Monday, January 20, 2014

Lose yourself at your wedding

We lose ourselves in the things, places and people we love. Every time a camera captures a kiss between a bride and a groom, it is actually catching the process of two people losing themselves in each other. 

Somewhere on a hill, a San Francisco Wedding Photographer is now taking pictures of a man and a woman that are completely lost in the love they feel for one another. The man and the woman are future husband and wife. The camera is now looking at the bride, but the bride is looking in the eyes of her groom. That is how the magic happens.

The wedding photography makes the moments become the little prisoners of love in frames. Those prisoners are kept there because they hold on to the important things in people’s life. And believe me the moments are happy to be there because that is what matters in life. The photographer is the one that is responsible for captivating moments and for showing your wedding just the way it is. Those responsible for the wedding are you, your hubby and your guests.  This is not the burden for you; it should not be a heavy weight on your shoulders. What you get to celebrate is love and there is nothing to be happier about in this world, than about this feeling. So make it perfect because you can have the most beautiful dress in this world, you can have the best champagne, the sweetest cake and the ugliest dresses for your bridesmaids but you need to lose yourself in your hubby, in your emotions and let it be amazing. There is no better photograph than the one that it is made when you are not paying attention. For example, the photo where you are dancing like one of the back up dancers of Missy Elliot in her heyday, or the picture where your most annoying cousin is eating cake with her mouth full. Some things are simply hilarious and we should never stop them from being like this. Also, the photo where your future husband looks at you with love and kindness and he does not know that he is being photographed is a priceless thing. That picture one day can save your love.

There is no greater feeling than the feeling of getting lost in the person you love. So you better listen to Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams and lose yourself to dance, to love and to that wedding strawberry cake.



  1. On a completely unrelated note, there was a post you wrote a couple of years ago where you were asking for info on a good relaxer to use as D&L wasn't cutting it. Biko, what did you finally decide on? Because I have the same issues- my hair has turned green from all my relaxer-prostitution. I need advice on one that wont damage or discolour my hair. Thank you.

    1. For the past couple of years or so I've been using Gentle Touch relaxer and so far it works fine. No magical hair growth or anything but it doesn't damage my hair and its retained its health throughout use.

  2. on another unrelated note, why have we lost you, where have you been?

  3. Lovely!!! This was well said, thank you. I am a photographer. I have read this page over and over that why I said thank u because it was well said.

    After you’ve spent a fortune on the venue, the dress, the food, the makeup artists, the invitations, the wedding gown and everything else, the only thing left as a reminder of the day are your photographs.

  4. YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT!!! The photographs, the music...those are the most important to me (or they will be when I start planning my wedding)
    Infact you just spoke my entire this post

  5. right

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