Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daks In The City

So I don't know how I forgot to loud this on here, but I'm the new Style and Beauty Contributor at the Genevieve Magazine website genevieveng.com.

I write a new article every Monday and its just basically everything that interests me fashion, beauty and lifestyle wise.

I've written three articles so far, check them out:

RE: Four Fashion Trends Nigerian Women need to explain to Men http://genevieveng.com/re-four-fashion-trends-nigerian-women-need-to-explain-to-men/

Interview with Marco Lous, Resident Senior Artist MAC Cosmetics Sub-Saharan Africa http://genevieveng.com/daks-in-the-city-interview-with-marco-louis-resident-senior-artist-mac-cosmetics-sub-saharan-africa/

Soooo, let me know what you think!

Love & Light x



  1. Yaaay!! Great Daks! Congratulations!!!

    Off to go read them now.

  2. That's anazing
    I'd live to do the same for a Nigerian publication
    Any idea/tips how I can do this from the UK?
    It'd be very much appreciated x

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com


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