 

Zara blazer
H&M tank
Dorothy Perkins neck candy
Topshop supersoft 'Leigh' jeans in Turquoise
Mulberry 'Daria' hobo
Topshop smoking slippers

*tip; if you're like me and you absolutely hate how denim feels against the skin, these supersoft 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop are for you. They are denim but a very soft denim like really old jeans that have been washed loads of times so its not harsh like regular denim. They're literally the only jeans I wear.

This was my attempt this morning at updating my Instagram, another place I rarely visit, trying to change that too. Its just I don't have an iPhone so I take all my Instagram pictures with my iPad and I rarely remember to lug it out to take pictures.

Oh btw, its #CancerSeason!!!! Birthday is in 8 days, on July the 7th.......definitely older but I'm not sure how much wiser.

Love and light xx


  1. Nice. I especially like the hair.

  2. The turquoise looks great on you!..

  3. i like your blazer and neck candy :)
    if you try really hard, i just might like you too.

  4. Nice blazer and jeans. Looking good as usual :)

  5. The pants look great on you! I love the color xoxo Demmy

  6. looking good, good luck with the move

  7. love ur hair... :)

  8. yay!! you are back finally!! good luck with your move
    p.s. could i find those pants online? i have a tall friend about your height and they fit you well.

  9. Damn, time does fly.. your birthday again though..

  10. I hate moving, but i'm likely to be moving for the third time this year too. And speaking of indulgence i hear zara sales calling me lol

  11. Ah I missed you.
    Wondering where you were these past few weeks.
    I can definately relate when it comes to the moving, and preparing for grad.
    Pls feel free to recommend ideas for grad outfits, or I may end up having my own version of rag day for my grad...*sigh*

    p.s: I promised I'd send a pic of myself in my Aqua Flasher Jacket (Just waiting for the right weather in Manchester)

    ;) Ini x

  12. Love the jeans, the colour is gorgeous!


  13. I like the way you write...u crack me up!

  14. I like the way you write...u crack me up!

  15. hey Daks, i have an award for u on my blog...check it out here

  16. Happy birthday in advance... In barely 3hrs u will b +1 again!!! I can still remember the wishlist from last year!!! Lol.... Have fun!!!!

  17. In less than 3hrs, u will be +1 again.... Have loads of fun and time really does fly. And I'll be glued on here to see the pictures as always!!!!

  18. Happy birthday! Wishing you many more beautiful years ahead.

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  19. U have a really nice blog and beautiful pictures!!! I love ur style;;; let's follow each other??


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