Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Time Coming

I know, I know, its not that long, but whenever i've been away from Blogville for more than a week I get withdrawal symptoms. Anyhoo its almost midnight, its freezing here in Bwari, my eyes are red and my false lashes are bent to one side from lack of sleep and I'm posting this from my cell phone. Why you may ask? Because that mad child Uzo of Jadore Fashion had the liver to accuse me of neglecting my blog, can you imagine? I just got off the phone with her and my ears are still ringing from being majorly cussed out, ok I'm exaggerating, maybe she didn't cuss me out per se, but she spoke very severely to me on the dangers of irregular posts. So galvanized by the fear of losing what little readers I already have, and because the internet on my laptop is out, I whipped out my trusty Nokia.

Its been a hell of a Christmas, or heaven to be more politically correct. My village, Arondizuogu [say that without biting your tongue and rendering yourself incapable of ever speaking again] is the single coolest village in the South East. We have the hottest people, the wildest parties... Anyway Christmas was a blast. Obviously I'd rather be in Lagos for Christmas due to the presence of the bf [who I think has adopted Lagos as his hometown], my friends and some seriously bitching parties, but if I have to be in the 'country' Aro [as we indigenes call it] is definitely the best. Then my baby cousin got married which gave me another splendid opportunity to display my ability to represent Nigeria at the crying olympics. It was a beautiful wedding, pictures coming soon. Then there was an illicit weekend in Lagos before I got back to school yesterday.

Oh yeah, to get my new year off to a roaring start, my faithful sidekick, my camera was stolen on Friday night. I and that camera have been through a lot, we'd been together for 2 years, taken a lot of trips, captured a lot of moments, seen old friends go and new ones come, my faithful Sony Cybershot. Its still painful to talk about and it had a frickin 5 gig memory card in it! I'm puttin those people in the hands of Amadioha, that'll teach them not to mess with Long Juju.

My eyes hurt are hurting seriously now from staring at this tiny screen but until I renew my internet which will be at the end of the week, this is it for now. Luckily I'd saved most of the pictures I took over the holidays on my laptop, so once my internet is up and running I'll lay them out. Hope y'all had a fab Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa, I know I did and I hope noone made New Year resolutions because I personally think they're a crock and nobody ever sticks to them anyway.


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  2. put the wrong website in the first comment
    very funny blog...love it...pls check out our blog ..www.virgoslounge.blogspot.com

  3. are you serious about your camera? thankfully you wouldn't put any horrid pictures of me from the wine carrying!! hehe..anyhoo, i thought you were third world profashional but i forgot to ask. i was right. happy new years. hope you had fun.

  4. Hopefully no one tries to sell the pictures you took...pele don't worry hopefully you'd get a better camera (it happened when my stone-age phone was stolen, I'm even happy that it was)

    What Nokia do you use that (internet)works in Bwari (an E series?)

    Welcome back! Happy new year!

  5. LMAO, this new child of mine, i guess am good with motivation--i should start charging-- you were suppose to be reading, then sleeping--good post Abi ;)--i got something to read lol--sup with sleeping with false lashes ah!!--i might need lessons on hw to wrk that :)

  6. Omg!! third world...take our names off please!! i don't want to be discovered. ah an, haba. we're back in Canada. this is the fatter one. hehe.

    its not my fault now. you're always pouting but in reality you don't so it was sorta hard to recognize you.

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  8. Hey!!!! I know some people from Arondizuogu!!! I'm glad you had a fab christmas. Girl...you had me cracking up about that "lashes". Sorry about your cam :(...I don't know what I'd do if I lost mine... Happy new year to you babes!!!

  9. Happy new year luv, my villa is too bunz evr1 knows someone from there. I'm learning to live with it everyday o

  10. i object about ur village being d hottest ;D
    i so hope my pics wit u are ok o hmm :/ lol

    hmm dis kind motivation. using ur touch+ phone
    not an easy something o !

    also agree on d fact dat we're always stock in village wen all d fun goes down in lag...hiss

    hw was ur party tho...d 1 after d wedding?


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