Monday, May 23, 2011

What's in your Bag Meme

I've been seeing the "What's in your Bag" meme on different blogs for a while now and I don't know why but I'm oddly fascinated by the crap girls lug around in their bags. When I was younger one of my favourite things to do was go through my older cousin's bags just to see what they're carrying. I kinda still do it now, but its my friends bags not older cousins anymore.

So, I had a one hour window today, and decided to do this meme real quick.

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.


Bill Blass Oliver lamb bag
This is my current favourite bag, since I got it I've been carrying it nearly everyday. Sometimes I bone my clutches and carry it at night sef. It has my favourite bag elements: chain strap, tassels, hardware, soft leather. Total win.


From top to bottom

1) 'Ugly' by Constance Briscoe. I always carry a book in my bag, you never know when you'll be unnecessarily delayed and twitter and bbm can only take up so much time. Plus I love to eat and read (its a bad habit I know), so if I have to catch a bite while I'm out, I always have a book right by me.

2) Tory Burch wallet, containing my entire life, ID's, Bank cards, singles etc. I remember when my wallet got stolen last year, my life literally ground to a halt for like a week. That's possibly the worst thing that could happen to me right now.

3) Hand sanitizer. I'm freakishly susceptible to minor ailments which my unfortunate immune system parlays into life-threatening illnesses, therefore I'm extremely anal about germs and the like. My sanitizer goes everywhere with me, even after doing the "Peace of the Lord" handshake in church, I have to sanitize, this is done under g of course so I don't insult whoever just shook my hand. This is not being finicky or anything, even if I catch a minor cold, it can commit me to bed for almost 2 weeks. I dare not take risks.

4) Valentino wing tipped sunglasses, another current favourite. Remember when I said I OD'd on things I liked? I'm loving these sunglasses at the moment so I wear them everyday, leaving my other babies to languish at home. I'm a sunglasses whore, I love them to death, I hardly ever go out without wearing one. The only thing preventing me from wearing sunglasses at night is the stupidity factor and that I'd be practically blind if I did.

5) Mentos gum. I don't think I need to extol the virtues of always having a pack of gum or tic-tacs or whatever with you. Even the freshest smelling breath can go a little wonky after a long day.

6) Vaseline, aka my lifesaver, lips, skin et al. I don't like dry skin at all and due to the fact that I'm constantly washing my hands and sanitizing to avoid death, my hands tend to dry up pretty quickly, luckily I always have Vaseline with me. Soft supple hands are not overrated, the feeling of shaking someone's hands and feeling dry, scratchy skin irritates me to no end. I'm so particular about having constantly supple skin that I use pure unrefined shea butter as lotion. My aunts in my mums village, Mbaise produce it and we get it by the gallon at home. This is shea butter, without additives, without anything, in its virgin state. Been using it for 6 months now, no regrets at all.

7) Keyholder. Well I'd never be able to get back home if I didn't carry it around with me now.

8) Pen. Force of habit, plus its annoying when you want to write something and you have to ask someone for a pen. I prefer not to speak to anyone if it isn't necessary.

9) Tissues. Blotting, wiping nasty table tops, drying my hands, for those uncivilised restrooms that allow stalls to run out of toilet paper......

10) Phone. This has become like a physical extension of my hand, to say that I'm obsessed with my blackberry is an understatement.

11) Mac Studio fix, lipglass and lipstick in Touch. My constant makeup trio. I don't really need to carry makeup around because I rarely need to touch up, I do just out of habit. When I lived in Nigeria, I carried an entire makeup bag around, plus foundation, eyepencils, blusher etc, the heat had my makeup sliding off my face before I even left my house. Now my makeup stays on all day, an added help of course is my new magical primer....Milk of Magnesium. My friend Stella Maris of Stellas Addiction gave me this awesome makeup tip a couple of months ago and now I'm hooked, I swear your makeup does not shift. It even trumps my Smashbox Primer.

12) Mini manicure set. You know when your nails become a bit rough and constantly snag on cloth? Well that feeling drives me batshit, an emery board and buffer constantly on tap keeps me sane. I can't stand raggeddy nails. Since I don't use false nails, natural nails are wahala to maintain. I need my manicure set with me 24/7.

13) Change Purse. The buses in Aberdeen only collect exact change and I pay 3 pounds as a student so I have to always have exactly 3 pounds on me. If you give them a 10 pound note they will not give you change, I learned that the hard way. Don't have to tell me twice.

So I'm tagging the following fabulously interesting bloggers, I've always wanted to see what they carried no particular order.

