Friday, January 27, 2012

The Only Profashional With An LL.M. (shoutout to Naeto C.)

I cannot believe one year has gone by so fast.

This time last last year, I was just settling into Aberdeen, dealing with the ridiculous cold, getting to know new friends, discovering new experiences. Fast forward a year later and I'm saying goodbye to those friends and experiences, packing up my things for the inevitable move back home and trying to understand exactly how 365 days went by so quickly.

Anyway it is finished and I couldn't be happier, honestly this time I'm really done with school, even short courses sef I no want. Not like I'm scared of the work, I'm just sick and tired of studying. Since I took my Bar finals back in Law School my entire perspective on exams has changed. Before I got into Law School I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how the Bar exams were the hardest in the world, people passed out during exams, committed suicide etc. This gist left me so wound up that by the first day of exams I was tense AF, went in for Property Law and came out pissed, not because it was difficult, no....but because it had been SO EASY. I'd spent a whole year losing my hair and worrying over nothing, I had gone into that exam so terrified that I messed up my Property Law paper, aced the others anyway and graduated with a 2:1 from Law School. That experience however, left an indelible mark on me, since then I have never ever been stressed about exams again, not like I don't put in my best but I don't go through everyday thinking the sky is falling because other people say so. I'm telling you I went through my LL.M finals chillin' like a villain, the only thing I was tired of was the endless studying but not the fear of mass failure like I had back in Law School.

I've made some really awesome friends in Aberdeen and after our last paper we were so hyped that the entire lot of us whipped out cameras and got snap happy

H&M Cape
H&M cream jumper
Topshop supersoft Leigh jeans in Pewter
River Island taselled loafers in Lime
Bill Blass 'Oliver' lamb bag

Ah, this brings me to my new obsession for SS12......neon.

I've been immersing myself in blinding, clashing, fluorescent colours and lime is my current favourite out of the lot. Got these lime loafers from River Island the day I finished, sort of like a "well done Daks" gift to myself, I haven't been to the shops since since December and sadly I went a little crazy. Lets just say my landlord and I are going to be having a few tense words next month and I'm going to be hiding from anyone that even remotely looks like they're from Scottish Hydro Electric.

These babies....WOOOOSSSH

So these are a few of my classmates.....

Ankur! Our unofficial class social prefect,

Manda, Miss Party Starter 2011/2012

Ankur and Manda are literally behind every class drinks do, party, game everything, their energy and commitment to a good time is amazing. They're both hosting our Term End class party on Saturday and the theme is "Prom"........corny AF but I love it. I don't have any prom-like dresses but I have a Virgos Lounge dress which bears a striking resemblance to an 80s prom dress a la Molly Ringwald and the rest of The Breakfast Club....short, tight, shiny, ruffly and insanely OTT. Can't wait to rock it.

My boos Yewande, Jola and Amerie

Seriously going to miss my sidekick Amerie, she left Aberdeen finally this morning...too sad.

I give terrible pimp face.....

Scheila! Aka the Brains from Brazil. Study buddy and all round fabulous woman

My gorgeous Kings College campus.....

Stole these pictures off the school website since there's no way my baby Nikon could fully capture the beauty of this place.

The school is over 500 years old and most of the time it looked like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem, cobbled streets, original buildings from the 15th century, knights graves everywhere.....

When I first got here and I used to leave the library late at night, I used to get a little scared because everything just looked so old. Never thought I'd get used to it.

So the agenda is to sleep for the next two months now, like really, no joke.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement I got from you guys while I was away, I really appreciated it. To say danke I'm having a Giveaway next week! Well as soon as the item for the giveaway arrives, I've ordered it and I'm waiting on the delivery service. I won't say what it is yet but I promise, you guys are going to love it. You have to be following me first though and you have to like my facebook page too, you can do that HERE.

Love and light xx


  1. Congratzz chic...u look fab and am certain ur exam Qs bowed to ur fabulosity..

  2. congratulations chicca.xoxo

  3. Congrats.. Is your short hair a weave or your hair? It looks really good on you.

  4. Congratulations Adaku!!

  5. welcome bak daksssss yea! missed the heck out of u!

  6. I miss Abdn every time I am on your blog.. Congrats!!! whoop!

  7. congrats bbz....cute pixs,if u wanna kip in touch,follow me and i will follow right back....xoxo

  8. @JK: exam is no respecter of persons o, lets just be praying.

    @Chiedu: Thanks so much Chiedu

    @BennyBoom: Thanks babe

    Jeneille: Thanks!

    @Dame Sting: Its a weave babe, thank you

    @Tkamz: Awwww Abdn misses you too

    @Sazi: Thank you xx

  9. Congrats my fellow Barrister i'm so happy for you. Your experience of Nigerian Law school exams remind me of my own. I was told all sorts of crazy stories (inc that foreign students usually fail) and the first exam property was a total flop because of built up fear. But in the end I made a 2.1 too.

  10. Congrats! And I hope you fly through with neon colors. :)

  11. congratulations girl!!
    beauty + brains = 10/10

  12. congratulations girl!!
    beauty + brains = 10/10

  13. i misseddddddd u sooooo frigginnn mucchhhhh!i swear!congrats!u inspire me,..i have 5 months to graduate with an LLB.thinking of going back 4 law skul and i've heard d 'Horror stories' as well!oh welll positive attitude it is!xx

  14. awww, she called me her boo. Aberdeen its been real

  15. Welcome back TWP we missed you.

  16. its never too late to say congrats!!!

  17. Congrats Ma love yu did me proud.......xxxxxxx

  18. Congratulations! I read your blog often but rarely comment but I must say you have an amazing blog and congrats again on all your accomplishments :)

  19. Congratulations! You go girllll. I wish you even greater success in your future endeavors.

  20. Wow! CONGRATULATIONS dear! The best is yet to come for you. I wish you greater things and Gods blessings. Keep up the great job!

  21. Asides from saying congrats, THANKS A MILLION for finally putting up a recent picture of Yewande...ha ha ha...The babe has been "incognito" for too long. I almost thought she got tribal marks now (tell her tis her friend from Seattle) yeah TWP, congrats again. Wish I was a free bird like you. I hate the yanky 2-years master's program.


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