Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Instant Messaging Nig Style

I'm pretty sure by now most of y'all have seen the note making its rounds on facebook about Naija IM's. But for those who haven't, I just had to put it on here. No more lol and rotflmao, now its lwkm and ndu and ltg! Enjoy!

1. LWKM - Laugh wan kill me

2. LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die

3. MIDG - make i dey go

4. WGYL - we go yarn later

5. IGA - I gbadun am

6. ICS - I can't shout

7. DJM - Don't jealous me

8. WBDM - Who born d maga

9. UDC - U de craze

10. NUS - Na u sabi

11. WSU - who send u

12. OSABZ - over sabi

13. ITK - I too know

14. WDH - wetin dey happen

15. NDH - nutin dey happen

16. FMJ - free me jo

17. BBP - bad bele people

18. HUD - how u dey

19. WKP - waka pass

20. BBG - baby girl

21. KKL - Kokolette

22. MML - mamalette

23 GFF- Gbono fe le fe le (e.g., she GFF)

24. NTT - Na true talk

25. IKU - It koncain u?

26. NDM - no dull me

27. LGT - let's goo there

28. IFSA - I for slap am

29. IGDO - I go die o

30. YB - Yess boss

31. NLT - No long thing

32. 2GB - 2 gbaski (e.g., the song 2GB!)

33. CWJ - carry waka jorh

34. WBYO - wetin be your own

35. U2D - U 2 do

36. U2DV - U 2 dey vex

37. MKG - maka gini?

38. WSDP - who send dem papa

39. INS - i no send

40. INFS - i no fit shout

41. WWY - who wan yarn

42. NBST - no be small thing

43. NWO - na wah oooooo

44. NMA - no mind am

45. MIHW - make i hear word

46. NBL - no be lie

47. NB? - na beans?

48 wd - wetin dey

49. UNGKM - u no go kill me

50. o2s - omo 2 sexy


  1. LWKMD...
    Not seen this yet..
    Seen a couple of acronyms about but I didn't know what they meant..
    So this was quite.. educational.

  2. as in people actually use these in conversations?????na wa o

  3. They do o! Y'all need to get familiar, lwkm!

  4. I'm so used to lol ...lol ..i've been using it since i was 15 ... bsnc used lwkm the other day i was so confused till she explianed..lol sorry lwkm ..i said dllky ..don't let laugh kill you

  5. Quite educational...lol..sorry used to it!!

  6. i'm only familiar with LWKM,nice one,

  7. *dead*

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

  8. this was informative oh!
    i only know like a handful (NLT, NTT)

    NOW chayoma is in the loop *happy dance*
    thnx mehn..

  9. That's what I'm here for, lol *oops* I think the funniest for me was bbg(baby girl), dunno why but I can't say it without cracking the eff up. Laugh go kill me o!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. lololololol!!!!

    VVNM2IGDUA (Very Very Nice Me Too I go Dey Use Am)


  12. Lol@kemberly!!
    very educative the only one i know is lwkm!

  13. omg, my head was hurting just reading it--too many alphabets mixed together = confusion. i don't understand #25???
    i hope people don't turn a whole sentence to that because the headache will make me skip the message LOL. will try some like:
    o2s ;)

  14. lol..these r real?
    As in pple r really using this in conversations?

  15. @uzo #25 "it koncain you" means "is it ur business". When I started seeing them I didn't get it at all too
    @brokeass, nah! Except for lwkm, which has become pretty widespread everything else is just a piss take. But now there's an actual list I'm afraid people might actually start using them and one might have to spend hours trying to decipher people's messages. Too tiring for words

  16. Lol abi na LWKM! Nigerians sef!
    The LWKMD is getting rather popular but men did i get dizzy from reading all those alphabets conjured together. Some didnt even make sense.

  17. Bwahahahhahaa, just did a post on this. My faves are WSDP (Who send them papa) KKL, MML (Kokolette, Mamalette). LWKM sha ooo, too funny!

  18. hello my lovely lady...loving ur blog sweeti....and lmao...@ ur post...

  19. silly... very silly.. love the blog btw

  20. LWKM!!! I saw some of these on Original Mgbeke's blog. My 9ja peeps no go kill me oh! ICS!

  21. gosh these acronyms... gosh!!! r they seriously serious?

  22. yay! i have a place to come and learn naija acronyms..LOL don tire me...haha nice one


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