Monday, January 19, 2009


Katie 'I must be Victoria Beckham by force' Holmes, is at it again. following on the heels of Victoria Beckham's big reveal as the face [or body to be exact] of Emporio Armani underwear, pictures of Katie Holmes for Miu Miu S/S 09 have recently surfaced. Granted she looks banging and I have to admit I don't think she planned it to be in competition with VB, but the timing is just too freakishly coincidental. I'm sure Posh must be wondering what she has created, as in the former student is now taking over big time. Isn't that so annoying, you take a regular girl and turn her into fashion royalty and it turns around to bite you in the caboose.

p.s. both campaigns were shot by the same photographers; Mert Alas and Marcus Pigotti

Its not like I dislike Katie Holmes or anything, I'm just indifferent to her. She has no personal style and is only famous for being Tom Cruise's wife, before he married her she was just that girl from Dawson's Creek and a few high school movies. If she hadn't met Tom Cruise she would have gone down the path of everybody else we loved in the 90's HS movies that are no longer relevant e.g. Sarah Michelle Gellar, the cast of American Pie, Melissa Joan Hart, Julia Stiles etc.So the fact that she's being touted as so fashionable and inspiring is not just annoying but downright insulting. I mean even after she married Tom Cruise and they were doing the whole whirlwind romance press tour thing, every photo they took she looked like a hot mess; frizzy hair, cold sores, rumpled clothes... Every time I saw a picture of her I was just like wow! she must have a really beautiful personality because she just looked so ordinary, i just didnt get it. then WHAM! the pictures of her and Victoria Beckham at Paris Fashion Week and it was just uphill from there for Katie. They did the faux best friends thing for a while until she had learned enough and could now get her stuff together i.e. hire an uber stylist.

Actually I've always had this theory, and y'all should hear me out. I think Victoria Beckham traded her fabulous fashion sense for entry into the Hollywood elite. Like the Beckham's start hanging out with the Cruises, Katie starts dressing and looking better, next thing David and Victoria are on air kissing basis with Will and Jada, Marc and JLo, Tony and Eva. You get me?

Anyhoo, let the battle of the ad campaigns begin! And may the best woman win [I'm rooting for you Vicky!]


  1. I'm rooting for Vicky too...I couldn't really tell who it was in the pics...that's scary!

  2. moi aussi!! vicky all the way. katie who?

    hello ada, :)

  3. lol @ kemberly, she was so severly airbrushed she looked plastic. love her all the same though.

    @ovay west, j'taime VB, elle est merveilleux! allo ovay!


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