Stella of Stellas Addiction
Mia of Miafarradaily
Tinu of Eat Pray Fashion
Michelle of Bombchell
Yagazie of Hungry Aba Girl
Uju of Vintage Pin Up
Maddy of Madphury
Shally and Segi of For Style Sake
Uzo of Jadore-Fashion
Lohi of Lohi's Creations
Onyinye of Fashion Phoenix
Jibby of Fashion Addicts
Hazel of 21st Century Career Mum
Chic Therapy

Love and light xxx


  1. Wooosshhiieess..
    Amazing stuff in your bag.!
    Your explanation about the hand sanitizer made me laugh.
    Thanks for tagging me! :)

  2. Great tag, lovely purse...I would try it sometime when free even if I wasn't tag, but lovely tag

    I am so with you on sanitizing your hands especially in the church and after shaking men. I always feel like guys carry a ton of germs with

  3. Love the wallet!!! Your mum is from Mbaise, what part?

  4. @Onyinye, you're welcome! Lol, I don't know about amazing though, these are my every fay stuff. The sanitizing thing is not beans at all, its a dangerous, germ ridden world we live in.

    @YNB. You should! I'll definitely check yours out.

    @Anon, thank you! She's from Umuediabali in Ahiazu.

  5. LMAO at the fact that you hate talking to strangers unless necessary. ME TOO! I've done mine now so head on over to check it out. I envy your minimalist bag though...mine is a warzone. Thanks for the tag and please don't be cross I didn't tag tagged most of my favourites anyway. xx

  6. Totally feel you on the hand sanitizer thing.I cant survive without it.Like, i am incomplete without hand sanitizer!

    Love your Tory Burch wallet.Was eye'ing that exact same one in a store recently

  7. Wooh! finally seen some one who agrees wiv me in using unrefined shea butter as a lotion, thou it kinda it in gallons from mbaise as well(from dere), practically got posted down here by my mum.

  8. Aww Thank you TWP for tagging shally and i..I'll do mine tommorow..

  9. Hey! This is like my bag except for the manicure set, powder and lipstick! Add a little samsung camera and a notepad and i'm good.


  10. Ooo hehe will do the tag soonish! I love your wallet!

  11. fun tag, love ur story for each item!! and the BB! gawd!, mine just got water damaged and i swear i haven't been the same since. And shea butter is just amazing, got mine in some abuja market, naija customs tried to seize!, had to fight mom is from mbaise too!! lol.

  12. Our bag contents are similar... Mentos gum, hand sanitizer etc... lav eeettttt

  13. LOL! Havent commented on here in a while!

    The first thing that caught my eye was the wallet. Fab colours! And then the sanitizer! OMG! I feel the exact same way! Especially after a bus or train ride. Yuckkk! You see people sneeze and then hold the railing...ewww. lol

    I also carry a pen with me everywhere i go. I absolutely hate hate asking people for pens and i equally hate when people ask me for mine especially in banks lol...ish drives me up the wall.

  14. Can you please explain how you use milk of magnesium as a primer? Sounds like a great tip, but doesn't it dry ashy on the skin? Thanks.

    I use unrefined shea butter too. Melt it down add some fragrance oil (Body Shop) or online from and whip it up into abutter. There are lots of vlogs online for how it's done.

  15. @Mia, lol! I've seen yours, nothing do you.

    @ChicTherapy, I can't say enough about sanitizer, its a lifesaver. The colour doesn't even show up properly in the photo, its a gorgeous blue, with the orange crest. Really beautiful.

    @Fechukwu, the smell fades after a while for me though. You're from Mba5? Yay, ogo'm!

    @S&S, you guys haven't done yours o, still waiting.

    @TCS, Yeah I carry a little notepad too...weird, lol.

    @Lohi, I;m waiting. Thank you!

    @Onyi, Your mum too, wow, there's lots of us. Can't believe they tried to seize yours, don't listen to them, nothing illegal about it. If UK Customs can allow it, Nigerian ones dare not try to stop you. They probably wanted to get some money out of you.

    @Jibby, I know! I saw yours xxx

    @Uju, well then, TWP welcomes you back. Another member of my Sanitizer Sisters, lol.

    @Kate, I thought of adding fragrance to mine but I figured it might distort the purity, I'll definitely try it. With the Milk of Mag, you just apply it really lightly, the white will just be like a little film on your face. By the time you use your foundation and powder it completely covers it up.

  16. Ah, come, lemme hold that TB wallet nah! LOL.

    I absolutely LOVE Memes, I might do this one,, even though my bag is an absolute mess at times :)

    That shea butter is fantastic. It' really helped keep my skin nice & soft during my M.A year in London.
    Speaking of which, I was just there for grad and I couldn't find the Gossard :o( Thankfully, new baffs from Zara took my mind off it :D

    I like Kate's idea, I might try it. Now that I'm back in Lagos, I don't really use it cuz it can be a bit heavy.

  17. I'm the same with books as well, I do everything with books, it's like a boyfriend, I just get too much into the stories, now that uni is over for the term can't wait to start reading, what books would you recommend?

    Loving the sunglasses,and my mum is from Mbaise as well...x

  18. Thanks for the tagged and here is "what is in my bag?"


  19. this, esp the hand sanitizer. Such a fan of that as well as vaseline. My "Yankee" friends laugh at me when they see me using it on my lips. Sometimes, lip gloss doesn't cut it and I resort to vaseline.

    PS: Love your blog!


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