Thursday, October 15, 2015

Take Three

*Warning* photo overload

Well it feels like photo overload for me because I rarely post more than 3 or 4 pictures at a time. I really don't like style posts where the same outfit is posted up to 10 times. I'm always like "its enough, we've seen this from every possible angle!"

Anyway this is...bountiful because its 3 outfits in one post.

Yay *throws confetti*

I've lusted over the Kenzo sweatshirts for the longest time but seeing as I don't live abroad anymore and Lagos is blazing all year round, it didn't really make any sense getting one. When I was in London a few months ago I decided to go to Selfridges on a whim and just browse.

Forty minutes later I walked out bewildered, having just bought 3 t-shirts. I'm telling you, my intention was to just go look around for a bit, maybe have a Bellini at Hix, go back home and call it a day, but best laid plans and all that...

That's how I ended up with the same t-shirt in 3 different colours. Till today, I still can't account for those foggy 40 minutes.

Top - Kenzo Tiger Print T-Shirt

Jeans - Topshop 'Joni' Jeans

Shoes - Jimmy Choo


Top - Kenzo Tiger Print T-Shirt

Jeans - Forever 21 ripped jean shorts

Shoes - Stuart Weitzman

Top - Kenzo Tiger Print T-Shirt

Jeans - Topshop 'Joni' Jeans

Shoes - DSW

Location - The Foundry, Victoria Island

Photographer - Alistair Englebert Preston (@aep_photography and @alistairenglebertpreston)

Love and light xx


  1. LOL! The same t-shirt in 3 colors?!?!?!

    1. I can't explaaaiiiin *in Wizkids voice*

      Truly I can't, and they were not even cheap that's the worst part.

  2. Omg I saw the price and I fainted. Now I understand why you were bewildered.
    Exactly what happened to me at Sephora. Walked in to look around and walked out with so much stuff I didn't know when I bought.
    Life of an addict.

    1. I'm tired of this life. I need to let go of the things of the world, lol.

  3. I love the whites look most.
    You've got great legs...I know that's not news to you again, lol.

  4. Stunning pictures!

  5. Ha. I haf die! *looking at the prices* Ko jo men :) But you look really good!

  6. Love the black one. Good to know I am not the only one who purchases a style in multiple colors.

  7. Selfridges has started using jazz that's my only explanation to this.... :) your not even a tshirt person so for you to buy that

  8. Can't see them photos. Maybe its my internet.. :(


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