Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Of The Week

This has been such a good week!

Work has been amazing, life has been amazing, family and friends have been beyond. For real, when you let go and let God, things just come to fruition of their own accord.

So first of all....go down low

*seriously though will anyone in Nigeria ever be able to say "first of all" without someone replying "go down low"? I don't think so, its definitely here to stay*

So first of all...

I Got Another Gig!!

Your girl is the new Fashion Contributor for the Guardian Life magazine, that's the pull-out inside the Guardian newspaper on Sundays


Did I hear a yay?

I've done a bit of freelance writing here and there but this is my first time as a constant feature and I'm super stoked and super grateful for the opportunity, I get to work with very talented peole and Tabia, the Editor is beyond cool. My first article came out last Sunday and I'll be a regular feature every Sunday, so yeah upgrade to Guardian Life people, you won't regret it.

London Life, Lagos Living....the stage play

So just last night I went to see 'London Life, Lagos Living' on stage and the brilliance of what I watched is why I'm sat in front of my computer blogging it about this early momo.

It was put on as a part of the annual Taruwa Festival which will hold at TerraKulture till tomorrow, 8th June. I strongly suggest you all head down there, so much talent to pick from. My girl Sheila Ojei will be working the Spoken Word mic this evening too, so check on it.

Anyhoo back to the program, unless you've been living under 5 rocks you should have read 'London Life, Lagos Living' by now. Its a brilliant collection of short stories by Bobo Omotayo basically about observations of "fashionable" Lagos society and his views of them as influenced by his British upbringing. It is hilarious, witty and definitely worth your time.

So since its not a novel per se, I was very curious as to how it will be adapted to the was phenomenal. I did not expect what I saw last night at all. It was sooooo good, sooooo funny, the actors were uninhibited, natural, had perfect comic timing and literally left me fo' dead *in the voice of Momma Dee*. I cackled, I howled, I nearly ended up on the floor (My laughter is very physical, I literally throw myself around when I'm laughin), it was that FUNNY!

The room was packed and everybody was in stitches, I can't even adequately describe it, it has to be seen to be understood.

I am very impressed with the theatre scene in Nigeria, I will definitely be going for more plays, I had no idea it was this good. Bobo really needs to take this show on the road, it is such a good production.

My friend Ijeoma Aniebo was in it and she played the part of the Thisday Style Girl, my boo slayed that stage like her name was Beyonce.

This is me giving her congratulatory famz at the end of the show :)


I'm going away on vacation for 10 days today. My brother is graduating so I decided to take time off now to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

I can not WAIT to get out of Lagos, I love this place but sometimes.......

I should be able to blog I think but it might be a bit slow, so for quicker updates follow me on Instagram - @LoveTWP and on Twitter - @LoveTWP

And last but definitely not the least, the best part of my week was....

My Amazing TWP Family

I'm at a loss as to how to describe how wonderful you guys are, the outpouring of love and concern I got from my New Beginnings post was surreal, honestly I thought it was only my beloved mama that loved me like that. The support, the encouragement, the appreciation......its been....something else.

Ayodeji, Myne, Ms Cookie, Diora, Annie, Blazyfashion, Daisy, Amaka, Dinma, Young Grumbler, StyleFash25, Chichi, Yolanda, Happy Chiq Musings, The Fairy Godmother NG, Cassandra Ikegbune, Tiwi's Closet, Ada, Yinx, Amina, Nikki, Cynthia Ekwerike, As Myself, Simmie Owotomo, Minku Design, Lohi, Original Mgbeke, Ivy Wairimu, Meinskid, Frances Diaries, Sarafina, FNLP, G, Dressed2dNines, Onyeka, Chinaza Okonkwo, Ezinne, Miss Naturelle, Torera Idowu, Ogechi Anarah, Bibi, Berry Dakara, Naomi, African Sweetheart, Nne, 9ja Boogie, Metrogypsie, Belinda Nnah, Laiza Lounge, Eknoreda, Stella......and all the Anon's, lol.

Thank you guys so much for everything, will have to do a massive giveaway when I get back and even that will only be able to show a tenth of my appreciation.


Love and light xx


  1. Awww swthrt,
    Let me be the first to tell you, ie if you haven't heard, you are an inspiration.
    Keep soaring higher....

  2. Yes!!! My name appears on a blog post!!! I love you for real girl!!!Such a shame I didn't *know* you in QC :) But at least, we are both energy profahsionals (famzing to bahd :)) Whatever it was (I hate to make assumptions), I know FOR SURE it does get better!

