Friday, June 19, 2009


Life is goddamn stressful, between school, work, dating and trying to have a modicum of a social life, I think I'm finally burnt out. My Bar finals are in 7 weeks and babes has got to bend down low or wahala go dey. 3rd World P is taking a lil' break from blogging at least until after August 13th which is the last day of my exams, I'm probably still gonna keep up with my favourite blogs but as for regular posting that has to take a back seat for a while.

Oh yeah before i forget I have to post this hilarious convo I had with some guy recently. You see when you've been in a relationship for a long time you forget how hazardous it is out there. Don't get me wrong I'm actually loving being single at the mo, but I've encountered some characters that would never have crossed my radar if I had my usual man protection. So on one of my round of dates, casual meets, group do's etc, I met this guy lets call him Crazy Ass Mutha or C.A.M for short and he's a 4 year Britigerian [meaning he's been back to Nigeria for 4 years]. Now I have nothing against Britigerians or Yankeegerians, some of my best friends are, but some of them can be downright piss takers. Its okay if you still wanna talk like you're about to catch a train at Kings Cross or something, even though you moved back years ago but stop pretending to be totally clueless about Nigeria. Whats so annoying is some of these people were probably living in Aba or something before they found their way into jand or yankee but still dem go pose like the 4 or 5 years they spent out of the country was more like 20.

Anyhoo back to 3WP and CAM, we have a couple of mutual friends so we all went to Orchid Bistro for lunch one Sunday and I found myself having an unwanted aside with CAM, the trigger being my tattoo which I'm already used to as a conversation opener.

CAM - [grabbing my wrist] "nice tat babe"
3WP - "thanks"
CAM - "so where's your man at"
3WP - "don't have one"
CAM - "whats a full gash like you doing without a man?"
3WP - [eyebrow shoots into my hairline, this guy should be about 30, and he's talking like someone doing Foundation still] "what?"
CAM - "you're not rago blad, you're a proper gash, so who's doing the brapping"
3WP - [at this point I had to drop my drink, this convo deserved my full attention, I mean what the hell was this nigger saying] "seriously dude, can you talk properly"
CAM - "you dont understand guys babes?"
3WP - "i understand you perfectly I'm just wondering why you choose to sound so retarded"
CAM - "this is how guys have always talked, guys are on a different P from these Nigerian fools and I'm sure babes are feeling guys perfectly, East London brap!"

I swear I nearly lost it at this point, as in tears were coming outta my eyes I was laughing so hard. When I'm with friends that maybe just graduated and just moved back and are still at that age when they can make fools of themselves, its all good, we do the whole guys, babes thing and its cool. But this guy [if i said his name on here, all y'all will prolly know him, he's a proper silver spoon, blue blood, Lagos socialite kid] is the head of a company, granted his dad's own but he had to make deals all day and stuff and command respect plus he's been back in Naij for FOUR YEARS and he spent maybe like 4 years in jand and he constantly speaks that way. It wasn't just that time we hung out but I've heard that crap lingo from him countless times and its just so hilarious. To make matters worse he's decided he was put on earth to complete my life and no amount of dissuading, ignoring calls and bbm's has convinced him otherwise. I hope he reads this and gets the message LEAVE ME ALONE, BABES ISN'T FEELING GUYS!!! lwkm!!!

So anyhoo, my guys and babes of Blogville, its adios till August or maybe till July because I'm thinking of throwing a dinner or something on my birthday [which is July 7th btw] and I may wanna post pics from that. Everybody abeg pray to whatever you believe in o, so I can change my blog name to Barrister Third World Profashional by November, seriously though I'm gonna need everyone's prayers as i finally take on the mighty Council Of Legal Education. By this time in August I'll be a free betch, and I'll never ever go to school again, as in I don tire, babes has been going to school and taking exams all her life [shit! I'm doing it, lol]. Okay people, peace, mwah xxx.

P.S. I think I've met a potential, a definite special someone, its early days yet and I'm supposed to be taking a 1 year break from all things relationship related but it looks promising. Fingers crossed!


  1. Fingers crossed for you as well.
    some dudes don't know when to tone it down. so stupid!

  2. that guy really does sound retarded. as in the way you described it, i'd have been ashamed to even listen to that. Good luck in your exams, I know how hard law is and yes you will be a professional barrister in Jesus name!!!!!

  3. lol!!all the best in ur exams and dnt worry it shall be Barrister3WP!IN Jesus name Amen!u lok gorgeous as usual!

  4. G'luck with the bar exams.. EVen though you probably wont be needing luck as you've studied hard..

    G'luck with the new man..

    & G'luck with getting rid of the East London Bwoy.. Brap! Brap! Lol...

    In fact, this is turning into a full gooddluck message..

  5. shall be
    that guy is a tosser..eeww
    you look lovely in your pic btw...i love those naij bbm thingies..lwkmd..haha....take care

  6. hey sweety, it looks like there are a lot to catch up with...from single to promising guys wow!!! phone will be ringing soon :D

    GOOD LUCK WITH EXAMS Barrister Third World Profashional. I will need you barrister--am not saying am getting in trouble!!!

    anywayz, LMAO at the CAM guys. all the best with new guys--MORE GIST abeg lol

    bday is almost here!!! hope to see pics ;) will be miss on blogville--be back soon

    I know, long note ;)

  7. Brap!Brap!Brap!Brap!- LWKMD!!!
    Hon I'll pray for you to pass the Bar and that Blog title WILL CHANGE to Barrister 3rd World Profashional...xoxo

  8. tsk tsk tsk at least u understood him. I woulda been like wtf!!! ninja speak english, or keep moving.

  9. LOL, I'm not sure where Aba is, but if he thinks it is cool to say brap or refer to East London, then keep well away.

    I'm hoping that it was a joke...

    All the best with those exams.


  10. first time and I feel at home alredy will be back...Nice article as well

  11. All the best...Study Smart not Hard!

    plus i knw d stress my cuz dem went thru to pass here bar exam.

  12. hehehehe... seriously laughing my ass off menn!
    Awwwww Goodluck dear. I will call you soonest and the potential - goodluck with that tooo. I so need a potential like yesterday ... mscheew. XOXO

  13. love how you look. good luck there,


  14. awww thanks you guys!!! ,my blogville fam is the bestest. bisous!! and see y'all sooner than you think!

  15. I'm reading this for the second time and I can't help but laugh. I'm in Yankee but when I was in Naija last summer, it was ridiculous.Like folks, who went to Yankee at the same time that I did, were just uttering some ebonics lingo left, right and centre in Naija. and I'm like 'warris alathis'?

    'Brap brap brap'! too funny mehn

    ps: nigerians in Jand def know how to feign the british accent, like everyone be saying 'mate' and 'gash' everytime. they can all kmt.


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