    You are looking all sorts of fierce in this single picture. Can you pretty please wear curly hair forever?

    Re theatre culture in Nigeria, I was at the Oluronbi stage play at the Muson centre on one of my trips home. Best 6,000 naira I have ever spent in my life.


  3. Congratulations on your new gig dear and have a fab holiday.

  4. Yay!!! she's back! :-). Good to have the real you back.

    congrats on your new gig!

  5. Awwwww! Thanks for the mention :D

    BIG Congrats on your new gig, i'll definitely get the mag because of you ;)...and please please enjoy your 10day vacation well well- no stress at all. I trust you'll come back even more energized.



  6. Funny enough, i was in Oluronbi as well so i guess i should say thank you @ayodeji for the support. My Daks is all kinds of amazing, thank you for all the love darling. Meanwhile, the voice was intact before i started screaming after the show, so i blame you Daks. I might be doing an improve session at this evening's #openmictheatre, depends on how early i get there, also there's a screening of films from 2pm, my short film is in it as well.

  7. We love you and we're rooting for you.

  8. And congratulations on the new gig love, We're moving on up!!!

  9. Yay for regular columns!!! Whoop!!! I really wish I could see the play..:( Have fun on vacay and we DO love you Daks(famz!!)

  10. Congrats on your Guardian Life gig - that's major! Will look out for this week's edition, congrats again!

    I still havent read Lagos Life, London Living...the bookstore in Silverbird Abuja never seem to stock it...and Abuja is useless for theatre productions sha, we never get anything fabulous, literary wise going on in the 'Buj

    Have a fab holiday and yippee, looking forward to reading more posts on TWP when you get back!

    1. I actually just returned from watching a stage play in here in Abuja. The thing is there are events in Abuja, but largely within the expatriate community. You could also sign up for mails from Jos Repertory Theatre. They've got a couple of plays coming up soon including The Lion and the Jewel.

    2. Oh yeah, they do have Bob's book at the SIlverbird Store. Still saw it last week. I see it there all the time. I think they have his most recent one too.

    3. Oh really? Thanks! Will go back there and check myself, when I ask any of the staff they always say no! Strange! And thanks will sign up for mails for the theatre group...appreciate!

  11. Adaku Ufere!! The way i write your name and stan for you, one would think i know you in person (LOL....The small blessings of social media)....Baby oku'm, i am so happy to perceive you coming back to your bubbly self in this post. And can i say that i am super proud of you for the new Guardian gig!? Congrats lover.

  12. So glad to see u back on your feet and smiling again Hugsss.Congrats on the Guardian feature you sure deserve it. please when what time is the london life lagos living showing tomorrow? i have to go see it.

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwww... We love you more Daks!xx

  14. Awwww..
    Congratssssss on ur new gig!!
    And enjoy your vacation!
    WE love you Daks! xx

  15. Ooo.. And u look A-MA-ZING in that picture!

  16. Congrats! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are back.I Missed reading your posts!

  17. Congratulations on the new gig, so happy for you.

  18. Nice one scoring the guardian life gig. More achievements to come your way by God's grace. Enjoy your holls. Glad to have you back :)

  19. See how God is just embarrassing you with blessings :) Congrats luv! Biko I'll soon start pitching clients for a fashion feature on ur column o lol

  20. Congrats on ur Gig.
    Greater heights!
    God's grace be wif u!

  21. Congratulations on your gig Ms! :) there will be more and better ones in Jesus name.
    Enjoy you vacation!!!

  22. Awwww! Thanx for the mention! Congrats on your new gig!!! Guardian just got a regular sunday customer! I just tried to read the article from the picture you put up. Please don't tell me I am too old to expose my midriff *30 and rocking!*

    looking effortlessly fab! how do you do it daks?

  23. Good job, lady!!! Congratulations on the feature :)

    And glad to see you're more cheery :D

    AND HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN on your vacay (Congrats to your brother)

    I wish I was going on vacay :(

  24. Yayy! Congrats Dear! Biko when will I meet this my fellow Imo Sister, that FEC meeting is still far LOL. Congrats once again.

  25. Wow!! You have a yoruba middle name??
    That's something interesting about you that I didn't know :)

  26. Yayyyyy! Daks nwannem, glad to have you back..... Congrats on on your new gig! Go ahead girl.

  27. Good to know u r doing great ... Great bounce back ...

  28. You are welcome......congrats on ur new gig

    For your event coordination holla


  29. When I saw my name my heart skipped a beat. Love as always. :-)


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